IGVault Guide for Beginners - How to Trading in Rocket League

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In the following article, we’ll teach you the basics of trading in Rocket League as well as share some useful trading habits and tips.

With the massive increase in popularity of Rocket League as the game went free to play last year, thousands of new players embarked on their vehicular soccer journey. After learning the basics of the game and some core mechanics, it’s crucial to understand the game’s complex trading system if you want to get good deals and make a consistent profit. In the following article, we’ll teach you the basics of trading in Rocket League as well as share some useful trading habits and tips.

Learn to make profits

Now that we’ve explained that you actually need to possess something lucrative in order to make a sale, let’s go over how you can generate a consistent profit. Buying cheap black market decals and reselling them has proven to be a successful trading strategy over time, as they’re both desirable and affordable (to a degree). Generally, you’ll need to invest your credits to purchase some of the lower-end black market decals and the fun begins there. From that point onward, it’s your job to resell the item you’ve purchased for a small profit. If you sell something for a 20 credit profit, you’re already making steady progress. In fairness, 20 credits aren’t a lot but if you’re patient enough and if you keep reselling items and making small profits, you’re bound for success.

Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built overnight and that the people that have thousands of credits worked for a long time to get there. If you can make five 20 credit profits a week, that’s already 100 credits in the bank, and 5000 credits if you end up doing it for an entire week.

There is also a chance that you’ll end up getting lucky by entering a very favorable trade, which will massively increase the profit you generate. You might end up running into someone with tens of thousands of credits who doesn’t care if he’ll spend 100 more credits to obtain an item he really wants.

Apart from black market decals, some of the best items to resell are:

Painted Octanes

Painted Fennecs

Painted Dracos

Painted Zombas

The main factor that sets apart these items from other stuff on the market is the in-game demand and the fact that you’ll likely make a swift sale. For example, Painted Octanes and Fennecs are the two most popular cars in the game and you’re very likely to find someone who’ll pay a higher price if you have the color the buyer desires.

Last but not least, a good alternative for buying any of the aforementioned items, if you don’t have enough credits, is to obtain uncommons (both non-painted and painted), non-crate rares, non-crate very rares, and non-crate imports. These items are easily sellable because players can trade them in for more exclusive ones and therefore it increases the overall demand. Additionally, the beauty of those items lies in the fact that almost anyone has them and that you can easily get them by trading with people that are unaware of their


In Rocket League Trading, certifications can either work in your favor or against you, depending on how you use them. Certifications have the potential to increase the value of your items, but they may not have any effect at all. Before you engage in the process of trading for certified items in Rocket League, you should make sure that you are well-versed in the game. Learn the difference between each of the five levels of certification. It is important to keep in mind that the best certification in the game is 1, and that it can significantly increase the price of an item. Items found in tier 5 are considered to have the lowest value, and it is recommended that players trade them in for the normal version of the item if one is available. It is strongly recommended that you only trade for items that have a certification of tier 3 or higher, at the very least.

Blueprints and Limiteds

Most limiteds and blueprints are worth nothing. The exceptions for limiteds are mostly RLCS drops, which are obtained by watching the Rocket League streams on Twitch. The problem with blueprints is that most blueprints cost more to build than the actual item is worth, so you’re losing money by building them. If you want to know if a blueprint is actually worth something, look up the item on RL Insider and scroll down. It should tell you how much the blueprint is worth.

Double Check Every Item

Before hitting that accept button in gleeful anticipation, make sure that everything that was there at the start of the trade is still there. Rocket League scammers can switch out items, or post items that look similar to another, more valuable variant (gray looks a lot like white!). Don’t let anybody rush you — it’s always in your interest to double-check every single item before letting the trade go through

Having good items and cosmetics is one thing, but having a higher skill level which allows you to get into good tiers is another. So make sure to be able to consistently improve at the game and keep up with other players! In short, now you know a little everything there is to know about the items available within Rocket League. You just have to put in place the procedures outlined in this guide to get the elements you think are most valid. https://www.igvault.com/Rocket-League-items is a safe webiste to Buy Rocket League Credits , you can try.