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Qin Huanhuan waited for a while, but when he saw that Ke Ting was really going to fall asleep, he ran out in

Qin Huanhuan waited for a while, but when he saw that Ke Ting was really going to fall asleep, he ran out in his slippers and said, "Come and sleep in bed." Ke Ting slowly opened his eyes. Qin Huanhuan cleared his throat and said, "I'm sorry to see you here. After all, I'm such a loving person." "Yes." "In that case, I won't stand on ceremony," said Ke Ting. With that, he stood up directly and went to Qin Huanhuan's room and fell on her bed. Qin Huanhuan:.. She went to wash up. Qin Huanhuan went to brush his teeth, wash his face and apply a mask. He looked at himself in the mirror and looked at himself again. He felt that his plain face was equally beautiful before he came out of the toilet with satisfaction. Fortunately, she had been worried about whether it would be bad for Ke Ting to see her without makeup so soon, but when she entered the house, she found that Ke Ting had already fallen asleep. Whoa. This man who doesn't understand amorous feelings. When a man and a woman are alone in a room, shouldn't they crackle and burn sparks? He slept like a dead pig. Qin Huanhuan made several grimaces at Ke Ting before she slept in the corner of her soft big bed with special reserve. In order to show her virtue,brass tube fitting, she also covered Ke Ting with a quilt. Chapter 3269 the great writer's wife of the cool male editor 65. Wait until the next day Qin Huanhuan suddenly woke up, suddenly looked up, nose as if hit something, sour feeling instantly let her completely awake. Hiss.. Qin Huanhuan's stubborn nose hurt so much that tears were about to come out. Why are you so excited? Ke Ting very naturally stretched out his hand to help Qin Huanhuan rub his nose, with a spoiled tone. You let go of me. Qin Huanhuan said. She actually woke up in Ke Ting's arms! When Ke Ting heard this,38 needle valve, he laughed and said, "Maybe I should say this." Ah? Qin Huanhuan raised his head and looked at Ke Ting, whose hair was slightly messy. Ke Ting raised his chin at her. She followed Ke Ting's line of sight. Her arms were firmly wrapped around Ke Ting's strong waist, and her whole body was curled up in his arms. Qin Huanhuan:.. She hurriedly let go of her hand and arched back to get out of Ke Ting's arms. Suddenly, her body flew into the air. What the fuck. She's going to fall out of bed. Qin Huanhuan did not have time to scream, she had already crashed into a group of fragrance. Be careful. Ke Ting's voice came out from the top of Qin Huanhuan's head. It turned out that at the moment when Qin Huanhuan fell out of bed, Ke Ting had already started to fish Qin Huanhuan into his arms. Oh Qin Huanhuan, who was in the wrong, retreated weakly from Ke Ting's arms. Who told me not to take advantage of her yesterday? Ke Ting asked. I don't know. Qin Huanhuan opened her big black and white eyes and completely denied that she had ever said such a thing. In the future, we need to install a surveillance in our house, 38 tube fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, so that someone will not tell a lie and not admit it. Ke Ting said. Who's with you in our house? Qin Huanhuan rolled his eyes and said, "Hurry up and go shopping!" Whether Ke Ting can become her boyfriend depends on his craftsmanship today. By the time Qin Huanhuan and Ke Ting finished washing, it was already 9:30 in the morning. Qin Huanhuan took Ke Ting to a nearby supermarket to buy a lot of vegetables and meat. After returning home, Qin Huanhuan saw that Ke Ting was busy and planned to turn on his mobile phone to play two games. At that moment, he heard another voice coming from the kitchen. It's time to code. Qin Huanhuan:.. Even if Ke Ting's voice sounds good, she is still very resistant when she says this sentence. Qin Huanhuan pretended not to hear. Ke Ting simply walked out of the kitchen and said, "Cola, go to write the manuscript." The pen names are all called. Someone will be angry if she doesn't write the manuscript. Qin Huanhuan is most afraid of being scolded by Ke Ting, at this time can only slowly turn off the mobile game in the eyes of Ke Ting, and then went to his room to open the computer. Qin Huanhuan couldn't help but send a micro-blog to complain about Ke Ting. Ding-dong. Qin Huanhuan heard someone's cell phone ringing in the kitchen. Qin Huanhuan:.. She forgot that Ke Ting would be reminded when she sent her micro-blog. Qin Huanhuan put his cell phone away with a guilty conscience and pretended to be very serious. And the other side. After hearing the prompt tone of the mobile phone, Ke Ting wiped his hands and took out the mobile phone in his pocket. The special reminders in his cell phone are all about Qin Huanhuan. So, there must be something going on with her. After seeing Qin Huanhuan's microblog, Ke Ting forwarded her microblog, saying: As soon as Ke Ting explained this, Qin Huanhuan's fans all stood on Ke Ting this time. Chapter 3270 Gao Leng male editor's great writer's wife 66. It turned out that they wanted to be a salted fish, but they were urged to live a normal life, so they lost their temper. Now, Qin Huanhuan's fans have unified the name of Ke Ting as brother-in-law. Ke Ting readily accepted the name. He thought about it, took out the orange he had just bought, cut it for Qin Huanhuan, put it on a plate, and said, "Your little fan said, let me spoil you and love you a little more." Qin Huanhuan:.. "Don't bother me, I'm writing a manuscript!" Qin Huanhuan glared at him. When he didn't talk to her for a long time, she quietly opened Weibo and took a look. Don't think she didn't know what he said when he forwarded her Weibo. Hum. Dismantling the stage. Don't give her any face. Tuyan.. In the next period of time, Ke Ting did not disturb Qin Huanhuan, Qin Huanhuan while eating oranges while writing a novel, until Ke Ting will finish the meal, Qin Huanhuan will also finish today's update. Have a meal Ke Ting said. OK Qin Huanhuan immediately ran over. After running a few steps, Qin Huanhuan thought that today she was going to examine whether Ke Ting could become her boyfriend, so Qin Huanhuan slowed down again and walked slowly to the kitchen. What did you do? Qin Huanhuan asked. Fish head with chopped pepper,14 tube fitting, spicy chicken, braised ribs, seaweed and egg soup. Ke Tingdao. chinaroke.com