Crystal Palace

Then he said softly, "Holy monk, there are no outsiders here. The elder Sanbao Gong is.." The old monk shook his hand with a smile and said

Then he said softly, "Holy monk, there are no outsiders here. The elder Sanbao Gong is.." The old monk shook his hand with a smile and said, "I know all about the cause and effect. Little Shi Tu doesn't need to elaborate." Wen Qingguang opened his eyes wide in surprise and nodded in a daze. When Lin Luqiong saw that his face was covered with sweat and mud, she scolded him to herself, "I should be damned if I haven't wiped it for him for so long." Thinking, he took out his handkerchief and said, "Brother Qing, keep your head down. Oh!"! It's so dirty. Come on, I'll wipe it for you. Without waiting for him to bow his head, he pulled his shoulder and started. Wen Qingguang waited for her to stop and said, "It's time. That guy has stopped rolling." Then he threw himself into the valley, without fear, raised his hand with a sword, and in the sound of "hissing", he split the dragon head in half! A scarlet red, Dou Da rushed out and shot several feet away like a spring. Wen Qingguang was accidentally sprayed like a bloody man! "Ha ha!" "Whoa, whoa!" The Wulin all around laughed and stirred up in an instant. No matter whether he smiled or not, the dragon's blood did not stop. Anyway, he was so confused that he immediately stretched out his hand in blood and groped from the fissure of his brain. Suddenly, there seems to be a round object in your hands. "This is probably the Fire Dragon Ball, isn't it?" Take out a look, red, round, as big as chicken eggs, then wipe twice on the clothes, who knows that the more polished the more bright,empty cosmetic tubes, the more red, red to shoot out several feet of purple awn. Wen Qingguang is stunned! "This bead is just the opposite of the divine turtle bead," he said. "One is red and the other is white. It's really funny. I wonder if there are any more in it?"? Who cares? Touch it again. Thought to put the red beads into the personal bag, patted it, thought it was appropriate, and reached out to touch it, yes! There are also inside, is also round, much smaller,pump tube, not the original place, more than one, two, three, there are six or seven! "There are so many dragon balls," he thought! Unfortunately, it's not as big as the first one, and it's more than half as small. He also does not look again, touch two to pack two, put inside bag too late, conveniently receive long shirt bag, the thing is over to grope carefully again, really did not have, erect body, hold a sword to go to dragon belly. Suddenly, Lin Luqiong shouted loudly on the stage. Wen Qingguang didn't hear clearly. He raised his head and asked, "What did you say, Qiong?" "Why don't you come up?" Lin Luqiong giggled. Wen Qingguang was stunned. He shook his head and said, "Is Zhu Er still in the belly of the dragon?" Lin Luqiong laughed and stretched out her hand and said, cosmetic tube packaging ,plastic packaging tube, "Brother Qing, what do you think this is?" Wen Qingguang stays there! Yin Lu Qiong is not standing on the arm of the red Zhu Ling is what! Knowing that there was no second Red Zhu Ling in the world, he asked in a loud voice, "Qiong, how did it come out?" Lin Luqiongjiao said with a smile, "It rushed out with the first spring of blood. You were blinded by the spray of blood. Of course you didn't see it. Gege.." Wen Qingguang shrugged his shoulders and turned around to climb the rock wall. As he ascended, the muddleheaded man spoke. He said in a heavy voice, "All the Wulin friends who have come to the Yin Wind Cave, the old man has a word to tell you. Now the God of the Dead Sea has gone out of Wugu Islet on the sea alone. His meaning is obvious and clear. He undoubtedly wants to get there first." The old man of Putuo has sent someone to inform him and urge him to go to sea as soon as possible. Now is the time to set out. When all the Wulin heard this, they knew that there was nothing to be found here. Only the Crystal Palace was the real target. Because of the discussion, they led their accomplices to fly away in a hurry. When Wen Qingguang climbed to the rock, it was empty all around, and only three or five figures were still shaking between the distant forest and the near peak. Lin Luqiong greeted him and said with a smile, "Brother Qing, what's wrong with your blood?". Oh, it's so fishy. Where can I change my clothes? Wen Qingguang smiled and said, "It's easy. Just buy a suit in a small town. I don't want to wear beautiful clothes." Said close to the old. "Little benefactor," said the old monk with a smile, "I have accepted the gentian. Is the Dragon Ball singular? Wen Qingguang was stunned. "What is a singular number, holy monk?" He asked. The old monk said with a smile, "In the first three thousand years after the completion of the dragon's cultivation, the inner alchemy was refined and evolved into a pearl. There is only one pearl. After that, there is one pearl every three thousand years. Two pearls are added for each immortality. It is always an odd number. Do you understand?" "No," said Wen Qingguang. "The first time I took out a big one, it gave off red light. Then I took out seven small ones one after another. Isn't that an even number?" When the old monk heard this, he looked up at the sky and hesitated, as if he were meditating on something. "Monk, why don't you speak?" He cried. "Is there any difference?" The crowd also saw the monk's unusual behavior, and they all opened their eyes and kept silent. After pondering for a long time, the old monk withdrew his eyes and said, "I'm afraid there are other mysterious changes in the divine things that are more than ten thousand years old. Are they all rare treasures like the divine Ao Zhu?"! But on the contrary, the color of the fire dragon ball is green. Little benefactor, take a small one to see first. Wen Qingguang took out a small bead and wiped it clean. Look, it's strange. It's really green. That's right. The old man took over and nodded. "What I said is true," he said. "That's even more strange. Little benefactor, take a look at the big one again. According to Wen Qingguang, he first wiped the seven small ones and handed them to the old monk, then reached into his underwear pocket to touch them. The more he touched it, the more nervous he became! Touch slowly, touch quickly, touch randomly. The crowd saw that his complexion was different and his movements were abnormal! "Boy, don't you want to take it out?" Said Lightning with a giggle? Ha-ha Wen Qingguang's face turned red. Embarrassed, he drew back his empty hands and said, "What's the matter?"? No! "" When Lin Luqiong saw his silly look, the more she saw it, the more she liked it. "Brother Qing, look for it quickly," she said with a giggle. "You didn't put it properly and lost it." Wen Qingguang was stunned. He shook his head and said, "No, I think it's funny because it's red. I especially received it in my underwear pocket for you."! How could it be lost? Touching it again for a while, he shook his head and sighed, "It's really gone. Alas, it's really lost!" Then he turned over and rushed down to the bottom of the valley to look for it. The old monk walked back and forth in a circle, then suddenly sat cross-legged in meditation and closed his eyes, meaning that he was in samadhi. As soon as Lightning Gong saw this, he waved his hand, picked up Xiaoxiang Yisou, and motioned for everyone to leave. After everyone sat down at Shizhang,eye cream packing tube, he said, "The monk is very strange. He must have attained the Tao for more than a hundred years. He is using the method of looking inside the Zen door to calculate cause and effect. Let's not speak loudly." The muddle-headed man nodded and said, "Maybe he's telling Wen's fortune." 。