Graceful legend

Feng Zhao came to his senses and raised his hand. He hesitated for a long time before he touched his hair and whispered, "Is Feng Zhao old?"


Hey, this kind of behavior is really, really, really stupid! Naturally stay! Born to be dull! Irredeemable stay! So-called, there are plenty of fish in the sea, why unrequited love a grass! Phoenix naturally chooses a good tree to live in, even if the tree is not a Chinese parasol tree, what can it do? There are too many trees in the world that are more valuable than sycamore. I have seen sandalwood for thousands of years! Do you think Phoenix can't find a few broken branches of the Chinese parasol tree and finally play self-immolation? Besides, three-legged snow toads are not easy to find, and two-legged men are everywhere. According to Master's appearance, even if you want a man without legs, it is not very difficult. Therefore, I still cannot understand why Master had to hang herself from a tree. Let's not talk about what the tree looks like. First of all, this tree is not a famous product-it has no family background. Moreover, this tree is stunted-no silver. In the end, the tree did nothing-no fame. The most important thing is that these three tree species are still other people's trees! The tree species whose signature and signature can never be redeemed and whose bow must be exhausted. Tree species that grow in other people's manors, turn into ashes, and turn into flower fertilizer to nourish the land. Master! What are you going to do with such a worthless old tree with a crooked neck! And! For the sake of this old tree with a crooked neck, he even set himself on fire. Master! We are not young, can we be sensible? In the book left by Shizu's Shizu's Shizu, there seems to be a sentence: Love is precious! The price of gold is higher! For the sake of life, both can be thrown away! I think so! I think so! Apart from anything else in advance,Teardrop Pallet Racking, such a sentence, Shizu's Shizu's Shizu is simply my confidant ah! Also! The selfishness of my awakening is that Fengzhao is really good to Master! Master has been dead for so many years, and Feng Zhao still misses him all the time. A lifetime ah, how long a lifetime ah, how far away ah, a person left to their own memory how limited, can people recall a few days? But Master has been dead for so many years, and Fengzhao is still thinking, thinking and thinking about him every day. Do you think my master was blind at the beginning? He has such a good Fengzhao in front of him! Her eyes are so big,heavy duty metal racks, why can't she see?! The sound of the sword dance outside, gradually subsided, woke up habitually from the hot spring to stand up, put on clean underwear, dazed on the jade bed that had already been laid. Feng Zhao hung his head, walked into the cave, put down his sword, went to the stone bed, picked up a dry cloth towel, lifted the sleepy awake up, and wiped her wet hair little by little. Today's copybooks are all in the drawer. I haven't recited that long poem yet. I've already understood the formation you said. Today, I read other books for a while. When I practiced the whip, I scratched my hand. I was so angry that I threw the whip away. Then I've been standing on the Jade Man Peak waiting for the snow toad. The whip hasn't been found yet. Awakening said in a daze. Feng Zhao put down the cloth towel in his hand, put it back, went to the medicine cabinet, shuttle rack system ,warehouse pallet racks, took out a bottle of medicine, and then put a layer of medicine on the injured hand. Feng Zhao, it's time for you to get married. I saw you have white hair today. Wake up with a murmur, turn over, and fall asleep. Feng Zhao sat in place holding the medicine bottle, a little stunned, looking at the sleeping face of waking up, for a long time, he slowly raised his hand, a little bit of his temples. Tao Yao Nian Hua Drunken and Graceful (2) The sky is gray, since last night, the graceful mountain has been floating snow, the raging wind, the world on the ground of the snow blown into a ball, hit people's faces in pain. The five oil lamps in the cave were all lit, and Feng Zhao sat beside the hot spring pool with his head hanging down, squinting his eyes and sewing the leather robe in his hand. Spring outing, apricot blossoms blowing all over the head. Who is young in the street? Sufficient wind flow. My concubine is going to marry me for a lifetime. Even if mercilessly abandoned, can not be ashamed! ① In front of the stone table, Xingzhi holds the book in his hand, shakes his head and reads the poem in his hand, and reads Xingzhi's laughter. "Feng Zhao, you say how stupid this man is!"! He took one look at someone and fell in love with her. He promised her his whole life. Even if he promised her, how could he be abandoned without shame? A woman is abandoned by a man, it is simply a shame that can not be washed away! How can she have such an idea? Hum! If I knew that the person I like wanted to abandon me, I would beat him up first, and then abandon him first! Hum! "Hiss!" Feng Zhao pinched his finger and looked at the bleeding finger in a daze. He jumped out of his chair and walked to Feng Zhao's side. He took his bleeding finger and shook his head. "Tut, Feng Zhao, if this leather robe is stained with blood, I don't want it.". I told you to go down the mountain to the best cloth village and customize a pure white mink cloak with Jiangnan color embroidery for me, but you refused. You said how ugly the clothes you made were. I've been wearing them all these years. It's estimated that if I wear the clothes you made down the mountain, people can't even tell whether I'm male or female. After that, he woke up and sucked up the blood in Fengzhao's hands. Feng Zhao came to his senses and raised his hand. He hesitated for a long time before he touched his hair and whispered, "Is Feng Zhao old?" Wake up for a moment, and then pretend to look at Feng Zhao's face. May be the reason for living in the snow mountain all the year round, Fengzhao's complexion is a little morbid pale, lips are slightly white, because the face is a tender baby face, so Fengzhao looks much younger than the actual age, even so, may be the reason for thinking too much, Fengzhao's meticulous sideburns have been dyed with wind and frost, if you look carefully at the corners of the eyes have already had fine lines. Feng Zhao is not handsome, but also beautiful, but unfortunately a knife scar from the left cheek has been extended to the chin, destroying the overall feeling. Perhaps because of this scar, Feng Zhao always hung his head and seldom raised his face. Hey, who dares to say that my family is old! Look at this little goose face, then look at this beautiful cherry mouth, then look at this ice muscle and jade bone that can be broken by snapping fingers,heavy duty cantilever racks, and then look at these big eyes full of eyes, Fengzhao is really really beautiful! Wake up with an exaggerated face, dancing and saying.