Endless sword outfit

"No matter how strong a person's strength is, there is a limit to it, which can only radiate between the square

"No matter how strong a person's strength is, there is a limit to it, which can only radiate between the square inches around him, while a person, with the help of the strength of others, can reach the other with one, thus ten, thus hundred, thus thousand, thus ten thousand, thus infinite." "In this way, the gushing general trend is unstoppable. This is not a sword, but a potential sword." "The sword of the general trend, split everything, unstoppable." "He is no longer a man. The sword in his hand is no longer a sword. He represents the world. The sword in his hand represents the truth. Even the sword does not come out of its scabbard. A man can spatter five steps of blood. A wooden sword can be much sharper than any magic weapon handed down from generation to generation." "This sword is invincible!" "Sword Emperor" said, off the court is still a silence, many people's body, and even faintly revealed the taste of the sword gas, is a potential in the brewing. Finally, everybody turns round to come, one by one the eye is bright and bright, everybody cannot help, applause rises greatly, in applause, somebody asks again: "How should that become situation?" Halfway up the mountain, the "Sword Emperor" smiled and said, "That's another question. But since it involves the sword,stainless steel tube fitting, I'll tell you all about it. In fact, it's very simple. It's just twelve words." "The Tao gives birth to it, the things of virtue and animals become it, and the potential becomes it!" Off the court, everyone chewed carefully, after a moment, someone had realized something, one by one eyes lit up again, applause again, this time,stainless steel needle valve, lasted for half an hour, still for a long time. It was not until the old man in green waved his hand that everyone stopped again. He began to read the second name: "Second, Qi Qingshan, it's your turn. You can ask the Dao Emperor the same question." An old man in Tsing Yi stood up with an excited face and bowed slightly to the two emperors halfway up the mountain before he asked his own question. "I would like to ask Dao Di's predecessors that the world is talking about Xuan Di and Xuan Sheng, but few people can reach these two realms, so what is the difference between these two realms?" Halfway up the mountain, hearing this, the "Sword Emperor" Fang Du's eyes moved, and then he stepped back with a slight smile and gave the stage to the "Sword Emperor" Chu Wang Pavilion. "It's your turn, Brother Chu." "Emperor of Sword" King of Chu smiled and said, "I heard Brother Fang's understanding of one way of the sword just now. For the bigger proposition of Emperor Xuan and Emperor Xuan, Chu was even more ashamed. But Brother Fang insisted on driving the duck to the shelf, so Chu had to make a fool of himself." Then he stood up and stood in front of everyone. "Sword Emperor" Fang Du'e stretched out his hand to make a gesture of invitation and said with a smile, "Brother Chu is too modest. Your realm is not inferior to mine at all. I believe you must have an extraordinary view of the difference between Emperor Xuan and Emperor Xuan. Even I am curious about this question. Please hurry up!" "Good" The Pavilion of the King of Chu pondered for a moment. Then, facing all the people in the audience, he said slowly, "The only difference between Xuandi and Xuansheng is that one is Deze and the other is Poze." "What is the rule? The rule is to master the rules, own the rules, and use the rules." "As we all know, 12 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, our cultivation of Xuanqi is divided into eight levels: Xuanzhe, Xuanshi, Xuanshi, Xuanzong, Xuanwang, Xuanzun, Xuandi and Xuansheng." "Xuanzhe enters Xuanshi to further liquefy the Xuanqi of heaven and earth contained in the body, so that it has more powerful power and can accommodate more Xuanqi. This is what we commonly say: Xuanqi liquid!" "And the second step, Xuanshi into Xuanshi, is Xuanyi Ningyuan, in the final analysis, in fact, and the first step is no different, so, until Xuanyuan Chengdan, these three steps are basically the same, are trying every means to enhance their body volume, and compress their pressure, so that their strength has been rapidly improved." "Until.." "Dao Di" Chu Wang Ge's voice paused, and finally showed his awe, and his voice began to be filled with a nameless majesty. "The step of the transformation of Xuandan into a baby begins to be slightly different. The transformation of Xuandan into a baby must understand the power of life. This is already the beginning of the gradual contact with the great secrets of heaven and earth, and the understanding of the metaphysics into it. This is a great change in the beginning of heaven and earth, and is also one of the biggest watersheds in our metaphysical life." "However, all this is just the beginning, and the more we go back, the more difficult it is." "Until Xuandi, the step of Xuanying and Tao is about spiritual thinking, melting heaven and earth, melting the Xuanying in his body into the power of heaven and earth, which is equivalent to truly mastering the mystery of the world of heaven and earth. I am heaven and Earth, and Heaven and Earth are me. So far, the strength has been improved thousands of times." "Every wisp of the power of Tao can easily obliterate one side of the world and trigger all phenomena of heaven and earth. In their eyes, the Xuanzun class strong will be insignificant." "As for the last realm, Xuansheng" At this point, the voice of the "Sword Emperor" Chu King Pavilion could not help but be silent. After a long time, he continued to say slowly and in a low voice: "This realm, through the ages, but only a few people can step into it. It is extremely difficult. It can be imagined that no matter I, the Sword Emperor, or the other ten existing Xuan Emperors, they have been working towards this realm all their lives. Unfortunately, they have failed!" "So, below, I can only simply explain a direction to you, but I can't tell you what this realm is, because we can't reach it either!" All the people off the court were excited in an instant, because they knew that they would listen to the most mysterious thing in the world and the highest dream of everyone's life. PS, the first watch I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival (to be continued..) Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 227, ten questions. Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/, although everyone knows that even if they spend their whole life, they are afraid that they can not touch the edge of this mystery, however, as long as they can listen to it, they are satisfied. A Xuan Emperor, what is the understanding of the realm of Xuansheng? At the end of the table, Long Yixuan,pipe fittings manufacturer, a man in Tsing Yi, slowly raised his head and gazed at the Dao Emperor halfway up the mountain. At this moment, his heart was also churning with anticipation. Xuan Sheng. chinaroke.com