Misery Summoner

Because of what happened to Sprout when he was a teenager, he forged an iron will. He was also a cold-blooded

Because of what happened to Sprout when he was a teenager, he forged an iron will. He was also a cold-blooded man who was famous for his heartless and tearless in the Heresy Tribunal. But at this moment, he had a sense of crisis of being destroyed at any time in the spiritual contest. He was worried that if he had just let the other side complete some unknown devil's art, he would never be able to get rid of it. Fortunately, his mind was strong enough to match his identity. Even so, in order to prevent accidents, he had to sing to strengthen the power of his mind to resist, so that he could get rid of the influence and remove the dirty thoughts of his mind. You have said what you should not have said and done what you should not have done, which has completely angered me. No one can forgive your crime. Now you are sentenced to death by the Holy Light! Sprout took off the mask that covered the other half of his face. It was a face made of virtual lines, similar to an energy angel, made of light energy. At the same time, three wings made of fire appeared on his left back. This is the origin of his name of half-face celestial man. He merged his body with half of an incandescent angel and became a half-human and half-spiritual being. He opened his hand to the demon king Downing, and in an instant thousands of rays of light converged and became shackles to trap the other side, which should have no weight of light energy but brought a mountain of pressure. Incandescent Angel, Wisdom Angel, Seat Angel, Lord Angel, Power Angel, Power Angel, Archangel, Angel, Third Order Nine Angels, the time of punishment has come, please give me the eternal destruction of the enemy in front of me! Light sword, light gun,secondary containment pallet, light axe, light sickle.. The weapons formed by all kinds of light stab at the core position, but this is not Sprout's real killing move, the continuous attack is only to suppress the other side, so that it can not move, the real killer's mace is the next blazing punishment. A holy flame rushed out of his head and formed a red cloud in the sky. In the red cloud came the sound of crows. Suddenly, flocks of fire crows fell from the sky with strong fire, burning and distorting the air around them. This can be described as a real burning mountain and boiling sea. Wherever the fire crows went, the ground was all scorched, and even some of the ground began to melt like candles,collapsible pallet bin, and even the air was burned and ionized. Fire crows rush into the light, making a trace of red appear in the pure white light, the confluence of holy inflammation, the core of the light more and more bright, more and more hot, to the extent that ordinary people's naked eyes will be burned off the retina, like a small sun falling on the ground, burning all unclean things, even hell will tremble for it. Those legendary heroes will lose their bodies in the face of such flames. Ha ha ha, burn, burn, burn all the evil pagans, let the light fill the world, so that there is no darkness in the world, for the quiet blue sky! Almost as soon as Sprout decided that the other side would not even leave ashes, an evil voice came from inside the Holy Flame, with a tone full of sarcasm. A conflagration! A black flame magic hand suddenly emerged from the holy fire, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet bins, and as soon as the big black hand swept away, the fire crows rained down, and then burst into a mass of red fire vitality, which in turn was sucked by the magic hand, and the sacred light became dimmer and dimmer. Oneself is justice, the enemy is evil, heretics are all degenerates who have been brainwashed by evil gods and cannot tolerate different voices. This is where monotheism has a narrow vision. What is the difference between you and those so-called cults? In the incredible eyes of Sprout, the hand of the Black Inflammation Demon clapped down heavily, like swatting a fly to death, and crushed all the holy inflammation with one hand. In the burning black flame, the Demon King Downing came out step by step with a rhinoceros horn in his hand. Wherever he passed, the ground would jump out of the Demon Flame. The real Demon King was ostentatious. "Well, once upon a time, do you think it's a pleasure to kill a hated enemy?"? Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you have to pay a price, and the size of the price is often measured by ability. You should thank me. At least I have made you happy for such a period of time. Although it is a little short, haven't you heard such a sentence? As long as you remember the happiness of this moment, it is eternal! Forced by the momentum, Sprout could not help but step back, aware of this, he knew that if he did not use the reversal of the next blow, the final defeat is undoubtedly, he can only bet on a chance. Sprout took out the half of the mask and scratched the incision with his hand. A large amount of blood was stained on the face and then absorbed. Then the half of the mask changed into a two-meter-long fork-shaped spear with a flash of light. The spear was engraved with the brand of flame wings, as if it was going to fly through the air. All the sacred powers between heaven and earth, please listen to my words, turn into eternal glory, come to me, guard my body, use my all-inclusive power, return the brilliance of the sun, moon and stars, create endless destruction and broken world, and the God King burns the sky! He held high the blazing angel's spear, and a circle of flames rose from the body of the spear. A double-headed flying wing dragon emerged from the flames and possessed the javelin, while the three one-sided wings behind him continued to expand, covering the sky. At this moment, his momentum is infinitely high, his figure is like the arrival of the God King of Heaven, the God's power is great, as if to purify the hell, burn the dirty world, and as if the archangel led the legion of angels to attack the rebellious fallen king Lucifer. Fire wing javelin thrown, with endless light and heat, solidified time, penetrated space, the force of cause and effect locked each other, there is no possibility of escape, this shot seems to be able to penetrate even hell. Under the power of this blow, the figure of the demon king Downing looked very small, like a little mouse at the foot of a giant, who would be trampled to death with any foot, but the radian of his mouth was even higher. God King Burning Sky Strike, good name! Then I will use this trick to deal with it. Look at the counterattack of Meow Star! As soon as he raised his knife, the sinful rhinoceros horn in his hand was wrapped in magic fire. Then, with this as the core,plastic pallet price, he changed his body into a big black cat and pounced on it. The big cat's eyes were shining like black pearls. It was obviously a false energy body, but it was clearly outlined. From the tiger whiskers in his mouth to the meat balls in the soles of his feet, it was lifelike. binpallet.com