why are swimming pool becoming popular in kenya?

swimming pool construction in kenya


Swimming pool construction in Kenya has become very popular in recent times. There is nothing better than relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon, basking in the sun by your swimming pool. Recently owning a personal pool has never been more affordable. Some of the reasons why swimming pools are more affordable in recent times include:

  1. Availability of alternative materials

Unlike in the past where building materials were scarce and unavailable, there have been many innovations in the recent pasts that have changed this situation. However, with swimming pool construction in Kenya, there is a wide range of options to choose from, depending on the price and the quality of work that you, the aspiring swimming pool owner, prefer. In the past, plumbing equipment were originally shipped from China. However, currently, it is possible to acquire locally manufactured materials from local suppliers, e.g., from companies such as Davies and Shirtliff. This greatly reduces the cost of production.

  1. Good workmanship

In recent times, people have embraced enhanced and modern knowledge of proper workmanship when it comes to swimming pool construction in Kenya. This has been enhanced by the increase in the number of learning institutions offering technical skills in the sector in areas such as plumbing, electrical installation and maintenance services. This not only reduces the overall cost of the project, but also ensures that work is done efficiently and timely.

  1. Cost reduction due to modern designs

With swimming pool construction in Kenya, designs range from the minimalistic rectangular, oval shapes, to the more sophisticated kidney, and figure-8 shapes. Each of these design shapes have a different quoting price due the differences in their structural requirements.

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