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It is necessary to drop the fetus as soon as possible so that the body can be maintained.


After dinner, Xiangmi brought the medicine. The medicine was black and gave off a bad smell. Mu Chenyi frowned and looked at Xiang Mi. "What kind of medicine is this?" "Hui Dujun, it's a tocolytic medicine. The doctor prescribed it for the second concubine." Xiang Mi answered. Mu Chenyi's face changed greatly: "Which doctor opened it? Call it right away." "What's the matter, Chen Yi?" Rong Qi said, holding the bowl and began to drink the medicine. She drank the medicine or very attentively, although this medicine is very bitter, but the child is more important, the doctor has ordered, these tocolytics can not be drunk. Mu Chenyi did not answer, give her a look of reassurance, immediately let Xiangmi the doctor please come over, the medicine also forbids her to drink. After many years without wealth, the doctor came. Mu Chenyi has asked someone to go to the kitchen to check the dregs of Rong Qi. After that doctor is checked, those who frighten immediately kneel on the ground: "Governor, I, there is safflower in the medicine that I open.". This safflower is a strong medicine for the next fetus, and I dare not write it in the prescription. "Red flowers?" Rong Qi is not so understanding to Chinese traditional medicine, still have some doubt, "what next fetal medicine?" There is a slight safflower in this medicine. This safflower is the next fetus, that is, every time put a little, a long time, the fetus will naturally fall, looks like an ordinary miscarriage. The doctor answered on his knees. Rong Qi's face was pale. "How could it be?"? Doctor Fang, you prescribed this medicine. How can you hurt me like this? My child. "Doctor Fang,heavy duty rack manufacturers, feel the second concubine's pulse first." Mu Chenyi ordered the doctor with a black face and said to Xiangmi, "You go to Yazhuyuan and call your wife." "Yes, Governor." Without saying a word, Xiangmi left. Mrs. Fang felt Rong Qi's pulse and knelt down. "The second concubine has no fetal movement. I'm afraid the fetus is gone." Rong Qi listened to a soft body, this child is too important to her, this is Chen Yi's first child, is the foundation of her foothold in this family. And now I'm telling her that the baby is gone. How come, doctor? How come my baby is gone? Rong Qi is unwilling to accept this reality. "Doctor, you must have made a mistake. My child must still be there." "It's better for the governor to find another doctor to come and see me. I'm in a panic for a moment,heavy duty cantilever racks, and I'm not sure." Doctor Fang, trembling with fear, lowered his head and said. Chapter 155 finding out the truth. With a cold face, Mu Chen Yi immediately sent someone to find a doctor to consult with him. When Sihan arrived, this side was really in a mess. Mu Chenyi was sitting on the edge of the bed with Rong Qi in his arms, while Dr. Fang was frowning. On the table next to it was the dregs wrapped in oil paper, and the black juice was already cool, but it still smelled bad. Sihan had already heard the whole story on the way, and when he heard that there was safflower in Rong Qi's tocolytic medicine, he was really stunned. Who has the courage to put the fetal medicine in Rong Qi's tocolysis medicine? Madam, you must find out about this matter. Mu Chenyi's face was ugly, and Rong Qi was pregnant with his child, his first child. "Don't worry, I'll give you an explanation." Sihan replied in a cold voice, "can the second concubine's child be saved?" Asked here, Mu Chenyi's face became extremely ugly, and immediately a few doctors came over, industrial racking systems ,asrs warehouse, even Western medicine were invited. After an examination, all the results are that the child has no fetal movement, I am afraid to drink abortion medicine, the stillbirth in the abdomen fell out. Rong Qi listened to this, completely collapsed, she cried in the arms of Mu Chenyi: "My child, how can my child be gone?"? Chen Yi, this is our child, who is so cruel, to kill my child. I don't believe my child is gone. No one can touch him. I won't let anyone hurt my child. "Second Concubine, do you have any medicine in your lower body these days?" The doctor of Western medicine asked. With tears still in his eyes, Rong Qi was right by the doctor. He opened his mouth and said, "Doctor Fang, didn't you say that?"? There will be some red, which is a normal phenomenon. "Madam's fetal heart rate is already unstable, there are signs of slipping, there are signs of falling red is very normal.". But the lady took the safflower, and the amount under the safflower was so small that it was difficult to detect it at first, but it was too late to detect it. Doctor Fang said with difficulty. Sihan was listening, and there were already several possibilities in his mind. Who dares to harm Rong Qi in this house. Why do you want to harm Rong Qi? "Check the house at once and see who has red flowers in the house." Mu Chenyi said in a cold voice. Governor, I've tidied up the pharmacy before, and there can't be such medicine in this house. Sihan replied. Mu Chenyi listens to sneer at: "But at the moment, looked for safflower in the medicine of small seven however, this medicine is not a day or two, how does the madam have an explanation again?" Sihan also stiffened his voice and replied, "Don't worry, Governor. I'll make a thorough investigation." "You must also make a thorough investigation." Mu Chenyi turned his head and hugged Rong Qi, "Xiao Qi, you are still young, and there is still a chance to have children in the future.". Be obedient, give birth to a child first, raise the body well. "Chen Yi, will you believe me?" Rong Qi simply refused to accept the fact, "My child is still there, she is still in my belly, do not leave her, Chen Yi." "Second concubine, if this stillborn fetus is in the womb, it will be harmful to the mother's health.". It is necessary to drop the fetus as soon as possible so that the body can be maintained. Said Dr. Fang on one side. No Rong Qi shook his head forcefully, "Chen Yi, this is our child, I don't want it." "Second Concubine, the governor is right. You are still young, and there are still many opportunities to have children." Sihan felt that he should also say a word, then opened his mouth, "listen to the doctor, the fetus fell, the body is well, and it's not too late to conceive again." Rong Qi had not thought of her yet, but when he heard her voice, he suddenly raised his head. That tear hangs in the corner of the eye, the eye reveals a touch of panic, that touch of panic turns into monstrous anger in extremely fast speed again: "It is you, isn't it?"? You killed my baby. It's true that you get rid of the people around me first, then kill my children,wire mesh decking, and finally even I won't let go! Sihan's face sank and she said coldly, "Second Concubine, you just lost your child. I don't care about you. I think you're angry for a moment." 。 jracking.com