Sheng Long Dao

Like a lion, he broke through the blockade of the light of the sword and rushed into the crowd of monks.


Langyue Jushi nodded indifferently and said, "Well, the little monster beside you will go and tell them that as long as they stop, I will not attack them.". But if they don't know what's good for them, don't blame me for being too cruel. Yi Chen pinched the goblin, the goblin looked at the monks around with a frightened face, a little shivering through them, rushed to the fighting crowd, and shouted loudly in the language of the Moon Clan. On her body, a polygonal stone floated slowly, emitting a strange brilliance. Langyue Jushi ignored what was going on over there. He smiled. "Yi Chen?"? Is that the name? Come with me, you still have a way to live, otherwise, I will be in accordance with the requirements of the temple, here to destroy you, anyway, as long as they take you back, as for life and death, they do not care. Easy dust licks the lip, 'kills the God' fiercely spurts, is circling at a high speed in the side, he smiles faintly: "Oh?"? But I have never had the habit of surrendering without resistance. If you want me to go with you, at least show a little strength, right? Langyue Jushi, I'll bet with you. Yi Chen has no foundation in his heart,jacuzzi bath spa, he simply can not see the background of Langyue Jushi, simply do not know whether he is his opponent. Langyue Jushi laughed and said, "Well, well, well. For so many years, I have received the salary of the temple, but I haven't done anything for them. Well, few people have asked me to gamble alone. You are the first of the younger generation. Very good." As soon as the voice fell, the two swords behind Langyue Jushi had already come out of their scabbards,endless swimming pool, and two hazy blue lights stabbed Yi Chen. Chekov roared, "Damn it, what kind of senior is he? Is he still going to attack?" Yi Chen was already ready to fight back, the body of the'crack sword gas' is ready to send out, who knows Langyue Jushi heard Chekov's curse, suddenly his face slightly red, two blue light snake like a roll back. Where is Yi Chen polite to him? The older generation can't sneak attack, but the younger generation can always wait, right? He waved his hand and grasped the'God of Killing ', and a golden laser splashed out with a'snap'. As soon as the two blue lights of Langyue Jushi returned to his side, Yi Chen's sword gas had already split his face. He exclaimed: "Good move, not a mortal means." With a gentle wave, a big bead came out with seven small beads, and a blue light with seven small white lights laid a mysterious array in front of him, blocking the sword gas of Yi Chen. 'Touch 'A loud noise, Yi Chen's sword gas was offset a clean, and Langyue Jushi also frowned, his orbs were actually Yi Chen a sword force became very dim, 4 person jacuzzi ,Whirlpool bathtub, it seems that all the aura was split. Annoyed, he said, "Good Kung Fu, huh?" Two beams of blue light have been lasing at Yi Chen. Seeing that Langyue Jushi and Yi Chen had made a move, the other monks were ready to pounce on Jester. Chekov shouted, "Damn it, there are so many of you, what kind of kungfu is it to beat us?"? Hey, hey, hey, are you being reasonable? Jester roared and kicked him on the buttocks. A dozen sword lights passed through Chekov's position almost immediately. Jester said sullenly, "Cut the crap. It's time to fight." Seven roars like wild animals, Skye and his seven people have changed into a complete combat form, huge bat wings emit chilling blood light, countless golden spells flying in the air, a trace of eerie magic enveloped all around, countless negative feelings, such as fear, anger, panic, the tide of their magic toward the monks around. Phil, Gore, and Kane, the three biggest and most powerful guys, were fully dressed, like three tanks, roaring into a pile of monks in front of them, led by the armored Kane. The figures of Jester and Skye had disappeared in the air, and only countless black shadows showed that they still existed in this space, but they were so fast that the monks could not see them with their naked eyes. The monks shouted angrily, "Which Taoist friend has the kungfu of the Eye of Heaven?"? I'm sure of them. Yifan Jushi, where is your'Extinction Mirror '? In the splashing light of the fire, a short friar had just pulled out a round mirror with a diameter of about a foot, and was pinching the formula to arrange Gang Qi. Kane was carrying a heavy iron staff with thousands of golden dragons wrapped around it, and a heavy crutch hit him in the chest. The hapless Yifan householder fell to the sky. The two long swords of Phil and Gore had already hit the mirror quickly. With a clang, the mirror body was smashed. Yifan householder felt a burst of heartache. A mouthful of blood spurted out from the sky and fell to the ground. The crisp sound of "hissing" kept coming, and these monks, who had profound Taoism and deep cultivation, were caught off guard by them. Kane's armor protected him from being directly hurt by the light of the sword. Like a lion, he broke through the blockade of the light of the sword and rushed into the crowd of monks. The monks' magic weapons were extremely troublesome to use, and the Phil brothers, who rushed in after Kane, had already thrown themselves in front of them before they offered their magic weapons, and the flames of the fire came down with a shrill sword. As for Jester, they are simply entangled with those monks. How can a lucky monk who meditates all day long compete with them in speed? Their friends are around, and they dare not use all kinds of powerful magic, magic weapons, so they have to use the sword light to fly back and forth. But for an enemy who can't see the shadow, their sword light is often empty and useless. The most unfortunate one is Chekov, who wants strength without strength, speed without speed, and is purely a live target. As a result, countless swords abandoned Kane and them and stabbed Chekov. Chekov howled, "Damn it, why are you all beating me?" The blue ripples on his forehead became thicker and thicker,outdoor hot tub, and there was a strange fluctuation in the space around him. Once the sword light touched, it was immediately deflected out, often almost accidentally injuring other besieging monks.