Extreme talent is in the other world

"Forget it!"! "Caribbean" Austin pulled the Caribbean who wanted to rush to the past.

"Forget it!"! "Caribbean" Austin pulled the Caribbean who wanted to rush to the past. The Caribbean may not listen to others, but he has always been obedient to Austin! Robin stood for a while and saw that they had no intention of finding fault again, so he decided to leave and go after Zhong Shenxiu. But when he left, he threw a sentence: "It's easy to want to die.". Then he walked away without looking back! Austin and Caribbean were stunned for a long time before they realized what this sentence meant. Shit, this is too much personality, is she really just a child? Big brother Austin, listen to this. How irritating that girl's film is! The Caribbean is on a rampage! Austin smiled awkwardly. He also felt that Robin was really irritating, especially at that moment. He almost lost control of his emotions! Besides, Zhong Shenxiu at this time. Where the hell is he going. The route he took this time turned out to be the place where he had bought the magic ring before. But this time Zhong Shenxiu went there not to buy things, but to sell stolen goods! The magic wand, the magic robe, the magic crystal, and so on, which he had previously seized from Gandalf. It's useless to keep it. It only takes up space. It's better to change some money to spend? To Zhong Shenxiu's surprise,plastic bulk containers, when he arrived at his destination, the magic shop was unusually lively, with firecrackers and flowers, and people crowded around it. It's like a new opening! What the hell is going on? Is there a big promotion sale, or is there a buy one get two free activity? With curiosity, Zhong Shenxiu also squeezed into the crowd. As soon as I went in,ibc spill containment pallet, I found that it was really newly opened. I didn't know until I listened carefully. The previous store was bought. Now the name of the shop has been changed to "My Beauty Magic Shop"! The employees inside basically did not change, but only the legal person of the enterprise and the senior leaders. It is worth mentioning that "Wumei Magic Store" is a well-known chain of magic stores in China. It has branches in the major cities of the Winter Moon Empire! According to conservative estimates, the magic equipment market share of "Wumei Magic Store" has reached more than 65%, which is a very staggering figure. There are no less than one hundred big and small cities in the country of the Winter Moon Emperor, and such a huge market feeds "My Beauty Magic Shop." It's hard not to be fat! Now the "Wu Mei Magic Shop". Has begun to implement the "from the city to the township.". The strategy of. Today's opening is the product of this decision! Zhong Shenxiu did not show much consternation and went straight in with Robin and Angelia. Welcome to visit! As soon as I came in, I was still warmly welcomed. The only difference was that this time, the welcoming sister was wearing an emerald green cheongsam, slim and graceful, like willows by the river, which had become an eye-catching scenery! But Zhong Shenxiu did not have any interest in them, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet suppliers, did not even look at them, but went straight to the front of the service counter. Hello, what can I do for you? The customer service lady asked Angejoya politely. There is no way. Because Anghia is the tallest, it looks like her sister is taking her younger brother and sister to the mall! Angelia curled her lips in embarrassment. There is no place for her to talk here, she is just a sidekick! "Hey, do you buy used magic items here?" Zhong Shenxiu looked up and asked. Because the counter was a little high, even if Zhong Shenxiu looked up, he could barely see the face of the customer service. The customer service was obviously stunned, one did not understand what this sentence meant, and the other did not think that the speaker was a little boy who was not as tall as the counter! Zhong Shenxiu also did not talk nonsense with him, conveniently took out the magic wand of Gandefu. "Why don't you?". Zhong Shenxiu put the magic wand on the counter. Until then. The customer service just reacted. Please wait a moment. That one. The customer service finished and walked away. Time is not long, the customer service led a middle-aged man to come over. Do you want to sell magic equipment? The middle-aged man made the same mistake as the customer service and asked Angejoya. Anjifia looked at Zhong Shenxiu and saw Zhong Shenxiuyin. "Shame!" She smiled with great difficulty. " Not me! It's one "It's me!" Zhong Shenxiu took the lead. The middle-aged man showed a stunned expression, but he reacted quickly. This middle-aged man is the temporary manager here, named Nuojiye, because this shop network was acquired soon, today is the trial operation. So he has to be busy inside and outside. Hello, is this the magic wand you want to sell? Nokia stared at the magic right on the counter. Although the grade of this magic wand is not low, it is not enough to surprise Nokia. After all, he has worked in "Wumei Magic Shop" for several years, and he has seen many goods that are several times better than this magic wand. Zhong Shenxiu just nodded, but did not speak! Nuo Jiye pondered for a moment and then said, "If you are not in a hurry, can you wait a moment? Because our appraisers are not all here, and there are only a few now.". Is in the warehouse. Appraiser, can be a profession. People in this profession usually do the work of identifying the attributes, levels and so on of magic equipment. Don't keep me waiting too long, I hate wasting time! Zhong Shenxiu said lightly. All right With that, Nokia went down, and he still had a lot of things to deal with! Shortly after he left the net, two more people came in from outside the store, which made Anjifia and Zhong Shenxiu slightly stupefied. It's not someone else, it's the "Budi Mowu Academy". Laurie, the vice principal, and Gandalf,plastic pallet crates, who had just been freed! Of course, Gandalf's shock was far greater than theirs. He never thought that there would be such a coincidence in the world. The more he didn't want to see anyone, the more he saw it. binpallet.com