Love sword mountains and rivers

Love sword mountains and riversLove sword mountains and riversLove sword mountains and riversLove sword mountains and rivers


King Zhongshun said with a sneer, "His preparation is useless. At most, he has a few old and weak soldiers outside and some of Lu Lingfeng's men inside. We have enough to eat them. In less than a month, I can eat them all, and then ask Zhu Houzhao to move a seat. By that time, you two will naturally be the dry cities of the country." Wang Zhenyi said with a smile, "Our family has already worked to the top. When Wang Yeh enters the palace to be the emperor, our family is still Shang Yi Jian. But Wang Yeh will never serve better than the present emperor. For our family, it's better to be quiet than to move." King Zhongshun said, "How could Benjue have wronged Wang Gong? At that time, Wang Gong was naturally sent back from the outside and became the choice of the temple." Wang Zhen said with a smile, "According to the ancestral law of the Ming Dynasty, eunuchs are not officials, and Wang Yeh can't be willing to risk the world's condemnation and promote our family in particular. Besides, our family has self-knowledge, so it's not worth asking for trouble." King Zhongshun's face sank and he said, "Wang Gong won't cooperate with me." Wang Zhen said,smartboards in classrooms, "We don't have to ask about our family. It doesn't matter whether our family cooperates or not. The problem is Shaoqiu. He has the power in his hands and the support of his uncle. Everything is up to him." Nangong Shaoqiu said, "My uncle has been loyal to the king and the country all his life, but he knows that the king's orders are obedient. He can't do such a rebellious thing." King Zhongshun said with a sneer, "Don't say anything nice, brother. Your uncle's words of loyalty to the emperor are just bluffing. The imperial court has issued edicts many times asking him to be transferred to the capital, but he has ignored them. He is holding the navy in his hands. No one knows Sima Zhao's intentions. Why do you still do this, brother?" But Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile,touch screen interactive whiteboard, "If the emperor really wants my uncle to hand over his military power, my uncle will never disobey. It's just because the court is controlled by a group of powerful ministers. Sometimes the emperor is forced by the situation to issue a decree, but he doesn't agree with it in private. He has another order for my uncle to deal with it." King Zhongshun's expression changed and he said, "So your uncle is the emperor's confidant. It's impossible for him to cooperate with Benjue." "No," said Nangong Shaoqiu! Wang Yeh's proposal to train the new army and get rid of the old soldiers is indeed a strategy to revive the decline and seek the decline. My uncle fully supports it, but the new army belongs to the country, not to Wang Yeh. King Zhongshun said angrily, "See his big head alive. The money allocated by the treasury is not even enough to pay half of the expenses. I really have too much money to spend. I put it in my own pocket to train for the court." "Wang Yeh's loyalty to the affairs of the state is admired by all the people, and the emperor has repeatedly issued decrees of commendation." King Zhongshun said with a sneer, "Ben Jue doesn't want this kind of gobbledygook flattery. When the soldiers are trained, he wants to kick Ben Jue away. That's a dream. He wants to take over the new army. Tell him to bring the money." Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "Wang Yeh's money is not his own. I've already found out. You used the hands of the factory guards to disguise yourself as a robber. You hijacked the gains of dozens of rich families in the north. Besides robbing money, smart board whiteboard ,smartboards for business, you also killed people.." King Zhongshun changed his color and said, "Old Wang, you've said it all." Wang Zhen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Shaoqiu found it out from the mouth of the guard of the factory. Those who did it are all under his command now. Is there anyone else who doesn't understand?" "Don't forget," said King Zhongshun. "You're in on it, too." "I don't deny it," said Wang Zhen frankly. "Our family just promised to give you their subordinates to act cheaply, but they didn't participate directly." "That wealth is yours!" "That's right," said Wang Zhen. "Our family got a little benefit. It was just a little crumb that leaked through your fingers. You ate meat and soup, and our family shared the crumbs, but we had to bear the responsibility. Our family didn't do it. Besides, you didn't explain it in advance. When you did it, you dragged our family in. If our family didn't agree, I'm afraid you would have killed it." Our family has to admit the charge of putting the duck on the shelf. ” King Zhongshun sneered, "Good!"! You can push it all away. Ben doesn't care about taking the responsibility alone. Anyway, things have been done. What are you going to do? Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "What crime should I commit in this matter? The Dali Temple will make the judgment. The emperor will revoke your title. The reason is also for this. I have long wanted to deal with you, but I was afraid that you would hide that property and take advantage of others. So I played the trick and supported you to train new troops. When you take out the money and use it on the right path, I will punish you." King Zhongshun laughed and said, "You really have a good idea. But don't you think about it? The new army is trained by Benjue. Will Benjue be at your mercy?" Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "I'm afraid you have to listen. Wang Yeh also wants to make it clear that the command power of the factory guards is all in my hands, and the capture of rebellious criminals is the main job of my factory guards." "With the four of you?" "The four of us are just here to catch you. As for the rebellion, naturally someone will come to greet you. We have a complete plan. With the cooperation of the Royal Guards, Wang Ye should be captured." King Zhongshun burst out laughing and said, "You dare to say that you can command the factory guards. Although Benjue has given you the power to command the factory guards, at least half of them are Benjue's men.". How dare you ask them to arrest Ben Jue. Nangong Shaoqiu said, "I have been commanding the factory guards for more than half a year. After several personnel investigations, I can completely control them." "You can only dream, every place is just replaced by a big stall of the main thing, but the rest of the deputies are all my people!" Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "It wasn't an hour ago. An hour before I came here, the next step is to clear out your people first, and then mobilize people to surround the palace." King Zhongshun didn't take it seriously and said, "Can you get rid of it?"? Do you know who my people are? Nangong Shaoqiu said with a smile, "I can't help but admire Lu Lingfeng for this. He, the commander of the Royal Guards, has not worked for nothing. He has made a clear investigation over the past few years. As for those people who are Wang Yeh's confidants, none of them will admit their mistakes." King Zhongshun's face was a little unnatural, but he still said with a smile,65 inch smart board, "It doesn't matter. Since your investigation is true, you should know how many people Ben Jue has. If you catch them together, I'm afraid there won't be many people in the factory." 。