Xiu Shen Lu Jiu Tian Long Teng

The characters of the three demons are different, and the habits reflected are also obviously different.


Time passed slowly, and the unprecedented melee was gradually forgotten by people. The wheel of history will never stop, and the once glorious names have disappeared in people's memory. One hundred thousand years is neither long nor short, but it is enough to make earth-shaking changes in the demon world. The three masters who originally ruled the Demon World, the Mad Demon Chu Sha, the Blood Demon Blood Boundless and the Heart Demon Fei Ye, have all withdrawn from the stage of the Demon World one after another, and the endings of their three overlords are not the same. He was the first to leave the Demon World. He walked very well. He successfully survived the nine-fold Demon Plunder and rose majestically to the Demon World. His success not only stimulated the boundless blood and the night, but also brought new changes to the pattern of the demon world. Mad Chu Sha after the rise, he created the inheritance also became a delicious cake, whether it is blood or fee night, will not miss this opportunity to expand the territory, they coincidentally launched an attack on the territory of Chu Sha. After Chusha, his disciples became the masters of that territory. They had a surging fighting spirit and far more ambition than Chusha, but their strength could not reach the level of Chusha. Without the strength to match their ambition, this is a terrible thing in the demon world, which also indicates that they will end up with a dismal failure. After a battle that was not fierce, the blood demon and the heart demon divided up the territory of Chu Sha. Several disciples of Chu Sha also paid a heavy price for their ambition. Except for one who escaped, the others lost their lives. The inheritance that the mad demon Chu Sha had worked so hard to create disappeared in history. The characters of the three demons are different, and the habits reflected are also obviously different. Chu Sha is a drunkard,tile trim manufacturers, Blood is a martial arts fanatic, and Fei Ye is a despicable villain. The rise of Chu Sha has greatly stimulated the boundless blood. In his heart, he has always thought that he is the highest of the three demons. Chu Sha and Fei Ye are no match for him at all. But the fact proved that he was wrong, in this silent contest, Chu Sha won the victory, but the blood was completely defeated. At the moment of Chu's soaring, the blood was boundless and roared to the sky,metal trim manufacturers, which was full of anger, unwillingness and disappointment. He told himself more than once that he would never admit defeat and that he would tell everyone with practical actions that he was the first master in the demon world. So, after carving up the territory of Chu Sha, Blood Boundless began to live a crazy life. He works day and night, trying to improve his cultivation. Whenever he encounters a bottleneck, he will leave his territory and wander around to challenge the masters hidden in the demon world. In those days, it was hard to count the masters of the demon world who died under the boundless blood, which also weakened the strength of the demon world invisibly. Bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty, ferocious, brutal, in the demon world, he has an unparalleled reputation, almost all the masters of the demon world, china tile trim ,aluminium edge trim, will concede three points to him. Although many people hate him and curse him all the time, most people choose to yield in the face of his terrible strength. Perhaps because the killing was too heavy, the blood was boundless and finally failed to get through the demon plunder, but under, he could only settle for the second best, chose the soldier solution, and became a scattered demon. The failure of the robbery gave him a heavy blow, and he had no face to stay in the demon world, because wherever he went, he felt that someone was laughing at him, laughing at his failure, laughing at his incompetence. For this reason, he tried every means to break the boundaries of space and enter the world of demons and gods. According to his cultivation, he can only be regarded as a practitioner at the lowest level in the world of demons and gods. If he wants to reach the height of Chu Sha, he must pay a price that ordinary people can't imagine. Even so, he has no regrets, because he knows clearly that at least he has left a hope for himself. Blood boundless luck is not the worst, although did not pass the magic plunder success soaring, at least also Xiu became a scattered demon, saved a life. Moreover, there is an essential gap between scattered demons and scattered demons, and scattered demons are also graded. The lowest class of scattered demons are those who cultivate demons in the mortal world. After the failure of crossing the plunder, the soldiers are disbanded. They are the worst in the group of scattered demons, generally in the demon world or the mortal world, there is no status to speak of. The second category is in the demon world for some reason lost the body, and had to become scattered demons, their strength is much stronger than the first kind of scattered demons, generally in the demon world, belong to the backbone of scattered demons. The last category is like the boundless blood, due to the failure of crossing the demon plunder, the scattered demons are the kings of the scattered demons, with far more strength than the masters of the demon world, only slightly inferior to the masters of the demon world. This kind of scattered demons are basically practicing in the realm of demons and gods, and they all hope that one day they will regain their physical bodies, although that hope is very slim. Among the three demon kings in the demon world, the heart demon Fei Ye is the lowest. Whether it is the mad demon Chu Sha or the blood demon, he can be easily defeated. But in the three years of infighting, Fei Ye was not destroyed by them, but gradually expanded his territory, and eventually became the biggest force in the demon world. What makes Fei Ye such a brilliant achievement? What makes Fei Ye invincible? The answer is very simple, eagle-like acumen, fox-like cunning, more ferocious than the jackal, these three are the magic weapon of Fei Ye's invincibility. Fei Ye once said: "Strength does not represent everything,tile profile factory, in many cases, wisdom and determination can make up for the gap in strength, the same can win for themselves!" 。 jecatrims.com