Rouge Song Dynasty

Zhuo ran said half a day, they just won't open the door, the reason is never heard of such a team of grain team to enter the city


At this time, the whole battlefield stopped fighting for a moment, and everyone stared at the situation in front of them-fighting, so it could be like this! Murong Xiu and others, who were familiar with these gadgets, saw the situation of Xixia soldiers crying for their father and mother at this time, and they were even more impressed by their peace of mind. Fortunately, they were wise enough not to offend the little witch. Otherwise, this guy would get angry and put such a coin in his house. Would he still let people live? The two sides of the confrontation temporarily stopped in a daze, but Zhuo ran and others did not. Disciples of the Beggars' Sect walked through the Song army and gave them small red pills. Antidote pills, of course, to avoid the spread of poison gas to hurt their own people, and Zhuo ran is leading the rest of the Beggars' Sect, from the place where there is no ammunition to kill a small gap in the Western Xia military forces. As a result, the war situation suddenly changed, although the Western Xia still had two or three times more people than the Song army, but the army had no fighting spirit, and the formation began to scatter. There are also those who fled around and were trampled to death and injured by their own military forces. The Song army saw the hope of victory and became more intrepid and irresistible-although there were only three or four thousand troops left, it was enough for them to kill twice as many enemies as their own. Wild Li Wangrong see the situation is not good, fight again,304 Stainless Steel Wire, even if can kill some Song Jun, oneself also want to fight to perish together. It's useless to hurt so many people here. It's embarrassing to lose. If the whole army is wiped out, maybe Li yuanhao will be angry and push himself and his brother Yeliyu out to cut them down. At the moment no longer care about what, hurriedly command down, the whole army withdrawal! Seeing this, Song Jun shouted loudly, and his morale rose even higher. For a time, the sound of people and horses hissing reached a boiling point. Wang Kai led the remaining soldiers to go up and took the opportunity to kill thousands of fleeing soldiers of the Western Xia Dynasty. By this time,304 stainless steel wire, Song Jun had been killed out of human form, and all of them were turning into wild animals in the roar, bathed in blood. The general of the Song Dynasty looked up to the sky and laughed. The laughter spread and infected all the soldiers of the Song army. All of them laughed there. For a time, the laughter shook the sky and frightened the soldiers of the Western Xia Dynasty to flee faster. Have fun! Have fun! Never had such a good fight! Zhang could not stop laughing, still laughing as he spoke. Murong Xiu and others looked at each other. Just now I was worried that I would be buried by the body of Xixia. At that time, the army of tens of thousands of people fled and disappeared. Xixia people's escape skills were really first-class. Will only show off when there are many people, but once defeated, even the courage to die is not. Murong Xiu and others could not help feeling that fortunately they were the people of the Song Dynasty and did not have to fight against the Song army. Although the strategy and tactics of the Song army were not well coordinated, and the generals had no great talent and strategy, everyone dared to fight to the death. As long as the generals fought with them, none of the ordinary soldiers wanted to escape. Zhuo ran came over on horseback and saw Wang Kai and Zhang. Naturally, the identities of these people could not be concealed from him. As soon as the Song and Xia armies began to fight, someone from the Beggars' Sect sent him a message. Ok! Ok! Brother, you are really a hero! Zhang is still there smiling, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, bloody big cattail palm on the shoulder of Zhuo ran hard to clap, a clap a bloody handprint, fortunately Zhuo ran martial arts extraordinary, otherwise ordinary people were patted by him so a few times, I am afraid it will be broken. Seeing that Zhang was still smiling, Murong Xiu and others could hardly help laughing. This man was really a "pretty Zhang Fei" image, but as long as he had seen the situation of fighting bravely before, anyone would have some admiration for him in his heart. Zhuo Ran smiled indifferently and said, "The generals should hurry up and take the hay with them."! This is not Li yuanhao personally led the troops, taking advantage of this time the Western Xia military forces have just broken up, Li yuanhao is angry and too late to continue to send troops to obstruct your time to go quickly, otherwise more military forces may come later. "Yes!"! Yes! How could I forget this? Zhang said, turned to look at Wang Kai, he is the chief. Wang Kai nodded and said, "Pass the order down and head for Linzhou quickly." Then he turned to Zhuo Ran and asked, "Are you going to Linzhou together?" Zhuo Ran shook his head and said, "Let's go to the prefecture near Linzhou.". "As he spoke, he pointed to the grain held by a small group of Beggars' Sect disciples behind him and said with a smile," Like General Wang, they are all engaged in transporting grain! It's just that you're an official, and I'm a smuggler. "Ha ha-" several generals of the Song army laughed at each other when they heard this. One of them said, "The military forces from all walks of life have been ordered to try to transport hay to the prefectures many times. Every time they go halfway, they are robbed by the military forces of the Western Xia. If it weren't for your timely help this time, I'm afraid we'd have to repeat the same mistakes!" Zhuo Ran smiled and said nothing. Seeing that the team had been assembled, Wang Kai bowed his hand to Zhuo Ran and others and said, "Thank you for your help this time!" As he spoke, he stepped down from his horse with a clip on his legs and drove forward. Then he turned around and said, "See you later!" "See you later!" Zhuo ran and Murong Xiu and others have folded their fists, watching Song Jun leave, also ready to rectify the team toward the state. Chapter 151 of the main text yuan Hao withdrew his troops. Army retreat, Zhuo ran and others just take this opportunity to the state city, just standing on the wall of a large row of soldiers guarding the city. Zhuo ran said half a day, they just won't open the door, the reason is never heard of such a team of grain team to enter the city, not to mention at this time Zhuo ran and others a body of blood, Murong Xiu followed by the remnants of the number of people, although not much, also looks strong, the soldiers guarding the city afraid they are Xixia spies, is firmly refused to let them into the city. Open the door! Open the door! We've worked so hard to bring the hay here, but we won't open the door! Sikong Jicai didn't care what Zhuo Ran was negotiating there, so he shouted at the top of his voice. Fang E then heckled and said, "After a battle with the Xixia dog thieves, I'm so tired that I'm half dead. Why do you still treat us as spies when you get here?" "Yes, do we look like spies?" Sikong Ji straightened his chest on horseback. Fang E looked at him carefully and said,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, "I don't look like him, but you do!" "What!"! You look like a spy to me! Sijiji rounded his fist and wanted to beat Fang E. Not to be outdone, Fang E opened his eyes wide and gestured at Sikongji. You guys be quiet! It's so noisy! Haven't you had enough of that battle? Still have the strength to quarrel? Fang Xuan couldn't help it.