Honey Trap: Chess Princess

As expected, the man's figure had disappeared from his side. She bent her lips, not knowing whether to be sad or happy?

As expected, the man's figure had disappeared from his side. She bent her lips, not knowing whether to be sad or happy? Sad that he left without saying goodbye, happy that he helped her? When she got up, as usual, she carried a small wooden bucket with dirty clothes and went to the river to wash clothes. The river is winding, the water is murmuring, and the bluestone slabs along the river are smooth and smooth, which is still the daily appearance. However, she always felt where the change, in the end where, she can not say, just feel that the change so that she is not used to. Village women in twos and threes are chatting while washing. She used to chat with them occasionally. Today, she is so silent that she doesn't want to say a word more. Yah! Whose pot do you think this is? A woman pointed to a black iron pot thrown by the river and exclaimed, "Tut, whose family can burn the rice like this?" Several people burst into laughter, "You love to make a fuss!" The woman is not convinced, "originally is, you think, want to burn like this, also want an hour at least?" After a pause, she suddenly screamed again, "There's an arrow full of blood!" Several people seemed to have long been accustomed to her surprise, shook their heads with a smile, and continued to scrub the clothes in their hands to play. This riverside is the place where the village throws garbage,plastic laminted tube, not to mention these things, sometimes you can see dead babies, they have long been familiar with it. Only Mo Shuang stood up with a "miso" sound, picked up the barrel, walked to the woman's side, ignored her stunned expression, bent down to pick up the arrow, and went straight back. The sky is wide and the clouds are faint, and the sky is bright and beautiful. On the deserted mountain road,cosmetic tube, a horse ran very fast, and the dust was flying in the place of the horse's hooves. The man on horseback's purple robe flutters, the black hair is flying, the abundant spirit is like jade, the indifference is handsome and elegant, he tightly purses the lip, the black eye is looking straight ahead, deep and distant. He is Leng Qisu. Last night, I received a message from Linglong that she had found the body of her father Feng Taiyi and asked him to return as soon as possible. Puchan Temple was suppressed that day, the mass grave did not see Feng Taiyi, whether he, or Linglong, has always been a glimmer of hope. Everyone thought that maybe Feng Taiyi had just taken refuge somewhere and did not show up, but in the end, those people still did not let him go, and he died. Linglong should be sad, right? He's not with her. The whip in his hand was thrown heavily again, and the horse whinnied and ran even more wildly. Suddenly he noticed something lying in the middle of the road in front of him. With a "sigh", empty lotion tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, he urgently reined in the reins. The horse's front hoof was lifted so high that it finally stopped. It was one man and one horse who blocked the way. The white horse was clean and snow-white. What was more striking was the man on horseback, a woman with plain clothes and black hair. She sat on horseback, pursed her lips and smiled quietly at him, as bright and moving as the morning sun at dawn. Mo makeup! A complicated expression passed through Leng Qisu's eyes, but there was no trace of shock, as if everything was in his expectation. Is Wang Ye ready to give up his makeup? The woman was still smiling, but there was a trace of bitterness on her lips. No, Ben Wang doesn't want to force you! Leng Qisu pursed his lips, his voice dark and deep, showing some helplessness. Last night, the king thought about it all night. The scene of meeting you in the rain that day has been playing back in front of the king. When you saw the king, you were so frightened. The king chased you. You ran so resolutely. The king thought that the king was wrong. You were innocent. The king could no longer selfishly let you be on the cusp of the storm. Mo Shuang felt a shock in his heart, not for his confession, but for the scene he said he met her in the rain. When did she meet him in the rain? His eyes flashed and he felt something slowly rising to the surface of the water. Are these the reasons why Wang Ye left me? Don't force me? Mo Shuang smiled, bitter and gloomy, as if even the body sitting on horseback was a little shaky, she looked straight at him, eyes burning, "Wang Ye asked me?"? How do you know it's reluctant without asking? "Would you like to go back with the king?" Leng Qisu some incredible, but also a moment to look at her eyes, dark as ink eyes like a deep pool, people can not see the edge, can not guess what the heart is thinking. There was no expression of surprise. Heart throbbing, Mo Shuang frowned, silent for a few seconds, suddenly laughed, "I think Wang Ye is not willing." I'm crazy! With that, he reined in and prepared to leave. Mo makeup "a dull call, ring behind him." Does Wang Ye have any orders? She looked back, her little face was cold and her eyes were slightly red. Don't go! The two men, one on a horse, traveled day and night and returned to the capital the next morning. In front of Wangfu Gate, two figures, a man and a woman, waited quietly. The woman is charming and weak, and she is exquisite. The man is dressed in white and elegant. He is a handsome young man, but I don't know who he is. Before the horse had stopped, Leng Qisu jumped down from the horse's back and quickly picked up the steps. The two men at the door greeted him with joy. Wang Ye! "Fourth Brother!" Leng Qisu instinctively wanted to reach out to hold Linglong, suddenly realized what, the big hand stayed on the way, and took it back, "go, go to Yu Mo Xuan to say again!" The three of them crossed the threshold and went straight into the palace, as if no one had noticed that there was another person behind them. In his world, she was really superfluous. After the update, it's the fourth watch today. Is there any coffee? Thank you [Bian Xiaoyao] for your monthly ticket, crazy ~ Tongue of fire 122 inches: insane. In his world, she is really superfluous. Lonely curved lips, she dismounted, the other hand took the horse of Leng Qisu, ready to enter the palace. The night wind came out, "Princess, let me come down!"! Wang Ye said that the princess had worked hard all the way. Please go back to Youmei Garden to rest first. I finally remember having her! "Well!" She nodded, put the reins in his hand, and went straight into the house to her own Youmei Garden. In the morning,tube lip gloss, she picked up the hidden arrow that shot her that day by the river, and she found that the tip of the arrow had been specially treated, which could hurt people but not kill them. emptycosmetictubes.com