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Kuangshen _ Infinite Fiction Network _ Kuangshen _ Infinite Fiction Network _ Kuangshen _ Infinite Fiction Network _ Kuangshen _ Infinite Fiction Network _

Sean nodded with satisfaction and said, "This is the best way. For the time being, you will stay in Uncle Kama's village. Uncle will help you arrange your work. After a period of time, if you have been doing well, we will consider promoting you to a full citizen of Yunna.". Don't play games with me, okay? With a wave of his pike, the bottom of the pike plunged deep into the rock. I said with trepidation: "I know, I know, we must work steadfastly and strive to become a member of Yunna as soon as possible." Sean turned to the old farmer Kama and said, "Uncle Kama, they are arranged by you. If there is anything, come to me directly." Kama laughed and said, "Don't worry, Captain Sean. If they dare to make trouble, I will inform you as soon as possible." Sean said a few more words to Karma and turned to leave with his men. Kama was very imposing this time. Holding out his chest, he said, "You can listen to my arrangement in the future. Let's go. I'll take you to the village first and arrange a place for you to live." I said gratefully, "Uncle Kama, thank you very much. We will work hard in the future." Twenty of us followed Kama to their village, which was much better than the ones we had seen along the way. The houses were made of stone,outdoor ficus tree, and the larger streets were paved with stone bricks. The whole village was very busy. The small vendors of the villagers set up various stalls on the road. It was obvious that they all lived a life of abundant food and clothing. Karma put us in a martial arts training ground next door to his house. The place was big enough to accommodate 20 of us. We slept six people in a room. In fact, there is another reason why I don't call him Mengkelai. It is because his weapons are too conspicuous. Ours can also be said to be used for self-defense against robbers. His weapons are two big axes. Who would bring two giant axes to defend himself. I told Worf to tell everyone that there must be no change, and everything was waiting for me. In this way, we began to live the life of a farmer. At the beginning, people often came to watch us. After five or six days, probably because we worked very hard and were very honest, the villagers relaxed their vigilance against us. I know it's time for me to act. Time waits for no one. I can't always spend here. The night was as cool as water. I got up quietly,silk ficus tree, told Worf a few words, took out Mo Ming from under my pillow, which had not been touched for many days, changed into night clothes, took off my head cover, and restored my original appearance. After hearing that there was no movement outside, I went out of the house carefully. With a gentle jump, I fell quietly on the high wall of the martial arts training ground like a leaf. It was late at night, and the moonlight was enough for me to see far away. The whole village was shrouded in a bright moonlight, and occasionally the sound of a few night birds came through the silent space. The villagers had already fallen asleep, and I looked around cautiously to make sure that no one was there. I climbed over the wall gently and came to Uncle Kama's yard. There are four people in Kama's family. Kama and his wife have two children. Because Kama got married late, the two children are only in their early twenties. They sleep in the room on the left, while he and his wife are in the main house on the right. My purpose today is to get the information I want from Kama's mouth. The courtyard was quiet, and the Kama family, silk cherry blossom tree ,faux ficus tree, like other villagers, had already fallen asleep. I leapt lightly to the main house and put my ear to the window. There was a sound of even breathing in the room. I pushed the window tentatively and did not move. The clip was below, and I was lucky enough to become a knife. I sent out a crazy fighting spirit and gently crossed below. With a light sound, I knew I had succeeded. Afraid of waking up Uncle Kama and his wife in their sleep, I did not dare to act rashly and squatted quietly under the window. After a while, there was no reaction in the room. I looked around, reached out and gently pushed open the window. My body curled up into a ball and landed gently on the floor of the room like a civet cat. I sang in a low voice: "Darkness condenses the soul, the fall can be free, wake up, the endless magic sleeping in my blood.". ” Quietly, I became a fallen angel. Thick black fog kept coming out of my body and enveloped the whole room. I applied sound insulation magic in the black fog. Without my permission, not only the sound could not come out, but also the light could not shine outside. In this way, I could carry out my plan steadily. I stretched out my hand, and a few wisps of black gas shot out, putting Karma's wife into a coma. Even if I killed her now, she wouldn't wake up. I sent out a cold murderous look to Kama. Kama shivered and woke up from his sleep. He rubbed his sleepy eyes. When he found my existence, he immediately gave a cry of surprise. He shrank back and covered himself with the quilt. He said in a trembling voice, "You, you, you are a fallen angel.". Am I dreaming? With a cold smile and an evil light in my eyes, I said in a deep voice, "Kama, Lord Demon asked me to ask you a few questions. If you answer well, I will spare your life, or I will kill your whole family." When Karma found out that I was indeed a fallen angel, he knew that he could not resist at all and repeatedly said, "No, wife, wife, you wake up quickly." He kept staring at me and pushing his wife. I sneer: "She has long been controlled by me, unless I want to, otherwise, she will never wake up again." Kama obviously loved his wife very much and resolutely protected her. Although his voice was still trembling, he was much calmer than before: "You, you ask.". Please don't hurt my family. I glanced up and down at him and said, "Well, if you cooperate, I won't kill anyone. What I want to ask is why you are so rich, and what happened to the fierce bandits in the territory?" Hearing my two questions, Karma trembled and turned even paler. No, I can't say. You can kill me, but please, spare my family. With these words, he rolled from the bed to the ground and kept kowtowing to me. If I had known he would answer me like this,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, I said in a deep voice, "Karma, look me in the eye." 。 hacartificialtree.com