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Bin Ju's face was calm, and he and Holly murmured at the door, "Why don't you let her pick out Miss Wu's

Bin Ju's face was calm, and he and Holly murmured at the door, "Why don't you let her pick out Miss Wu's things and see that our young lady has a good temper?" "Don't say a word!" Holly said in a low voice, "The first wife's fire hasn't gone away yet."? Be careful not to get into trouble and burn our young lady. Bin Ju couldn't help murmuring, "I'm just talking to you, aren't I?" Before she had finished speaking, someone behind her said, "Is Miss Eleven here?"? The first wife asked her to come over. The two men looked back and saw Fallen Wings standing behind them with a smile. | Pai Pai Fiction Forum? Enoch's hand beating Please specify | for reprinting. Volume I Chapter 54 Marriage (I) "Yes, yes, yes!" Holly hurried to tell eleven Niang. Eleven Niang let amber accompany ten Niang to pick things, oneself changed a homely clothes to go to the first wife. In the yard, I met Xu's mother. She greets 11 Niang politely: "Do you come to see the first wife?" "Yes!" Eleven Niang smiled and greeted her, "You're busy!" This was a polite statement, but Mother Xu raised the thing in her hand: "Two hundred years old ginseng in the first wife's storehouse, let me send it to the first aunt." So many things happened yesterday, the first wife must be worried, right? Eleven Niang smiled at Xu's mother and then lifted the curtain into the hall. The first lady was eating breakfast alone,mobile garbage bin, with a bowl of porridge in front of her and four or five side dishes on the table. Have you eaten yet? She asked 11 Niang kindly, and without waiting for 11 Niang to answer, she ordered the coral beside her, "Bring a pair of bowls and chopsticks to Miss 11." Shiyiniang has eaten. But she couldn't refuse the intimacy of the leader. Smiling and thanking her, she sat down, and Coral served her half a bowl of porridge. It should be said that someone in the court likes to be an official. Amber and Coral befriend each other,heavy duty plastic pallet, and Coral takes care of the people in Shiyiniang's house. Knowing that eleven Niang had come for breakfast, the porridge was only half a bowl, which not only followed the first wife's wishes, but also avoided losing etiquette if she could not finish it. Eleven Niang smiled gratefully at the coral. Coral knew that eleven Niang understood her good intentions and smiled. Everyone had a meal in silence, and eleven Niang followed the first wife to the big Kang near the window of the West Second Room. The first wife complained, "This bed is not a bed, and the couch is not a couch. It's hot to lay a cushion, but it's very hot not to lay a cushion." Our eight-step bed and arhat bed are better. Eleven Niang helped the first wife onto the Kang, helped push half of the window, and the cool breeze came with the freshness of the spring rain. Let me make some bamboo cushions for you. Eleven Niang laughed and said, "This is more comfortable." The first wife smiled and nodded. "You always think so thoughtfully." And took her hand, "ten Niang in your room to pick out clothes?"? You are wronged. "What's the grievance?" Eleven Niang laughed. Hundred years of repair to cross the same boat. Ten sisters and I are sisters in this life, foldable bulk container ,collapsible pallet box, and I don't know if we will have this luck in the next life. What are a few clothes and jewelry? The first wife nodded with a smile and said, "Don't worry. I know in my heart that I won't treat you badly." Called the emerald and the tortoise shell to come in to open the box cage, took eleven Niang to look, "." I want to give some clothes to Coral. You have a good taste. Help me look at it. Eleven Niang was slightly stunned. This used to be the work of Wu Niang. But looking at the smiling expression of the first wife, she answered "yes" quietly. The first wife's smile came to her eyes. Several people spent the morning choosing the gorgeous clothes of the first wife. At noon, the first wife left eleven Niang for a meal, and eleven Niang dressed the first wife for a nap. As soon as the first wife lay down, the first grandmother came. I didn't come at lunch just now, but I came at this time. She also thought that Grandma had come back in advance for Shiniang yesterday, and that she had not seen her all morning. There should be something to report, right? On the pretext of making tea for Grandma, Niang Shiyi hid in the ear room beside her. When the first wife saw that eleven Niang had gone, her face immediately sank. "What's the news?" Granny stepped forward and whispered, "I've made it clear.". Weiyuan Escort Agency sent her here. Who is the client, and he won't tell us anything. Asked how much the premium, but also tight-lipped. Daughter-in-law, in my humble opinion, I'm afraid I still have to ask from home. I sent someone to Yuhang yesterday. ” "You did a good job!" The first wife's face was slightly gloomy. "I'm afraid something happened at home." Let's talk about it when the people who were sent come back. During this period of time, you should accompany Shi Niang well and don't let her run around and talk nonsense. Said, coldly "hum" a, "which two servant girls are serving her now?" "One is called Jinlian and the other is called Yinping. They were both second-class maids around me." "I'm glad you helped me." The first wife sighed with emotion, "otherwise, it will be a mess." "Look at what Niang said." Big? Grandma said modestly "I did as you told me.". As he spoke, he took out a few silver notes from his sleeve and said with a smile, "This is the one thousand two hundred taels of silver you gave me last time.". The family's expenses were just a little too much when I first came here. Later, it was only 70 or 80 taels a month, so I took out more than 600 taels of silver to supplement the family expenses. Give you back more! "Then he gave the silver note to the first wife." Silly boy, what's mine is yours. The first wife did not take it. "You put it away and buy some Rouge and gouache. It's good to wear a green garland and hairpin." Big? Grandma still wants to refuse. "I have one more thing to tell you to do," said the first wife. "Go ahead." The eldest grandmother saw that the first wife was sincere to herself, so she received the silver note. The first wife said thoughtfully, "You young people have a lively mind.". "When you have time, go to the West Gate and look at the new look and buy some dowry for Wu Niang and Shi Niang." Grandma was slightly surprised, but she answered "yes" humbly. The first wife hesitated for a moment and then added, "Each person is limited to five hundred taels of silver." Then he asked his grandmother, "Five hundred taels of silver, isn't that a lot?" When my grandmother got married, she spent almost five thousand taels of silver, not counting farmland and so on. Of course, five hundred taels of silver is not much. But five Niang and ten Niang are not the same,plastic pallet bin, they are concubines. "No less, no less," she said with a smile. This purchase also depends on how to spend it. 。