A good doctor in the Tang Dynasty

The Treasure King said fearfully? Is there a safer place in the world than in the quilt?


Small court learned that after the attack of the Tang army, shocked, did not immediately respond, I do not know whether to go for help, or first block the Tang army. The king of Koguryo has long been a powerful minister yuan Gai Su Wen, is an out-and-out puppet, he simply can not come up with ideas, or he can come up with business, the garrison generals in the city will not listen to him. yuangai Suwen had already taken his army to Silla to fight with the Baekje Army. When he left, he was afraid that the King of Koguryo would toss about behind him, so he took all the troops away, leaving only one thousand soldiers guarding the palace, and the leading general of the army was yuangai Suwen's confidant. Wang Ping'an made a big mistake. He landed on the wrong land. He didn't even find the right place to attack the country. The landing place was hundreds of miles apart! However, no matter how Koguryo people think about it, they can't imagine that there would be such a thing in the world. It's not strange to find the wrong city, but the strange thing is that they found the wrong country, the leader of the Tang Dynasty, what did they eat? Whether it is to Silla's yuan Gai Su Wen, or to stay in the small Chang'an Koguryo king, who would have thought that the Celestial Kingdom, unexpectedly out of such a muddle-headed generals, who can not think of ah! Since I can't think of it, naturally I have no preparation! Shouting, Qingzhou soldiers have rushed into the crowd of Koguryo people, swords, only blink of an eye,Alumina Ceramic C795, put down thousands of people! "Avenge the children of the Central Plains." The voice shook the sky, already spread into the palace in the city! Chapter 735 rush into the palace and catch the king. In the city, the Koguryo Palace. Surrounded by ladies of honor, there was a lot of crying. The current monarch of Koguryo, the Treasure King, lay on the bed, covered with several thick backs, his whole body shrank in the quilt, and kept shivering. The Treasure King is fifteen years old and has been on the throne for several years. He was a child and the youngest nephew of King Rongliu when Suwen rebelled and killed him. In order to keep power for a long time, yuangai Suwen did not set up an adult monarch,10g Ozone Generator, but set up the treasure king as a child, and raised the treasure king in the palace as Emperor Xian of Han. yuan Gai Su Wen forbade the treasure king to have a man around him, or a man like him, for fear that he would become strong and resist himself when he grew up. So among the people who served the treasure king, there was not even a eunuch, all of them were women, and all of them were very naive, had no experience in life, and when things happened, they would only cry out! Words Ji yuan Gai Su Wen in the selection of palace maids, the first condition for the selection of palace maids is to see who can shout, whose voice is more sharp, more loud, then who can be selected to be a palace maid for the king, accompany the king to sleep, by the way, the main child! Treasure king in this environment, surrounded by women, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,ceramic bobbin heater core, natural powder gas heavy, timid, more children. Although he was only fifteen years old, he had a lot of sons and daughters, and made great contributions to the royal family of Koguryo. He had many children and successors! A woman in a palace costume, who was nearly twenty years old, threw herself on the bed and shouted, "Your Majesty, your Majesty, the Tang army is coming. There are hundreds of thousands of people, all with knives. Those knives are very long!" As soon as he shouted, the Treasure King was even more frightened. He pulled the quilt tightly and refused to put his head out. He just shouted in the quilt: "You go to resist. Go quickly. Take knives, spoons, chopsticks, bowls and so on. Take them out!" The ladies burst into tears and cried, "Does the king want us to go out and beg for food from the Tang army? The maidservants are not beggars!" At this time, many women in palace costumes came in. They all had children in their arms. One of them was only fifteen or sixteen years old. She had two children in her arms, one on the left and one on the right. She was the queen of the treasure king. The queen ran to the bed and shouted, "Your Majesty, why are you hiding in the quilt? Don't you want to be a wife?" When the treasure king heard the queen's voice, he stretched out his head and said, "Why don't you come in and hide?" yuan Gai Su Wen was afraid that the treasure king would come to power when he was an adult and destroy himself, so he not only kept the treasure king in captivity in the palace, but also could be called a keeper. Whenever yuangai Suwen lost his temper, he would beat the treasure king, and no matter where the treasure king hid, he would be caught and beaten by yuangai Suwen, but only if the treasure king hid on the bed like a little girl, got into the quilt, he would not beat the treasure king again, but laughed and turned away! This malicious way of feeding made the treasure king, who had never been exposed to the outside world, think from an early age that the safest place in the world was in the quilt on the bed, so he jumped into bed and drilled into the quilt as soon as he was afraid! Although the queen had given birth to two children, she was also a person who did not know anything about the world. She was a childish woman. When she heard the treasure king say so, she said, "The quilt is not the safest place. The Tang army is not a big one. They will come to bed to find you!" "What about that?" The Treasure King said fearfully? Is there a safer place in the world than in the quilt? Without even thinking about it, the queen said, "Why don't you go to the woodshed? I've been there before when I passed by. I know there's a safe place there. I'm sure the Tang army won't be able to find it." Treasure king "Ah" sound, drilled out from the quilt: "firewood room? What is that place? Safer than in the quilt? The queen quickly nodded and said, "Safe, safe, especially safe. Let's go together." The Treasure King jumped out of bed and shouted, "Put on the king's shoes!" The ladies of the court hurried forward, put on his shoes, and ran around him to the woodshed. Not long after they left, a Koguryo soldier rushed in and shouted, "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, where are you?" Under normal circumstances, adult men in addition to yuan Gai Su Wen, others are not allowed to enter the palace, but now yuan Gai Su Wen is not, and the city palace is in a mess, how can anyone take care of this order? In a hurry, the soldier ran in to deliver a message to the treasure king. But at this time, where is there anyone in the bedroom? They all ran away,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, no one! "Where are you, Your Majesty?" Cried the Koguryo soldier? Alas, the brothers can't stop it. The Tang army is attacking the city. The king runs quickly! 。 global-ceramics.com