The cocoon of rebirth

Come in Lin Hanzhi answered Zhang Qian pushed open the door, holding a stack of things in her hands and looking at Lin Hanzhi with a smile: "Boss, these are the books I read when I was pregnant before, which I said."


Preparing for the wedding will make her the happiest bride in the world. If she turns me down again, then I.. "What are you going to do?" Lin Hanzhi raised his eyebrows. I I don't know. 。” Jane said in frustration. So you've been hiding from Chuci for a week, and now she's coming to me to find someone? Lin Hanzhi threw an eye knife to Jian Zhen. I didn't expect her to come here to find you, otherwise I wouldn't have come to you. But to be honest, I'm glad she thought of me. Do you think I need to smoke? Jian Zhen sighed. It's really not enough to smoke. Lin Hanzhi said rudely. I think I need a good calm, Chu Ci this is really let that let people scratch their hearts, said she did not care about me, but I do not look for her, she will. She showed that she wanted to find me and said that she cared about me, but she never agreed to my proposal. I just let her say yes. If she doesn't want to get married right away, I may wait, but I can't hang like this. It's really not good to be neither up nor down. Jane Zhen rubbed his hair, a good hairstyle instantly. It became a chicken coop. Boss, Miss T'ang is here! Zhang Qian's voice rang again from the phone. Before Lin Hanzhi could answer, the other party suddenly pushed the door open and stared at Jane Zhen, who was shocked by her arrival, with big eyes: "Good for you." Bad guy, let me make a fool of myself in the restaurant, do you want to run away like this, I don't believe I can't find you! Chapter 330 shopaholic "My aunt,304 Stainless Steel Coil, I have apologized to you. What else do you want?" Jane Zhen hugged his head in pain, and the trouble was not over yet. There's another debt collector in the house. It's really hard for people to live. Is it enough to apologize? Tang Xin snorted coldly. "Miss T'ang, you can't do this or that. What are you going to do?" Jane Zhen spread out his hands. Women are not easy to mess with, but he realized it thoroughly this time. You just can't let it go anyway! Tang Xin also does not know how to want so, just follow the original intention of not want to let go of each other so. The corner of Jane Zhen's eye twitched uncontrollably: "Well, young lady, you go back and think carefully about what you want,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and then you tell me directly, only." If I can do it, I will. "Then you come with me now." Tang Xin took a look at Lin Hanzhi and found that the other side's face was not very good, and immediately opened his mouth. No, young lady, I have a job, and now I'm going to talk about things. If there's nothing else, you can go first! When you figure out what to do. Yes, I'll do it. Jian Zhen said with a straight face. Tang Xin wanted to continue to say something, but suddenly he felt a cold air coming to him. After a slight shiver, he said, "That, that's good." Ok, you have something to do in advance. I'm leaving. "Walk slowly." Jane said with a smile. Uh Tang Xin came aggressively, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, and as a result, under the pressure of Lin Hanzhi's cold air, she left. When calm was restored in the office, Lin Hanzhi turned to look at Jian Zhen and said, "This is one of the reasons why Chu Ci is anxious to find you." "How is that possible?" Jane was so shocked that she almost jumped up. "You don't know who I am. If it's so easy to fall in love with someone else, it's impossible for me to do so." Persistent pursuit of Chu Ci for so many years, you know, single-mindedness is the tradition of men in our family. Don't think of me so badly. If Chuci knows, then I can't wash it even if I jump into the Yellow River. "Only you know whether it is true or not." Lin Hanzhi glanced at Chien Chen and said, "You and Chu Ci are both my good friends, and I'm not involved in emotional matters." You can't force it, but at least I hope you two can coexist peacefully and don't want to see anything bad happen. "I know." Jane lowered her head and said, "Thank you for listening to my complaints, good brother. I must have a big red envelope when I was born.". Then I won't bother you. Here you are, goodbye! "Goodbye." Lin Hanzhi patted Jane Zhen on the shoulder, and when the other party mentioned the child, his eyebrows softened in an instant. Chien Zhen sighed heavily and left with a full heart. Lin Hanzhi had found his own happiness, so he had to work harder. Lin Hanzhi looked at the back of Jane's departure and shook his head, only hoping that Jane and Chu Ci could make it clear that it was a pity that they had been scattered for so many years. Open the information before Jane Zhen came, Lin Hanzhi rubbed his forehead, Jiang Li found out more and more things, are beyond his expectations. I didn't think To that person actually has this kind of ability, it seems that he really looked down on the other side before, fortunately, it is not too late to find out, otherwise it is not good to stare at the wrong object. Knock, knock, knock.. "Boss, may I come in?" Zhang Qian's voice sounded outside. Come in Lin Hanzhi answered Zhang Qian pushed open the door, holding a stack of things in her hands and looking at Lin Hanzhi with a smile: "Boss, these are the books I read when I was pregnant before, which I said." A lot of things to pay attention to, I sort out some of what I think is important, and I hope it will be helpful to you. "You have a heart, thank you." Lin Hanzhi's generous thanks, originally planned to go to the bookstore after work today to buy some books about this, now Zhang Qian sent. When he came, he didn't have to bother to choose. The secretary was really sensible. When Zhang Qian saw that Lin Hanzhi had accepted his book, she felt a burst of pride in her heart. As a secretary, she wanted to do a good job, observe people's words and expressions, and keep abreast of the needs of the superior. It's always important. This is what I should do. After Zhang Qian finished speaking, she quietly retreated. After Lin Hanzhi quickly finished his business and rested for a while, he picked up the book that Zhang Qian had placed on the top and read it,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, which was mainly about it. Some tips for expectant fathers and mothers. Xiao Ling has been very happy every day recently. After a good rest at home for a few days, she can't stay. After confirming the health of the little steamed stuffed bun, she pesters.