Dance, dance, dance

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"Don't look at me like that in the future I'm in a mess" "No more watching" A short silence Do you think

"Don't look at me like that in the future I'm in a mess" "No more watching" A short silence Do you think I'm a little too nervous The whole person "Well I don't know because it varies from person to person" But I'm afraid anyone will be somewhat nervous about being stared at like that and you don't have to take it to heart Besides I have a tendency to stare at anything consciously or unconsciously no matter what "How can there be such a tendency" "Inclination is hard to explain" I said "but don't look back" I don't want you to mess things Paper Chemicals up She was silent for a moment as if she were thinking about my words Good night She finally spoke Good night The phone hung up I went into the bathroom to take a shower and read on the sofa until 1130 Then he put on his clothes and went to the corridor The corridors are long and labyrinthine I walked from one end to the other There is a special elevator for employees at the end Elevators are designed to be out of sight of guests but not hidden Not far in the direction of the arrow of "Taiping Staircase" there are several doors side by side without room numbers and there is an elevator at the corner with a paper sign with the words "special for goods" on it to prevent passengers from taking the wrong one I observed in front of the staff elevator for a long time and the elevator kept stopping at the bottom floor During this time almost no one used it The background music in the sound box of the courtyard is Paul Morea's "Water Color Love" I'll try to press the button Press it and the elevator will climb up like waking up from a dream The floor display numbers change one after another 1 2 3 4 5 6 Approaching slowly but unambiguously I watched the numbers as I listened to "Love in Water" If there is someone inside just lie and say that you are wrong about the elevator Hotel guests are always making mistakes anyway Elevator continues to rise 11 12 13 14 I stepped back put my hands in my pockets and waited for the door to open 15 — The transformation of the number stops In a moment of silence the elevator door was repaired and separated empty What a silent elevator A far cry from the panting guy at the old Dolphin Hotel I went in and pressed the "16" button The door closed quietly and as soon as there was a slight movement it opened again Sixteenth floor But the sixteenth floor was not as dark as she said The lights are bright and the courtyard is still flowing with "Water Color Love" There is no strange smell I tried to go from one end to the other The structure of the sixteenth floor is the same as that of the fifteenth floor The corridors twist and turn and the guest rooms seem to be endless A position for placing the vending machine is reserved in the middle There is more than one passenger elevator Chemicals Suppliers In some rooms there are several dishes for dinner (called to be delivered to the room) in front of the door The scarlet carpet is soft and comfortable without the sound of footsteps There was silence all around The background music was replaced by the orchestral music of "Summer Love" by Feith At the end of the walk I turned right turned back halfway and the passengers took the elevator back to the fifteenth floor Then repeat take the staff elevator to the sixteenth floor facing the same floor with bright lights and hear the same "Summer Love" So I gave up the idea went down to the fifteenth floor drank two mouthfuls of brandy and went to bed In the twilight the sky turned from black to gray and snow began to fall What should I do today I thought to myself There's still nothing to do-just like yesterday I braved the snow walked to the fried cake shop ate a fried cake drank two cups of coffee and then picked up the newspaper There are election reports in the newspaper but there is still no movie you want to see in the movie introduction column There is a film by my middle school classmates as the quasi-leading role called "self-sentimental" is a youth film with the campus as the background The leading roles are played by a popular actress of 17 or 18 years old and a male singer who is also popular And my classmate's character as I don't want to know must be a young handsome and clever teacher tall and tall all-round in sports girls worship him so much that they even faint when he calls their names The girl who played the leading role was no exception She was so infatuated with the teacher that she made cookies and took them to the teacher's dormitory on Sunday And there was a boy who was deeply in love with the girl It was a very ordinary slightly timid boy The plot must be like this and I don't want to know Not long after he became an actor also out of curiosity he saw several films in Paper Chemicals which he acted and then he did not see any of them As movies go they are all boring and the characters he plays are always in the same pattern over and over again handsome graceful leggy and athletic At first most of them were college students and then most of them were teachers doctors and young white-collar workers However its content is the same nothing more than the idol that girls are fascinated by Show straight teeth when you smile-even I'm not impressed but I'm not willing to pay for such a film I'm certainly not a serious and vulgar film fan who only watches Fellini or Tarkovsky The problem is that his films are really boring The plot can be imagined and the dialogue is mediocre and pale It is estimated that he did not invest much capital and the director was perfunctory Come to think of it he was actually this type before he became an actor It makes people feel good but the inner things are elusive For two years in junior high school he and I were in the same class doing physics experiments and sharing a desk so we could often talk together At that time his every move was as perfect as acting in a movie The girls are crazy about him Every time he accosted a girl the other person showed an infatuated look When doing physics experiments the girl's eyes were focused on him and asked him any questions When he lit the gas torch with a graceful gesture everyone looked at him as if he were watching the opening ceremony of the Stinky Olympics And my existence is not noticed at all