Xun Jun Yi _ Li Xin

He felt sorry for his mother and was unworthy of the throne that his mother had paid for with her life.


Three years ago, she called him Big Brother Jin, and three years later, she called him Childe Jin. Liu Fu smiled, and the joy and eagerness on his face obviously retreated. "Well, it's me." With his intelligence, it was impossible not to guess the reason why Xu Pingjun would suddenly appear in Ganquan Palace, so he made a lie for what they had done, "This is my house, you fainted on the roadside and happened to be seen by my family.." It's not that he hasn't told a lie. He usually wears a mask and says different things against his will with different people. This is the state of his life that he has repeated every day for ten years. But I don't know why, when he looks at his innocent eyes, he suddenly feels tired. Wearing a mask every day, every day.. Tired of oneself and others. He stroked his forehead and smiled. "You've lost a lot of weight," said Xu Pingjun. "Is it?" The tone is light. Yes In the past, he was just a thin and tall teenager, but now, although his temperament has matured a lot, his mental state seems to be very bad, and he is so thin that he is almost haggard and decadent. But these Xu Pingjun dare not say at will. She is not familiar with his relationship to say everything. But Liu Fu was so shrewd that although Xu Pingjun didn't say anything, he could see her thoughts from her face. He couldn't help laughing and said,steatite c221, "You're still the same as before. You haven't changed at all." She was still a simple-minded woman, and what she was thinking was completely on her face, without reservation. Your home is really big. The atmosphere was a little awkward, and Ping Jun had nothing to say. Compared with the gentle teenager in memory, the most obvious difference is that now he is more silent and dull. Liu Fu looked around. The pavilion on the channeling platform was built by his father before his death. After so many years, it was added every year. Although the layout of the palace was not extremely luxurious, it had surpassed any of the pavilions in the Weiyang Palace. He gazed intently out of the room,Ceramic Bobbin, and as far as he could see there was a deep mist of clouds. There was silence in the room again. Embarrassed, Pingjun stared down at his vamp. Then Liu Fu suddenly said, "This is the high platform built by my father in memory of my mother.". It is said that the soul is immortal after death, and the mother who died here may linger in the old place. It's just that I've been here every year, but I've never seen my mother. Ping Jun heard the extreme sadness in his words, and his heart was sour. He couldn't help saying, "Your father treated your mother with such deep affection when he was alive. Now that the two elders have passed away, maybe they are in the same place at the moment, as happy as when they were alive." With a bang, Liu Fu suddenly clapped his hand on the door frame beside her, and his face was so gloomy that it was terrible. Ping Jun was so frightened that he stepped back and hit his back against the door without even breathing. "They won't be together," said Liu Fu coldly. He thought that now his mother's bones could only be buried in Yunling, while his father was buried in Maoling with Lady Li. In his life, the emperor was so weak that he could not even fight for a reasonable status for his birth mother. Lowering his head, cordierite c520 ,alumina c799, he found that Pingjun was so frightened that his face changed. He had a pitiful expression that he was about to cry. He could not help softening down and said sadly, "I told you a story before. Do you remember?" With Pingjun's memory, the only thing left in her memory was the feeling of "out of place", and the details were already vague, but she could not bear to tell the truth when she saw Liu Fu's expression was lonely and sick, so she had to nod. Liu Fu said, "The woman gave birth to a son, and from then on she pinned all her hopes on him.". Her husband had endless wealth, but it was not the turn of the youngest son of the concubine, so she tried her best. At this point, his breathing became heavy, and the sound of breathing became more and more urgent, and finally turned into a sob. Liu Fu suddenly turned around, "eventually, her son inherited a huge family business, and she." But he died at the hands of his husband. Remaining memories of the year when he was seven years old came to mind, when his mother shed her hair and cried his name hysterically, and was finally dragged out of here by force. He was very afraid. At that time, he only knew how to cry. Young and ignorant, he only knew that his mother had made a mistake that made his father unhappy. His father locked his mother up in the prison of Ganquan Palace. He interceded with his father for his mother, but the result he finally got was that his mother died in prison and her body was taken to Yunyang County at the foot of the mountain and buried hastily. No one told him the real reason. At that time, he was so naive that he really thought his mother had committed suicide in a fit of pique. A tiny palm fell on his shoulder, and although it was a few words without beginning or end, Pingjun understood that the so-called "woman" referred to his mother. Your mother loves you. She whispered a fact, "So you have everything now, which is paid for by your mother's life, and you should cherish it even more.". If you are so sad, your mother's soul in heaven will not be happy. Liu Fu reached out and took her in his arms. Pingjun is stiff all over. He hugged her, lowered his head and buried his face in her shoulder socket, choking: "But I let everyone down, in fact, I am an incompetent person..." He felt sorry for his mother and was unworthy of the throne that his mother had paid for with her life. As an emperor for ten years, although he had grown up, he still accomplished nothing and had to be at the mercy of others, both in the government and in the harem. He had been tired of being the puppet emperor for a long time. It would be nice if he could be a little confused and not be so transparent about everything. Then he could learn from the fatuous masters of the past Dynasties and indulge in sensual pleasures. Mr. Jin! Ping Jun could not imagine that the big man who had already reached the crown would cry in front of her. This action made her at a loss, blushing, and at the same time, she could not bear to push him away. She could only be embarrassed to let him hold her. Choo! A bluebird folded its wings and landed on the vermilion railing, chirping and shaking its feathers overhead, as if it were looking at them. Mr. Jin, look. She nudged him and pointed to the bluebird on the railing and said, "The bird is psychic, and this may be your mother's soul coming to meet you!" Liu Fu suddenly a shock, raised his head, his eyes red,Kamado bbq grill, staring at the bluebird when the eyes are bright, the whole body also seems to be excited, decadent gas swept away. global-ceramics.com