An unscrupulous man

See behind the Yamaha speed slowed down, the wind and cloud speed faster, but the tearing force makes the wind and cloud more uncomfortable!


Wind and cloud feel very uncomfortable, although barely escape once or twice, but every time the fist wind brush, also let him burning pain! Good boy, you are proud enough to escape so many attacks from me in the early stage of God! Said the hands instantly knot seal, a huge sword net appeared, yyīn cold cover to the wind and cloud, at the same time Yamaha body flash, disappeared in front of the wind and cloud, such as the wind and clouds can escape the sword net, Yamaha punch has been severely printed on the back of the wind and clouds! "Poof!" A mouthful of blood spurted out, and before Fengyun could react, he was completely imprisoned by Yamaha. Carrying Fengyun, Yamaha sneered and said: "If you have been hiding, and you have enough strength to come out again, maybe I can't help you, but now you, hum, will die!" Said to carry the wind and cloud to fly to the central! At this moment, Fengyun's face was pale, and he lamented in his heart. However, just when Fengyun thought he would die, the chaotic force actually devoured the energy that imprisoned Fengyun a little bit. Fengyun was overjoyed in his heart, but his face did not show it at all. He was ready to escape in an instant while Yamaha was not paying attention! After this Ji jiāo front, let him know that now he is not the opponent of the God Emperor in the middle period! Enjoy reading in the of my reading novel network. Text [339] Escape from Ascension PS: 3rd watch! In this way, two people stop and go, during which the wind and cloud also know that Yamaha will not kill him now, ready to bring it into the Colfield family, on the altar, eat the wind and cloud alive! Make the wind and cloud life and death dilemma, ten thousand years to bear the pain of the divine fire refining! It has to be said that Yamaha's decision gave Fengyun a chance to escape and ascend to heaven! On a planet, Fengyun said, "Yamaha, I'm hungry!" Yamaha frowned and said angrily, "Hungry, hum, bear it!" "You know you've imprisoned me," said Feng Yun. "I have no energy supply. I'm no different from a mortal. When I starve to death, you're still a fart!" Yamaha God s sè a anger, but thought about it, if this boy starved to death, the soul is left,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, it seems that he is really cheap! Then Yamaha mercilessly threw the wind and cloud below and said, "Boy, be honest!" Wind and cloud was so a fall, n nòng is grinning, but also helpless, who called people for the knife, I for the fish R R òu! Yamaha has just moved away, the wind and cloud is ready to use the chaotic force to devour the energy of imprisonment, Yamaha appears again, the wind and cloud tunnel is so dangerous, this Yamaha is really careful! Looked at the wind and cloud, Yamaha said: "Still not at ease, in case you were taken away by the beast is not good!" " Said to the wind and cloud after the release of a boundary, fly away again! Wind and cloud curled his lips, but also had the nerve to say that he was transferred by the beast, I think it is true that he is afraid of running away! Wind and cloud know that time is running out, instant with all the chaotic force to imprison energy, in an instant, wind and cloud palm appeared on the chaotic force, opened a mouth on the boundary, instant away, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, now wind and cloud regardless of 3721, toward the west on the instant away! It can be said to be in a panic! The Yamaha who bought the steamed stuffed bun felt bad in an instant, and the steamed stuffed bun did not care to buy it. It appeared at the boundary in an instant. Looking at the empty boundary, Yamaha was furious! I don't know how the kid got out, but it's clear that the kid ran away! Yamaha snorted, a golden sè mouse poked its head out, then pointed to the west, Yamaha sneered, and moved towards the west! Feeling the pressure behind him, Fengyun cursed, how on earth did he know his direction, but complaining was certainly useless, Fengyun only flew forward with all his strength, at this moment, the speed of Fengyun reached the speed of the God Emperor, even so, the distance between them was getting closer and closer, Fengyun lamented, this damn Yamaha, Xiu Wei is really not covered! But the wind and cloud know, if captured, then this time is really dead, the same mistake, Yamaha will never turn over the second time, this time must directly destroy themselves, so, how can not let the damn Yamaha catch! This time did not go to the southern wilderness, because it is too far away from the south, Fengyun knows that his speed is certainly not as fast as Yamaha, it is estimated that if he does not enter it, he will be stopped, and then he will die! Might as well come to this mysterious and incomparable western divine realm, looking at the resistance ahead is getting bigger and bigger, the wind and cloud feel curious at the same time, also had to speed up the speed, followed by Yamaha cursed: "Boy, you don't want to live?"? Don't you know that the front is the Lu Lu à n stream of the divine world? Without looking back, Fengyun said, "What do you know? Stop and die!" Wind and cloud two Leng son, does not mean that other people Yamaha is also two Leng son, Yamaha gradually slowed down the speed, as for chasing wind and cloud, that is sooner or later can be things, but because of this, lose their own life, can be a bit unworthy! See behind the Yamaha speed slowed down, the wind and cloud speed faster, but the tearing force makes the wind and cloud more uncomfortable! But now the wind and cloud can not care so much, he can only move forward as soon as possible, as soon as possible to get rid of Yamaha, and then take the long view! The middle period of the God Emperor is not what he can compete with now! But even the God emperor in the middle of some fear of the God world Lu Lu à n flow, how can we look down upon, this is not, retribution is coming! Dozens of pulling force hit the wind and cloud, the wind and cloud can only dodge around, but finally see flash, can only use the arm to meet up! Suddenly a stream of blood burst out, the whole arm was pulled into powder, and the wind and cloud chaotic force under the operation, once again took out an arm, Yamaha looked at the front of the luluàn flow, made a comparison in his heart, immediately flew back, now he has no regard for the wind and cloud, or first out of the luluàn flow again! Wind and cloud sense behind the Yamaha returned, the speed is also a little slower, looking around the gradual emergence of small black d dòng,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, wind and cloud heart sigh, no wonder Yamaha this bastard dare not chase, here is not a place for people to stay!