Pointing out rivers and mountains and embracing beautiful men

Between us there is no reason to meet again the sky is overcast dull thunder a big storm is coming I thought

Between us there is no reason to meet again the sky is overcast dull thunder a big storm is coming I thought she would not come to see me again after all I will only make her angry It never made her happy once but here she is I could see that when she came to see me she was in a good mood My heart was also secretly pleased She did not give up on me nor did she forget me This huge harem is her home everywhere If she didn't really like me she wouldn't have to come to me every time Make me an imperial concubine tomorrow Why does this ceremony still need to be held I can't understand I know that in the harem no one gets the position of the imperial concubine except the imperial concubine of Pesticides Basong How many men are salivating but I don't cherish it I only felt that a crisis was approaching her but unfortunately my kind warning was misunderstood by her and she left again Whether she believed it or not before it really happened it was just a guess of mine a groundless guess The imperial concubine ceremony was held as scheduled At the end of the ceremony the imperial concubine said softly "Why bother" I also ask myself why bother So awkward let oneself sad cloud Luo is not happy what am I in the end The answer to this question when I heard Yunluo say love me I know I have been uncomfortable just because she did not say love me I do not know what I am in her heart I lost lost in her perseverance this bet I was not surprised to lose Her lips with I can not resist the tenderness of love with me my body after many days of emptiness once again tight with her give yourself to her I am willing not to mention this heart has already been given to her Section 176 I don't know if there is anyone in the world who loves the devil alone But I have been chasing that unreal shadow and her stories I can not help but chase memory This feeling is like stepping on a tightrope high in the sky dangerous but fascinating my heart is stretched into a string at the foot of the abyss falling is crushed to pieces Separated by the south and north separated by the palace wall I can only sigh helplessly in the bottom of my heart in addition to the distance of time and space there is an insurmountable hatred between us I am the most precious son of the mother emperor I can imagine in the future her army invasion waiting for me and the mother emperor will be what kind of fate In recent days people in the harem are in a panic and everyone is already planning to escape My father and concubine face all this calmly with a calm heart Chemicals Suppliers I think my temperament should be inherited from my father and concubine calm and calm and take things as they come The mother emperor has not come to visit our father and son for many days The mother emperor is upset by the mother emperor The rapid rise of Yunluo makes her uneasy to sleep and eat Every night she is entangled with those horrible nightmares I can only say that if I had known today why did I have to worry about it I know this idea is perverse but the story of Yunluo and Qingcheng has moved me more than a hundred times The cloud Luo in the mother emperor's mouth is no different from the soul Shura from hell I don't agree with the mother emperor's evaluation with strong personal feelings Comparatively speaking the evaluation of the father and the imperial concubine is much more objective Most of the ways I acquire knowledge and information come from the father and the imperial concubine If the education of the father is biased then my cognitive world will be tilted I think the father still hopes to give me a Pure Brightness world I have always had an inexplicable yearning for Yunluo I know that such feelings in fact should not be She is the object I should not think of I stand on both sides of hatred with her I should look at her from a distance instead of dreaming of getting close to her She is a dangerous object for me I can't find out what kind of feelings she has in her eyes I am not destined to have any intersection with her the only implication is hate Who would have thought that this fate was broken because of a repaired document of Yunluo She proposed marriage to the mother emperor but the mother emperor chose me I think my mood at that time should be secretly pleased finally have the opportunity to approach this mysterious woman I am full of expectations and full of anxiety What will happen in the future I don't know what I would have done if the person chosen by the mother emperor to bear the heavy responsibility of resolving the hatred between the two countries was not me Father and concubine always tell his worries in my ear in fact I am not so worried I was originally with a heart of atonement to face all this I hope to use my whole body and mind tenderness Pesticide Adjuvants and love to make up for the pain in Yunluo's heart Mother chose me I am very glad perhaps the mother is really a selfish woman in her heart has always been only their own no one else but this time I am very grateful for the mother's selfishness I rode in the chariot bumping all the way out of the border of Zhenla country heading north Behind me there was a long dowry procession and a dazzling array of dowries The last kindness of the mother emperor to me was to send me this journey with the most solemn ceremony Looking back at the road and the motherland I had no nostalgia I only hoped that the mother emperor could give my father and concubine more care Stepping into Meng Peng Hong this is the first city of Wen Shan country this city a prosperous scene it has already opened the door to meet me stepping on the land of Yunluo I don't know how I feel in my heart the female officer and Meng Peng Hong will exchange customs clearance documents afternoon we continue to move forward Along the way I have been fantasizing about what kind of situation I will meet with Yunluo and how I should please her Among the things my father and concubine taught me there is only a lack of how to please women I am ashamed to ask my father and concubine this kind of question Now that I think of it I really regret it The father and concubine only talk about the feelings of men and women just when the time comes when the time comes This idiom is too abstract for me Who ever thought to the city of Phongsali I was just a candidate for Yunluo's husband This understanding made me secretly very sad I came with a cavity of enthusiasm When I saw these beautiful men I suddenly felt as cold as being poured a basin of cold water head-on globalchemmall.com