Play in the world of mortals

Play in the world of mortalsPlay in the world of mortalsPlay in the world of mortalsPlay in the world of mortals


Bai Yi grabbed Yingyue's shoulder and said, "Be good, Yueyue, don't worry.". This place has been covered with Qimen shield armor by me. You will get hurt if you walk around. Hearing Qimen Shield Armor, all the cells of Yingyue's body became active. She hurriedly pulled the white clothes and said, "Grandfather, I want to learn, I want to learn!" Seeing Yingyue's innocent appearance, Tsing Yi touched her head and said softly, "Well, didn't Grandpa and Father-in-law say they would teach you what they had learned?"? Don't worry, you should be hungry. Go in and eat something first. With that, he pulled Yingyue left and right into the room. Yingyue has long learned about the world from her grandfather and father-in-law, and she has really traveled through time and space. It is called Tianxiang Kingdom, which belongs to the Central Plains region. It is rich in products and everyone can live and work in peace and contentment. The current emperor is a wise king who is diligent in government and loves the people. There are also two neighboring countries called Ye Mu and Lan Ling. She is now deep in a mountain called Lingwu Mountain. It is surrounded by clouds and mists all the year round, and is surrounded by poisonous gas. It is a place feared by everyone in Jianghu. Sakuratsuki also felt very strange, since full of poison gas, then why would she be all right? You know, her grandfather and father-in-law took a lot of medicine to avoid poisoning. This thing two old feel indissoluble, can answer only: "Perhaps your body has the special power!" Perhaps your body has the special power! It turned out that Grandpa and Father-in-law were really the top masters in Wulin. They were famous in Wulin in those years. Grandpa was called Sun Soul and Father-in-law was called Moon Soul. At that time, the two of them fought for the position of the leader of the martial arts world. Because of their equal strength,temperature scanning kiosks, they fought dozens of games without winning or losing, and no one in the world could beat them. So they decided to retire, but the struggle between them continued. Sakuratsuki: Another cliche! Ling Yun: If it weren't for the plot, I wouldn't bother to introduce so much. Humph! What is more exciting is that Grandpa is still a miracle doctor, while Father-in-law is a master of using poison, known as "Poison Saint". One of the poisons that my father-in-law is most proud of is called "eclipse of the moon", which only Grandpa can solve. Now that Grandpa has retired, this poison has become a fearsome and incurable poison. Ling Yun: Can't you see that those two old men really have the ability to "eclipse the moon"? That sounds pretty good. Moon Soul: [with an expressionless face] Do you want to taste it for yourself? White mice are very cute. Ling Yun: [fake smile like facial cramps] Hee Hee ~ No,interactive whiteboard prices, I hate mice the most) When I woke up, a new day came. Sakuratsuki sat quietly in front of the window, this is the second day she came to this world. Fortunately, she met two "relatives" who loved her, which filled her cold heart with warmth for many years. Sakura, are you up? Come out and have breakfast! Hearing Grandpa's shouts, Yingyue could not help laughing out. Last night, the two of them made a lot of trouble about the name. They both thought it was not good to call their granddaughter, so they found a compromise. Grandpa called Yingying and father-in-law called Yueyue. All right, I'm coming! [Text: Chap. Down the hill ] "Good morning, Grandpa and Father-in-law!" Cried Sakuratsuki sweetly. Yueyue, you have to take this with you in the future. The soul of the sun then handed Sakuratsuki a human skin mask. Why? Sakurayuki asked in puzzlement. Because you look so.. Uh. In short, your appearance will bring disaster to the world, and if you go down the mountain in the future, thermal imaging camera ,digital signage kiosk, it will cause chaos. So you have to get used to wearing a human skin mask as soon as possible. Moon Soul said seriously. Seeing the seriousness on her father-in-law's face, Yingyue kept silent and put on her mask obediently, thinking, "I'm not really so sorry for the audience now, am I?"? I haven't had a chance to look at myself since yesterday (there isn't even a mirror here). Oh, forget it, lest you can't eat when you see it. Sakuratsuki: Why did you make me so ugly!!! Ling Yun: Does anyone say you are ugly? Smart-aleck!) "Yingying, Grandpa and father-in-law will teach you martial arts later. You should study hard. Grandpa hopes you can fulfill your wish for me and become the leader of the martial arts world!" The soul of the day said earnestly. "Well, Sakuratsuki will study hard!" Since the two old recognized Yingyue as a granddaughter, the relationship between the two has eased a lot, no longer fighting all day, sometimes with the same voice! Time flies, seven years have passed in a twinkling of an eye. Sakuratsuki: Hey, sister, how old are you? It's so old-fashioned! Ling Yun: What elder sister? This young lady is in her youth. Also, it's called nostalgia, what do you know! "Yueyue, don't fly so fast. My father-in-law is old!" "Hurry up, father-in-law, you'll be home soon!" Yingyue gently fell to the ground and threw herself on an old man with a loving face. "Grandpa, Yingyue is back. You see, I won my father-in-law again!" The sun soul dotes on looking at the cherry moon, slightly reproachfully said: "You this little wench, all 13 years old, but also looks like a child!" " Yes, now the cherry moon has grown slim and graceful, but also the two old martial arts, medicine, poison, Qimen shield armor all learned, but also based on their own in the original world of judo, Taekwondo applied to martial arts, created a set of martial arts called "light moon", and weapons are hidden in the sleeves of the flying yarn. This flying yarn has been specially treated by me with potion. It can be said that it is invulnerable to bullets. Of course, it will be damaged when it encounters a magic weapon. Passed for a long time, the moon soul flies profusely sweating again, say breathlessly: "You, you this little girl, throw a thing to me to run, run, an old person takes so much thing to fly around, you want to be tired, tired me!" Then he threw all the things on his shoulders on the ground. What was on the ground was, of course, their dinner-game. Yingyue was pulled into the room by the two elders, and the atmosphere in the room suddenly became heavy. Yingying, you have learned kung fu,digital whiteboard price, and you are better than us in medicine and poison. You must be able to go down the mountain. There was a quick flash of reluctance in the eyes of the sun soul. Yes, Yueyue, you are going to fulfill our wish-to be the leader of the martial arts world and settle the grudges in Jianghu. This sword is made by melting part of the sword that your grandfather and I have followed us for many years. It contains our concern for you. You must remember to put the sword away. "Father-in-law." 。