Liang Chen Meijin-The End of the Side Story

Yuzhu whispered to Yutong, "Yuxiang always serves tea next to Aunt Song. I don't know what to do in that direction.

Yuzhu whispered to Yutong, "Yuxiang always serves tea next to Aunt Song. I don't know what to do in that direction. Put the sugar away and let's go and have a look." But Yutong said in a low voice, "The young lady just wants us to watch here. What if we leave and there is no one here to guard us?". If you delay Miss, you will be punished by Sister Bai Yun. Yuzhu explained to her, "We haven't seen anything here for a few days. It's not easy to find her going to the outer courtyard. We can't follow her to have a look.". It's no use staying here. Yutong snorted, not wanting to follow her. Rain bamboo sees a person to want to walk far, eyebrow is twisted: "All right!"! You stay here and watch, I'll go alone! She picked up her sugar box and followed Yuxiang. Yutong shrank herself a little and continued to look at the bluestone road. Yuzhu randomly stuffed the sugar box into his sleeve and carefully followed Yuxiang, who was walking towards the outer courtyard. But did not go out of the drooping flower door at all. Instead, he stopped at the rockery next to the drooping flower gate and walked from the path into a strange willow forest. The rain bamboo follows to get in, the heart thump thump thump ground to jump, on the face actually reveals the thief to smile. Yuxiang went to such a place where no one came. I don't know what I'm here for! Yuxiang in front stopped. Yuzhu hurriedly hid in the strange willow forest next to him. He saw a man standing beside the rockery, dressed in the uniform of a boy, who looked upright. Yuxiang and the man spoke in a low voice, so far apart that Yuzhu heard nothing. The strange willow forest was so sparse that she dared not go forward at all. Only to see the man smile, Yuxiang will turn away. Yuzhu hurriedly retreated from the strange willow forest,Automatic Nail Making Machine, feeling a little disappointed, thinking that Yuxiang had come out to do something, but it was a private meeting with a small fellow. But it's fun to tell the young lady about it. When Yuzhu went back, he said to Jinchao: "." I think that Yuxiang is really. Unexpectedly, I had a private meeting with a young fellow. If he was caught, he would be beaten and driven out of the house. Miss,Nail machine supplier, why don't we talk to Madame. Jin Chao grinned and said, "It's small to beat Yuxiang out of the house. How do you explain what you saw?"? Said I let you look at the smoke pavilion, you go to follow the smoke pavilion girl? Yuzhu breathed a sigh of relief and stopped talking. So what if Yuxiang is driven away? Qiaowei is the one who is really powerful around Aunt Song. At noon, Jin Chao made a medicated diet as usual and took it to his mother. Ji Shi asked Jin Chao if he had prepared a birthday gift for Gu Dezhao. Jin Chao answered with a smile, ".." He wanted to send his father a picture of pine and cypress, but he had already asked shopkeeper Luo to do it. Ji Shi couldn't help sighing: "." The shopkeeper Luo managed the Hangzhou silk shops very well. But after all, he was a businessman who had never read a book, and it was hard to avoid that he was not as good as Ge, the shopkeeper of Changzhou Prefecture, in terms of temperament and virtue. A few days ago, the flood refugees came to Changzhou, iron nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, and the shopkeeper Ge opened the granary to help grain. This shopkeeper Luo swallowed a Lu silk shop next to him. The whole family doesn't even have a place to live. Jin Chao smiled and did not speak, and her mother's ideas were very different from hers in these respects. She felt that since she trusted shopkeeper Luo completely, she could trust him to take care of these things. It was impossible for every business to be clean. Grandmother managed the Ji family, which was not doing a lot of good and harmful things. Mother is too kind and kind. Will let Aunt Song press her head. As they were talking, Xu's mother came in with Gastrodia elata pigeon stomach soup and packed it in a purple casserole. You usually don't suffer hardships, but you can't do it today. You have to accompany your mother to drink this soup. Ji Shi personally filled the soup for Jin Chao. Jin Chao glanced at the clear yellow soup in the bowl. "Mother …" he cried helplessly in a low voice. Ji said with a smile, "You didn't want to drink medicine when you were a child, so you relied on your grandmother.". I'm not going to go soft like your grandmother. Jin Chao smiled bitterly. When she was young, she was even more afraid of suffering. When she was sick, she had to be coaxed by the woman around her for a long time before she would drink the medicine. She also had to drink a mouthful of medicine and eat a candied fruit. Forget it. She just thought she was drinking medicine. Jin Chao could only pick up the bowl and pour it into it with a frown. Xu's mother laughed aside, "Miss, this is pigeon stomach soup, not poison!" Brocade in the heart but suddenly a jump, poison? She quickly put down the bowl, took a long spoon and stirred the soup in the purple casserole, but only saw the Gastrodia elata and pigeons inside, as well as some decorated wolfberry. Jin Chao asked Xu's mother, "You said that medicinal herbs were added to the medicinal diet used by my mother. Why didn't I see it?" Xu mother has some doubts, do not know why the young lady asked: "These herbs can not be imported, out of the pot before they have to fish out." Jin Chao stood up and asked, "You said that all my mother's food and clothing have been checked, but I don't know if these medicinal materials have been checked." Xu's mother was a little surprised: "You are suspicious." These medicinal materials were all sent over by Dr. Liu. The maidservants usually use them. It should be no problem to grab one or two handfuls from inside. Ji Shi asked Jin Chao to sit down. "Don't worry. What's the problem?" Will Dr. Liu still poison me? Jin Chao did not know how to explain to his mother, and after thinking about it, he told Ji Shi about Caifu's going to see Ziling. Of course, she was not afraid of Dr. Liu's poisoning, but she was afraid that Aunt Song would tamper with it. Xu's mother listened and said: "." The medicine was packed in Qinglian Lane, and Dr. Liu asked the medicine boy to send it over. The man who returned to the office took the medicine and sent it to Xiexiao Garden. If there's any poison in it, you should see it. Jin Chao said in a cold voice, "I'm afraid they'll confuse each other with medicine. It's impossible to guard against them." Xu mother immediately also had the heart of caution, busy let the girl hold the rest of the medicine over. Wrapped in oiled paper, it is full of dried herb tubers and other things. They don't know medicinal materials, so naturally they can't see anything. Without Jin Chao's command, Xu's mother hurriedly went to ask Dr. Liu to come over. Jin Chao looked for Mo Yu to come over, "." How many people in the Xiexiao Courtyard have access to Madam's medicine? Mo Yu immediately knelt on the ground and replied, "Young lady, the only people who can touch your ladyship's medicine in the Xiexiao Courtyard are me, Mo Xue,nail manufacturing machine, and Mother Xu.". We dare not let others touch such things! Jin Chao thought for a moment and then asked, "What if someone sneaks into your room?" Moyu shook her head and said, "The maidservants' rooms are usually locked and the keys are taken with them." 。