Oriental Jade Longitudinal Crane Catches Dragon

Table talent, romantic and elegant, how can a girl not like it? But in her heart, there is still a person, although she knows that the hope is slim

Table talent, romantic and elegant, how can a girl not like it? But in her heart, there is still a person, although she knows that the hope is slim. But still a piece of infatuation secretly in love with him, flowers before and under the moon, secretly hurt spring, who can tell this heart thing? So Yan Jinghuan sometimes borrows. So close, she is still at arm's length, this can make Yan Jing Huan headache, for Qing upside down! As soon as he saw that his sweetheart was in a critical situation, he was even more anxious. The most difficult thing for a person to break through is the word "love" since ancient times. So far, how many people are willing to sacrifice everything for love, what can be enumerated. Yan Jinghuan at this time is not so, only care about the safety of the sweetheart, regardless of their own interests, he knows the other side of the skill, not since. Oneself, but do not force the other side to leave, that must gallop to save sweetheart? Just listen to his fierce exhalation, a loud drink, in the hands of the sword brush. Brush two strokes, rush out. I don't know where the power comes from? Suddenly, he was like a God, and his power increased sharply, only to see the brilliant white rainbow. The sword is like weaving! yuan Jixing, the golden monkey, was caught off guard for a moment and was forced to block by him, so he had to take a few steps back. With a roar, the white-clothed scholar was like a whirlwind, and with a meal on his feet, the sword flew straight to the butterfly chasing the soul! The golden hair baboon retreated in a hurry. As soon as he saw Yan Jinghuan jumping up, where was he willing to give up? Also hurriedly a little bit of feet, followed him behind the attack. Past. As soon as he was stopped by Yin Zhiying, he angered the white zombie and sent a life to his own people. Said Yan Jinghuan, a scholar in white, swooped anxiously in the air, and his long sword,ghana seed extract, like a white rainbow, rolled back and went straight to the powder. Butterfly Chasing Soul Chu Tianxing Shoulder and Back Cut Down! The butterfly chases the soul Chu Tianxing, alert behind suddenly has a strong sword wind to approach the shoulder, had to give up Chu Jiafeng, sideways one. Avoid, Burmese Dao cut a big Dao flower, and smash it out! Chu Jiafeng was in danger when a helper suddenly came. As soon as the pressure of the Burmese sword was relaxed, her eyes were on fire. How could she let all the evil thieves in today? Son, escape from the sword? Not even seeing who was coming, Jiao shouted, "Thief, take your life!" On the body disease, the sword thrust out again! In order to please his sweetheart,pumpkin seed extract, Yan Jinghuan, a scholar in white, wished he could immediately chop Chutianxing under his sword so that he could be implacable on her behalf Enmity, is to fall to the ground, on the sword straight up, continuous attack. I saw him more and more fierce, more and more swift and violent. The sword is rolling, straight like the Yangtze River, surging. The butterfly chases the soul Chu Tianxing to miss an opportunity, although brandishes the knife to resist, but is forced to retreat step by step by the white scholar Mianmi sword light, what? Kuang also had a long sword from Chu Jiafeng, which attacked him from time to time. Dou to twenty or thirty, Chu Tianxing is already sweating, unable to meet the frame! Suddenly I heard him shout, and his figure was short and close to the ground. A sharp spin, only to see a group of blue light, quickly and incomparably out of the two swords. Take advantage of the potential of a spin, the left wrist even Yang, silver steep. See, disorderly seven flash eight pink wing butterfly dart, Lian Pian shot, left and right before and after, flutter through the fly. Yan Jinghuan, a scholar in white, cried out, lycopene for skin ,turmeric extract powder, "Sister Chu, protect yourself with your sword!" He knew that Chu Tianxing's butterfly dart with pink wings was known as a must in Jianghu. If he was allowed to use it slowly and fly out continuously, it would really make people defend It's impossible to guard against. Then a shout of anger, sword light around the body, disease chase past! Pink butterfly chasing the soul of a steep Yin laugh, hands together, silver butterflies, a large group of flying out, hissing sharp wind in the ear, silver flash. Flash, pink wings, a moment around two Zhangs, interspersed to and fro, the sky is full of silver butterflies! The scholar in white dared to be careless for a moment, so he had to put his sword in his hand and dance into a protective light curtain, only to hear the sound of tinkling. In front of and behind him, there was a continuous sound. Next to the hidden weapon, as long as you hit the fly will fall to the ground, only this pink wing butterfly dart, you fight Blade a grid, it will draw an arc to come again, you hit it again, it will fly, so although tinkling, in fact, one also. Didn't get shot down. The scholar in white was stupefied. How could he endure it? A long roar, around the body sword light, suddenly turned into a horse practice, fast. Incomparable to Chu Tianxing shot past, the sword like a rainbow, when the chest stab to! The pink butterfly chases the soul to see him to take the risk unexpectedly to send the move, the oncoming force is swift, cannot help retreating quickly again! Knowing that the scholar in white had made an early move, he was still allowed to escape from the sword, but before he fell to the ground, he shook his hand with fifteen silver lotus seeds, just like one. Tent rain, flying out, in the hands of the sword, still the original "white rainbow through the sun", accelerate the sharp stab. Chu Tianxing never dreamed that the other side is also a hidden weapon expert, a big tent of silver lotus seeds, each is attacking the vital point, hurriedly back. Protect yourself with a knife and shoot down the lotus seed. But the long sword of the scholar in white, but at this time, has been stabbed to the chest, not from the heart of great horror, hurriedly a "lazy donkey hit!" Get out of the ground! Suddenly I heard a sneer from the scholar in white, and a silver lotus seed, still clasped in the palm of his hand, came out of his hand. Poof! Right in the back of the heart. Chu Tianxing in the stuffy hum, immediately to get up! Yan Jinghuan, a scholar in white, was overjoyed. With a meal on his feet, he swooped down to Chu Tianxing, stretched out his arms and spat his sword, and stabbed him down! Chu Tianxing was hit by a silver lotus seed after the heart, pain Che heart and lungs, but after all, he is more powerful, although the vital point, the heart is still ten. Distinguish clearly, catch a glimpse of the white-clad scholar rush to come over, not by the fierce sudden, endure pain to raise his left hand, seven or eight pink wing butterfly darts, struggling. Type out. The white-clothed scholar raised his sword and dropped it. Chu Tianxing let out a shrill scream. Blood gushed like a spring. The sword had already passed through his chest from the back of his heart. At the moment of Chu Tianxing's death, the butterfly dart with pink wings came out, but because the fingers were not accurate, it only passed by the white-clothed scholar. Yan Huanjing naturally did not care, that knew at this time, only felt the right shoulder suddenly seemed to be bitten by something, slightly. Tingling. Chu Jiafeng was surrounded by a group of silver butterflies with flying wings. She heard her grandfather say that Chu Tianxing's powder-winged butterfly dart was so powerful that she dared to do so. The main idea, immediately put a sword, dance through the wind and rain, a circle of silver rainbow, wrapped in the whole body whirling, silver rainbow outside, tinkling light. It keeps ringing! About the time of a cup of hot tea, the butterfly darts with pink wings flew around for a while,lutein eye complex, but their strength was weak and they fell to the ground one after another. But Miss Chu was so tired that she was covered with sweaty sweat. As soon as she drew back her long sword, she breathed a sigh of relief. Just as Chu Tianxing threw himself on the ground, the white-clothed scholar thrust out his sword. 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