Love, kiss, kiss

After recording the program, Lin Junxiao ran to the bathroom and vomited. I used to have morning sickness

After recording the program, Lin Junxiao ran to the bathroom and vomited. I used to have morning sickness, but it was the first time I had morning sickness in the afternoon. Yu Yu handed her a piece of tissue paper, "I have something to say here, do you want it?" "No." It's much more comfortable after vomiting. Lin Junxiao's diet is not only regular, but also has a high demand for food. At noon, she ate a box lunch at the TV station. The rice was a little hard and the dishes were not too hot. She thought the babies were protesting. Is it hard to be pregnant? Yu Yu washed his hands and asked her as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, as long as you love them, you won't feel hard. Lin Junxiao wiped his mouth with tissue paper and felt much more comfortable with his appetite. The two men walked out side by side. Yu Yu is very strict in the program, but he is very cheerful in private. I think you are a father who loves children, right? She looked at him with a smile. Since she graduated, she has been the host of the financial channel on Channel B. She has never seen any successful entrepreneurs, and she can see through all kinds of people at a glance. For Lin Junxiao, from the first glance she knew that this woman was very persistent. Whether it's about work or feelings. Hackerkings is now known all over the city, whether it is true or not, she does not know, but Yu Yu can guess that Lin Junxiao will always be waiting for him to come back, as if to draw the ground as a prison. It's good to have such a lover. An Xichen has a good eye! Lin Junxiao first heard this word, do not feel a stagnation at the foot, she loves him,die casting parts, of course she knows. But what about Ann Xichen? Does he love her? Really ridiculous, two men and women who are almost every night, and are about to have a pair of children, even now, she does not know what kind of feelings he has for her in the end. Is it really just love to kiss? As he said, does she just meet his wife's requirements? Lin Junxiao is used to being indifferent to love, and he definitely would not waste time on this kind of problem that you love me before. But now,Stainless steel foundry, she really cares. Yu Yu curled his lower lip and came out just in time to see a man coming towards him. I won't bother you. She took her leave sensibly. Lin Junxiao looked up again and saw Yang Shaoping coming over in a hurry. I went to your house and heard your dad say you came to the TV station. He looked around and felt that it was not safe to talk here. "Come on, I'll take you back. Say it on the way." Lin Junxiao had a premonition of something and followed him into the car without saying a word. The group insurance purchased by Anmei Trade in the early stage, as expected by Lin Junxiao, was surrendered during the hesitation period, but the account surrendered was not the company's transfer account, but another account. He handed Lin Junxiao a piece of paper, "The above account is the refund account, originally this kind of hesitation period surrender is to be returned according to the original account, but the person in charge of Anmei said that the previous account is being checked, so he provided another account." "Is there any verification of that account over there?" Lin Junxiao held the piece of paper tightly, as if it were all her hopes. But think again, the National Security Bureau has been involved in this matter, I am afraid now also know-but Lin Junxiao do not want to wait for death, she wants to do something for Ann Xichen. It has been investigated, socket screw plug ,die cast light housing, and it is indeed owned by the company, but this account seems to be an account connected with overseas, that is, the money is likely to flow overseas. "It's not surprising that Anmei Trade is a Sino-foreign joint venture." Lin Junxiao closed his eyes, what exactly was Kong Sicheng going to do? Could it be that he invested in Amway in order to empty it and wash money into his pocket in disguise? Investing Durken's money and liquidating the company, insurance money laundering is only the first step, and he will have further moves to follow. But now is the cusp of the storm, he still dare not so brazenly, really have full confidence? Yang Shaoping turned to look at her face haggard, can not help worrying about her, "you can not work too hard now." Otherwise, I'll take you out to relax on the weekend, and Xiaole is also clamoring to miss you. When he saw Lin Junxiao looking at him with strange eyes, he immediately explained, "Don't get me wrong, I just don't want you to be physically and mentally unhealthy, and the baby will be affected by you." Only then did Lin Junxiao turn from sorrow to laughter. Relax? Yeah, she should take a break. "Where to go?" "Let's go for an outing. Xiao Le is going to pick it. It's not convenient for you, but you can breathe fresh air." "Good.." I took my parents with me, and they were nervous with me recently. Lin Junxiao, of course, knew how much Lin Kangcheng blamed himself, and Xu Yanxin wiped his tears behind closed doors at night. She didn't want to involve them, but at this time, she couldn't persuade them to go back to a city. No problem, it's a deal. Back home, Lin Kangcheng deliberately changed the subject and asked her how the festival catalogue was? When will it be broadcast? The recording was successful, and she didn't know when it would be broadcast. It seems that Yu Yu said it, but she forgot. But that piece of paper, she gave Lin Kangcheng, explained the importance of this account, let him find a way to transfer to an Xichen. Lin Kangcheng waved his hand and told her with a little pride, "Do you think that boy Anxichen played computer in vain? He has already tracked down this account." Now he is not so disgusted with the profession of Anxi dust, listening to the National Security Bureau colleagues told him that Anxi dust sitting in front of the computer, it is like the software in the computer, he can do what he wants. How proud he was at that time, his own son-in-law! He is old, has long been eliminated by the Internet age, thinking is still rooted in the past to infiltrate the enemy camp, and now solve the case has long relied on technology. Lin Junxiao thought of it, but still insisted that he hand it over to Anxichen, as if the paper was a love letter. Lin Kangcheng did not refuse again, and listened to his daughter ask, "is he all right?" Are you used to eating and living? Lin Kangcheng half lowered his head and laughed. "It's all right. Don't worry about him." In fact, it's not very good. He stays up late almost every day in order to be in a hurry. Everyone in the NSA knows that sometimes a case can take years,die casting parts, so you have to be energetic. But Anxi was eager to return home, and he couldn't wait. Lin Junxiao looked at Lin Kangcheng's expression and sighed at the tip of his heart. On the weekend, I made an appointment with Yang Shaoping to take Xiaole for an outing. You and my mother can go together. 。