My Ninja Adventures (Time Travel)

I closed my eyes and was speechless. I just wanted to find a way to vent, but I didn't expect to overdo it carelessly.


There seemed to be movement outside, I sat up holding the bed, a sharp pain in my head, oh ~ I haven't cried so happily for a long time, I remember the last time I cried like this was when the master left! It's also there ~ ~ Carefully stood up, head a little dazed, I lay on the door frame to see what is the sound outside, a casual look, the pupil will be a little enlarged-a busy figure in the kitchen. Is it Shadow Wing? I rubbed my eyes hard. Why is she here? Perhaps she noticed the movement on my side. She turned her head and blinked mischievously at me with her beautiful eyes. "You're awake!"! "What a sweet smile! I'm not dreaming!"! The body did not seem to recover, some unstable left the door frame, moved in her direction, but soon powerless against the wall, it seems that I really rely on mental strength ah! ~~ "Hello!"! Don't move! She hurried over and put her hand on my forehead. She seemed to be very angry and said, "I just heard from Red Bean that there was a large area of damage in the dead forest. It was caused by Rachel. Don't tell me that Sasuke did it!" I closed my eyes and was speechless. I just wanted to find a way to vent, but I didn't expect to overdo it carelessly. Chakra was overconsumed. "There's nothing to say!" She set up my arm, "I just know how to mess up, I have a fever and don't lie down!" She pushed me onto the bed without asking, "stay where you are!"! I'll call you for dinner! I didn't resist or even react. Didn't she care why I left the hospital? Or did she not notice at all. "Kakashi." She stood in the doorway with her back to me, her tone suddenly changed,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "After dinner, go to see the soil.." Look With dirt.. How interesting I've been watching it all afternoon. "Kakashi ~ Eat ~ ~" She mischievously put her head in and looked at me with a smile. I answered and went out. Oh my God! What does she want?! Colorful dishes are placed on a full table, even if you are a ninja to make more money, you don't have to do this! "Sit down!"! Why are you standing there?! She pulled me to the table and sat down and filled me with a big bowl of rice! Does this guy know that people are in a bad mood and have no appetite! — —b …………………… God! Difficult dinner finally passed, although a lot of food is very good, but I did not put any thought on them, this meal time,ceramic welding tape, the shadow wing almost did not rest, not to ask me whether the food is delicious, is always to give me food, am I so like a refugee?! But my attention is still focused on this girl, always want to see what she is thinking, but every time when I raise my eyes to see her, but always so coincidentally on her smiling eyes, so that I instinctively quickly lowered my head. When she finally finished eating, she pulled me up and rushed out without saying a word, without giving me a chance to express my opinion! It seems that this is the real Shadow Wing! ~~ Along the way, she hardly said a few words, even the head is not back, has been staring at the front of the road, what is her plan, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic bobbin heater, why so anxious? "Here we are." We ran all the way to the front of the consolation tablet before she stopped, bent down and gasped for breath. Dead wench, physical strength is not good still so show off!! "Shadow Wing, what on earth are you." I was just about to ask her what kind of medicine she was selling, but she suddenly stood up straight, saying the same words as the three generations of families that day, and her whole body emitted a silvery light, and then, "Bang!" After a burst of white smoke dispersed, it was revealed. "With dirt?!!" Oh my God "Kakashi ~ ~ ~" The same hedgehog head, the same windshield, the same kind of dirty clothes, and the same kind smile, everything has not changed, just like back to childhood. "You.." I can't even say a word! In fact, since that time in the family of three generations, the shadow wing has displayed this ability, I have thought that there will be a day to see the earth again, but I have imagined countless ways to deal with seeing him, (Khan! Teacher, where do you want to go? But only when I really face it. "You're still like this!"! "Dai Tu smiled." That girl really cares about you! ~~” "You mean, Shadow Wing?" His smile was still so warm, and I gradually recovered. Yeah, you're still popular! "He jumped and sat on the top of the stone tablet.". (How? Like the picture!) "Don't say it." I admit that she cares about me, but what I want is not to care about.. Why are you always so insecure? It's not like you to live in the past! With a lovely earthy head, "Lin, isn't that what it is?"? Do you want this girl to be the same as Lin? "琳 ? How is she? I only feel guilty about Lin. She's still the same! With the soil always keep a smile, eyes are always narrowed up, has not opened, "how, miss her?"? ~ ~ "Still not serious!!!"! "No, it's just." He lowered his head gently and really didn't know what to say. Kakashi, "called by him, raised his head unconsciously, but met with an unusually serious expression with soil, a warm smile converged, and the eyes that had been squinting were now wide open, one red and one dark blue, just as he had left." You really love her, don't you? I was speechless and just looked at the stone tablet under him in silence. [I am.. I really love her..] "Then make good use of it!" "Take the soil to look at me, suddenly resumed that smiling face, loud voice said to me." Haven't you learned to cherish it for so long? In a word, I can't breathe,ceramic bobbin element, yes, why do I have to lose it every time?! The original has not learned to cherish, so they will not pay attention to what they already have! "How can you not believe her when she loves you so much?" There was a hint of reproach in the earthy tone.