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Qin Zhirou shook her body excitedly and roared excitedly, "You're red!" Le Tong was dazzled by her eyes

Qin Zhirou shook her body excitedly and roared excitedly, "You're red!" Le Tong was dazzled by her eyes, but she was more sure that she was not dreaming, she hugged Qin Zhirou tightly, with tears in her eyes. "Well, this is a happy thing, and you mustn't cry!" Qin Zhirou touched her back and soothed her emotions. "I've already helped you pick up an advertisement. Tomorrow we'll fly to S City to shoot." Letong loosened Qin Zhirou and nodded to her. Suddenly her cell phone rang. Letong picked up her cell phone and looked a little complicated when she saw the caller ID. Answer the phone and I'll go out first. Qin Zhirou saw that the caller ID was actually Le Tong's father, she knew they had a lot to say, considerate to give Le Tong a private space. Le Tong smiled gratefully at Qin Zhirou. After she left, she picked up the phone. As soon as she got through, a serious voice came out: "Are you on TV?" "Yes." "You are willing to admit it." “……” "Get out of show business and get your ass back here." Father Le's tone is still as tough as he remembers. No,wholesale plastic pallet, I like this profession! I'm not going to quit. "What are you proud of in this profession? It's just an actor!" Le Tong clearly felt his father's anger on the phone. I like acting. "Yes!"! Now you dare to resist me. Do you still have my father in your eyes? In order to act, he changed his volunteer form and ran away from home without contacting his family for four years. "You told me to run away from home." Le Tong muttered a few words discontentedly. That's not what you did. I asked you to apply for a normal school and become a teacher like us in the future, but you secretly changed your volunteer. "But I don't want to be a teacher." Le Tong also tried to talk to Le Dad. What's wrong with being a teacher? Your mother and I are also teachers! We are for your own good. Why don't you listen to the advice of this child? Seems to touch the deep heart of Le Tong that string, her tone is a little excited, "for my good!"! Good for me! Everything is good for me! Have you ever asked me what I think? I've been like this since I was a kid. It's for my own good. So I have to follow what you arrange. I have to be the first in the exam. I'm either going to study this or that on weekends. You have to say what you say when you wear clothes. You have to say what you say when you fill in the application. I'm fed up. I'm a person,collapsible bulk container, not a doll! Then he hung up the phone directly. Le Tong's complexion is also a little bad. It's impossible for her to leave the entertainment circle. Originally, she wanted to improve the relationship between the client and her parents, but now it's obviously not feasible. Forget it. Let's put it aside for a while and do ideological work when she has a chance. After a two-hour flight, Le Tong arrived in S City on time at 7 A. m. Fan A: Why hasn't Le Tong come yet? Fan B: Didn't you say 7:00 this morning? We've been waiting for two hours. Is there any mistake in the time. Fan C: You can't go wrong. Wait a little longer. I guess it will be later. …… "Coming!" I don't know who shouted, and the crowd immediately stirred up, and they rushed towards the exit of the passage, shouting higher and higher. International movie stars vs. third-rate female stars [30] Le Tong heard the voice of the fans before she walked out of the passage. She paused at her feet. She didn't expect that someone would come to pick her up at the airport. But she liked the feeling of being liked. It was a kind of affirmation of you. This is the first time that Le Tong has met a fan who picked her up at the airport. Qin Zhirou mistakenly thought she was nervous. She whispered encouragingly, "Don't be afraid. It's because they like you, plastic pallet supplier ,drum spill containment, and more and more fans will like you in the future." "I won't be nervous!" Le Tong looked at Qin Zhirou, eyes are never had confidence, "the future will be my time, for which I will strive to climb to the highest point!" Qin Zhirou was infected by the burning brilliance in Le Tong's eyes. She hugged Le Tong and said, "I will try my best to be an ace broker to assist you!" Le Tong smiled and nodded, "Then let's work together, but before that, let's go out first, don't let the fans wait!" Said also did not wait for Qin Zhirou to take the lead out of the channel. As soon as Le Tong appeared, the enthusiasm of the fans reached its peak. Le Tong waved to them with a smile. As long as the fans handed over the book, she would sign for them tirelessly. One fan even took a photo with her, but she couldn't stay too long because of the time. She apologetically turned down several fans' photo requests and promised to supply them next time she had the chance, and finally got into the nanny car. Fans are shouting that their idols are beautiful and approachable. They go to Le Tong's micro-blog to leave messages, and the number of fans has increased by hundreds of thousands. But at that time, Le Tong has been busy shooting advertisements and doesn't know.. Boss, it's Saturday. According to the habit, he should go back to the old house, but as soon as Su Wenyuan got on the bus, he read the script there. He thought he had forgotten and couldn't help reminding him. Su Wenyuan's page-turning finger paused, Saturday? Time passes so slowly. I wonder when she will come back? Really miss her, Su Wenyuan looked up at the scenery outside the window, just as Gong Min was about to direct the driver to the company, Su Wenyuan opened his mouth again, "Go directly to the old house, don't go back to the company!" The old house is a mid-level mansion located in the eastern suburb of Beijing. As long as Su Wenyuan stays in Beijing, he will come to see his family every Saturday. What do you think of the couple? Mother Su pointed to a pair of men and women on TV and asked Father Su's opinion with great interest. It's all right. Dad Su turned over the newspaper in his hand and answered perfunctorily. This girl is the only one who is interested in me. She wears fresh clothes and is energetic. Su's mother did not care about Su's father's attitude and continued to comment, "Look at the other two female guests, one is dressed in evil spirit,wholesale plastic pallet, the two pieces of meat are eager to show, and the other is like a man." "Which girl?" Mother Su pointed to the girl sitting in the amusement park eating ice cream. "That's her!" Sue's father looked at it a few times and nodded. "It's really good." "Yes, I can't go wrong with the girl I like. You can see how bright her eyes are. You can see that she has no heart. She has a good face and a clean temperament. It's very comfortable to look at her." 。 cnplasticpallet.com