And try the world by Qingling Moon (full text + extra chapter)

"Even the queen mother doesn't know?" Feng frowned. "What about that man?"? Has the

"Even the queen mother doesn't know?" Feng frowned. "What about that man?"? Has the queen mother heard any news? He? A hundred miles later, she thought of the dark and deep eyes, thinking of the eyes like the ice tide in the North Sea. She didn't need any words. Just a light glance could make her tremble all over. She couldn't help grasping the veil in her hand. "Mother didn't know, but I heard that early this morning, the queen of Fengguo had visited her, and the rest were sealed to death." "Is it?" Feng Meifeng was cold and stared at his legs. Son, you.. How can you care so much? Looking at his son's expression a hundred miles later, he could not help but feel nervous, "You." "Mother." Feng called and turned his eyes around. You all go down. A hundred miles later, he ordered the palace people who were waiting beside him. Yes, empress. All the palace men bowed down. Son, there is no one. If you have anything to say, just say it to your mother. "Mother, I ask you to go to Anhou Mansion." Feng suddenly raised his head and his eyes were frighteningly bright. To find Anhou Mansion? What are you doing there? A hundred miles later, I couldn't help wondering. I need your mother to put pressure on him as the mother of a country! Feng's voice seemed to come out from between his teeth. To put pressure on him? A hundred miles later asked, and then an idea jumped into her mind, immediately let her hit a shiver, "is it." Don't you.. That day You "Mother.". "Feng took his mother's hand and lowered his voice." Yes, that's what I did! I can't blame my son for all this! Why should he sit on the throne?! The son minister is also a legitimate son,eye cream packaging tube, and the mother is now the mother of the country, the son minister to inherit the throne is a matter of course! At that time. Had it not been for him, would he have become what he is now? Feng hung his head and looked at his bent and deformed legs, with a deep-seated resentment in his voice. "I hate him so much!"! As long as the son minister in a day will not allow him to ascend that position, as long as the son minister has a breath in, must revenge this deep revenge! The tone was so resentful, the eyes were as vicious as snakes,plastic laminated tube, as if staring at their enemies, eager to eat alive to release their hatred! "Son, you.." You A hundred miles later, he was surprised and frightened. "Don't you know what kind of person he is?"? Why are you so confused? "Mother!" Feng's cry was urgent and loud. "This is no longer the time to blame my son. You must save my son this time!" As soon as he knelt on the ground, the inconvenience of his legs and feet made him grin. "If this matter is exposed, not only the son's life is in danger, but also the eldest brother, the second brother, the fifth brother, the sixth brother and the seventh brother can't get rid of it. Then.." "What?"? Even your three younger brothers. They also.. A hundred miles later, he was not only frightened, but trembling with fear. "How did you." What's the matter All these years, doesn't the mother know that he can't stay! But How many times have you ever succeeded? That man.. It's as terrible as the devil! "Mother, aluminium laminated tube ,plastic packing tube, it will happen sooner or later!"! How can you not know how many people are coveting that seat? Feng raised his head, his eyes shining like a ghost fire. "The seventeen assassins of that day were all invited by the eldest brother, but some of the killers invited by the son minister somehow failed to arrive that day. Then he sent someone to look for them, but they all died suddenly on the way. The son minister guessed that he must have seen through the plan of the son minister, so he sent someone to kill those killers first. The son minister.. I didn't expect my son to fall into his trap! The seventeen assassins were subdued by him and the Wind King that day, and three of them were still alive! Now The son minister has found out, Wang Shu has found clues from the assassin, the son minister and eldest brother visited Wang Shu several times were rejected, the son minister thought he must have checked some information. Those assassins have nothing to do with my son, but they have something to do with my eldest brother. If he.. He will definitely drag my son into the water at that time! At that time Mother, you must save my son! "Son, you get up first!" After a hundred miles, he picked up Feng, with censure, "You can be excused for killing him, but you." How can you connect your father. Not even your father! "Mother, if my father knows the truth later, do you think his heart will turn to us?" Feng climbed up and stared at his mother with sharp eyes. "Now that we've done it, we'll do it clean. This Fengguo belongs to our mother and son!" "If your father knew." A hundred miles later, he suddenly shivered, and his thoughts went back to a long time ago, when he was absolutely on her side, but. Now I am old and yellow, and I am no longer the beauty of the past. He "But.." Now Will the Marquis of Xunan listen to this palace? After a hundred miles, he was a little worried that the Xunan Hou was famous for skating. I was looking for someone.. But failed several times! He must secretly send someone to protect Uncle Wang, he is to borrow Uncle Wang's hand to bring us down! So, mother, whether it's hard or soft, you must not let Uncle Wang play the truth to his father! Feng Dao, "Our sons and nephews are his juniors, so he can ignore them, but you are the mother of the country, above him, he must listen to you!" Good! Mother, go and find him! A hundred miles later, he suddenly calmed down and said in a deep voice, "For my son, I have to shut up the Marquis of Xunan!" The eyes suddenly shot out a cold awn like a snow knife. It was only a hundred miles later that she arrived late. When she arrived at Xunan Hou Mansion, the people in the mansion told her that Hou Ye had gone to the palace. When she hurried back to the palace, the people in the palace told her that Hou Ye had gone to Huangji Palace! Into the Imperial Palace? Since King Feng was assassinated and returned to the palace, no one was allowed to enter the Imperial Palace except the imperial physician, but now the Marquis of Xunan was allowed to enter! So It's too late! At that moment, a wave of despair came from the sky! Thinking about the man's means,cosmetic plastic tube, thinking about. Completely desperate after a hundred miles! Benevolence has been eighteen years, the most sensational thing in Fengguo is not the engagement between the prince and the queen of Fengguo, but the case of the prince's assassination of the king and the prince!.