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Although this proposal may be effective, it is really difficult for elves to do so.


Unexpectedly, the boundary of the forest was broken, and several elves were taken away. Tularion was also in chaos during this period. Such an incident suddenly occurred in the peaceful life of the elves, which lasted for hundreds of years. Like a peaceful and serene girl playing in the pool of her garden, she suddenly found someone salivating beside her with a lethal weapon. The panic and anger of the elves were self-evident. Elf elders were not unresponsive, and during this time they had secretly sent people to Erathia to inquire about the whereabouts of the captured elves. The news had come back, and the elders immediately began to deliberate, but the content of the discussion was not limited to this incident. According to the information, several of the captured compatriots had been sold as slaves and commodities. An elf elder said with a calm face. Those men belonged to one of the largest and most vicious bands of thieves in Elassie. "It's just a gang of thieves. How can we use that thing to break our boundary?" An elf elder pointed to a pile of small objects on the conference table, which were two scraps of paper and some ashes. It's the remains of a magic scroll. This magic scroll is extremely exquisite, and since it can break the boundary, it must use a large number of star fragments. There are only a handful of people or organizations that can make such scrolls in the mainland. How could it be thieves? "But the information that came back was absolutely reliable." The former Elf Elder said with certainty. The elves who can enter and leave the human society are the elite of the clan. Both martial arts and brains are impeccable, and they are absolutely skillful in human society. Tulalyon is very different from the Whispering Forest. The elves here are still conservative and arrogant, but they are not pedantic and self-confident. Because there is no perfect barrier like the Sunwell boundary, they must learn to protect themselves. Although they do not have the perfect political and military structure of human countries, at least they will do what they should do. Since the information is not wrong,ceramic igniter electrodes, the scroll is not wrong, the result of the inference is that there is only one. The oldest of the Elf Elders sighed and said. It's just that it won't be that simple. Most of the Elf Elders here are hundreds of years old, but only this one looks old. The appearance of elves is elegant and handsome most of the time in their lives. Like this elf elder, they can see the state of aging from their appearance, which means that the elf is either dying or has some other special reasons, such as practicing special magic or overworking. Elder Lloyd, you have the best judgment and brains of any of us. What do you think is going on? An elf elder asked the elder who looked the oldest. Elder Lloyd coughed twice and replied, "I'm not sure what it is, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,Ceramic Band Heater, but I know we'd better do something as soon as possible." "Do you mean to urge us into an alliance with Erathia?"? But there is no precedent for this even in the history of elves for thousands of years, and our noble elves do not need to compromise or alliance with humans.. "I didn't say we were going to form an alliance with Elassie.". I'm just saying, what we need now is allies, what we need is change and help. Elder Lloyd said lightly. We all know what happened to the whispering forest. We alone cannot deal with the dark ones who peer into the leaves of the world tree. We must seek help and change. I have a vague feeling that what happened this time may be a prelude to what is about to happen. One of the Elf Elders hesitated and said, "The great Marfa said that a life of peace and no change is the true way to long life. That's why I have always advised that the other Elves should not know what happened in the Whispering Forest, so that they can still live in peace and serenity.". Now do we really want to bring them into the turmoil of change? It is hopeless to cling to ancient dogmas in the face of turbulence and change. Hasn't the result of the whispering forest yet explained this truth? Luya stood up and looked at the other elders. Probably because she had experienced the test of life and death, her expression and voice had a sense of power that other elves did not have. Although she was only a child at the elf's age, her special status and experience were enough to make her the most important member of the elders. When Cedros brought Lua, the Elf Elders learned what had happened to the Whispering Forest. The holy land in their minds was destroyed in a moment, and the people and the forest were scorched together. If it had not come from Luya's mouth, it would not have been a bolt from the blue, but a collapse of the sky. The elders did not even intend to let the other elves know about it. Although much more open than the people of the Whispering Forest, the Elves, after all, are still elves accustomed to a quiet life of the elders for these changes appear to be at a loss, only the Elder Lloyd, after some discussion with Luya, together suggested that the Elves now need to seek the help of allies, while changing the Elves have always been seemingly arrogant but essentially low-key. Stand on the stage of the mainland from the perspective of a race. Although this proposal may be effective, it is really difficult for elves to do so. So it was delayed again and again until this time. Now the situation is urgent, and if it drags on, something more serious may happen. Luya was saying, as if it were a good word, when an alarm bell suddenly rang. It is the elves who are responsible for guarding and monitoring the magic array that send out the alarm bell. The elders quickly arrived at the side of the magic array. One of the functions of Tularion's enchantments is to permanently display the movements of the entire forest. In the image formed by the magic array, it shows that the point of light of outsiders is moving towards the middle of the forest. The number of people is not large, divided into two places, one is five people,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the other is a dozen people. Gather all hands and prepare for battle. Quick, quick. In the nervous voices of the Elf Elders, the news of combat readiness quickly reached the ears of every Elf.