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Peng yuan: "But you also said that the monitoring system of this community is broken, and we can't verify what the suspicious person is like.


The members of the criminal police who worked hard without complaint were all crowded in Shao Qiang's car. There was no way. The salary of the criminal police was just three melons and two dates. Many comrades could not afford to be car slaves after they reluctantly became house slaves with their parents'financial support. Shao Qiang's parents were in business, and their family was well off, so they bought a car for their son instead of walking. Then Shao Qiang's car instead of walking was reduced to the same fate as Gu Yang's car. When his colleagues moved, they had to help transport goods. When they went out and had no car, they used it as a bus. On weekends, when they were summoned by the eldest brother, they had to work hard as a free driver to pick up people. Peng yuan sat in the co-driver's seat with a tablet. She had already opened the map to locate the residential area that Gu Yang said. She was stunned when she saw it. "Isn't this the residential area where Mr. Sheng lives?" Shao Qiang took advantage of the gap to look back at her. Peng yuan frowned unconsciously. "Did Captain Gu spend the night here last night?" Feng Xizhe in the back seat looked out of the window at the traffic and said absentmindedly, "Captain Gu has been pursuing Mr. Sheng for quite a long time. It would not be surprising if he spent the night at Mr. Sheng's residence." Peng yuan held the tablet computer and did not speak. Instead, as soon as Feng Xizhe heard Peng yuan talking about the feast, he came to his senses. "Captain Gu asked us to come here and have a look, saying that something was wrong. Could it be that the serial killer who was involved in the case yesterday targeted Mr. Sheng?" Shao Qiang:.. Bah, Bah, what did you say? Spit and say it again! Feng Xizhe has a righteous face. "It's really possible that young women with a background of studying abroad live in high-end residential areas." Feng Xizhe was saying that Shao Qiang just arrived outside the community, so Feng Xizhe pointed to the house in the community and said: "I heard that the house in this community, a brick is better than tens of thousands, can't it be regarded as a high-grade community?" Shao Qiang was about to drive in when he was stopped by the guard. By this time, Peng yuan, who was in the co-driver's seat, was already in inertia and showed his work permit to the other side. Seeing this, the guard quickly got out of the way and let Shao Qiang's car drive in. Shao Qiang parked the car and said grumpily, "What are you guessing at random? Let's go to fight with Captain Gu first." When they saw Gu Yang,Chinese spa manufacturer, Gu Yang was waiting in the elevator on the banquet floor. "Have you arrived?" Shao Qiang took Peng yuan and Feng Xizhe out. "Well, they're all here. What's the situation?" Gu Yang led them to the stairs of the emergency passage, "he said as he walked." "You mean to suspect that someone put up a board between the two buildings last night and peeped inside the window of the south bedroom of Mr. Sheng's house?" Shao Qiang and Gu Yang are standing on the top floor, their eyes coincidentally fell on the opposite Sheng Yi room outside a placement of air conditioning mainframe under the bay window, and at their feet, there is a white solid wood board, the board is not big, the thickness is about one centimeter, probably do not know which person in the decoration when discarded, do not know who was on the top floor. Shao Qiang got the board up and made a gesture. "If you put up a board from over there, indoor endless pool ,garden jacuzzi tub, the length is just right.". Here is the top floor, and the vigorous person can jump directly to the bay window below, and then walk through the wooden board to the window of Mr. Sheng's residence. Feast lived on the top floor, and the attic was also bought, so the attic on her side was certainly not accessible to outsiders. But Gu Yang and Shao Qiang are on the top floor, which is the top floor of the building to be monitored by the property management company. It is obviously the same community, but the top floor is one floor lower. There is nothing special on the roof, but a lot of ropes are pulled. People who usually live here will come up to hang quilts and clothes. Shao Qiang said: "Since there is doubt, go to the residential property to adjust the monitoring, to see if there are suspicious figures in and out of it." Gu Yang put his hands in his pockets and looked a little dignified. "If only it were so simple, the monitoring system in the community was broken." Shao Qiang: "Damn it, what a coincidence?" Gu Yang: "That's why I let you come and have a look." Feng Xizhe: Who saw the suspicious person? Do you know what kind of person he saw? Gu Yang:.. This may be a little difficult. ” Feng Xizhe: "Why?" It is a waste of police force to let them come easily when they hear others say that they have seen suspicious people and do not know in detail what the witnesses have seen. Gu Yang looked at Feng Xizhe with some helplessness. "If I were sure that there must be a suspicious person here last night, this place would have been blocked long ago. How could only a few of you come here?" Before Shao Qiang they came, Gu Yang came to look around, the scene in addition to a board, there is really nothing particularly suspicious place. Gu Yang looked at the bottom of the bay window, eyes slightly narrowed, "you pull me, I go down to see." On the dust of the floating window, there is a faint shoe print, Gu Yang in the heart slightly a Rin, took out the mobile phone to take a picture. After going up, he handed the mobile phone to Shao Qiang, "There are footprints in the bay window below." Shao Qiang was stunned, "was there really someone last night?" Gu Yang: "I wasn't sure just now, but now I can be sure." Peng yuan: "But you also said that the monitoring system of this community is broken, and we can't verify what the suspicious person is like. We can't find him by a footprint alone.". Besides, it's also possible that it's a young thief who wants to break into the house. Is it necessary to do so? When Gu Yang heard this, he looked back at Peng yuan. "No matter who it is, as long as it is something that may endanger the safety of citizens, we have the responsibility to trace it out, otherwise what are we doing?" Peng yuan did not answer, while Gu Yang and Shao Qiang were talking, he could not help muttering in a low voice, "I think you are using public office for personal gain." I don't know if Gu Yang heard Peng yuan's murmur. Anyway,whirlpool hot tub, Shao Qiang heard it. He raised his hand and rubbed his temple. He said to Gu Yang, "Although it can't be concluded whether this matter has anything to do with the recent cases, Mr. Sheng's conditions are indeed in line with our preliminary analysis of the perpetrator's preferences yesterday. It's better for me to record a statement for Mr. Sheng." See if she has met any unusual people and things recently. Gu Yang looked at Shao Qiang. monalisa.com