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Dou Zhan Huang, Bing Chi Jue Zun four of them were killed, the whole nine secret orthodoxy fell into silence, especially Jiulianshan, everyone knelt on the ground, when Li Qiye left for a long time, everyone dared to stand up slowly. Someone stood up, looked at the sky and murmured, "The new emperor is going to ascend the throne.." "Nonsense!" Before the disciple could speak, his elder slapped him on the back of the head and shouted, "The world has always been in Your Majesty's hands. How can you say that you have ascended the throne? Those charms are just overrated!" "Your Majesty holds the power of the world, and all the religious ministers are in charge." The ancestor of a great religion solemnly said that this was also a kind of loyalty. At this time, even a fool can see that today, who dares to compete with the new emperor? Who dares to move the mind of the world power? This is self-destruction, this is self-destruction. From then on, there was no top five, no Dou Sheng Dynasty, only Your Majesty- "the ancestor of an aristocratic family could not help saying respectfully.". In fact, when the family ancestor said such words, his heart trembled. Today, the new emperor is supreme,Calacatta Quartz Slab, even if the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, who monopolized power and respected the world, was also eclipsed and insignificant compared with him. It can be said that when the new emperor sits on the throne, what five strong, what Dou Sheng Dynasty, no longer exist, no one, no sect to detain the power in his hands,White Marble Slabs, he is the most supreme existence of the Nine Secret Orthodoxy, he is the real master of power. Today, the new emperor in the nine secret orthodoxy is completely able to do whatever he wants, such a height, even the emperor of the Qing Dynasty is unable to do. Although the emperor of the Qing Dynasty monopolized power and respected the world, there were still things he feared in the Nine Secret Orthodoxy, and he still could not be truly invincible in the Nine Secret Orthodoxy. Today, the new emperor has done it, he is the real monopoly of power! Chapter 2560 gifts. The next day, when Li Qiye got up early, Bingchi Hanyu was already kneeling there. What's the matter? Looking at Bingchi Hanyu kneeling on the ground for a long time, Li Qiye said slowly. Bingchi Hanyu knelt down on the ground and said, "The elders of the family are ignorant. They are enemies of Your Majesty and have committed heinous crimes. The maidservant has failed to do anything. I apologize to Your Majesty and ask Your Majesty to deal with it." "You are not guilty." Li Qiye waved his hand gently and said lightly. Bingchi Hanyu knelt down, bowed his head, and said, white marble slabs ,Agate Slabs For Sale, "The maidservant can be forgiven, but the elders of the family are guilty of a heinous crime. This crime can exterminate the family. The maidservant is willing to take the blame for it." "So you want to plead for your family." Li Qiye glanced at Bingchi Hanyu and said with a faint smile. The maidservant only hopes to take the blame for the family and alleviate the family's sins. Bingchi Hanyu lowered his head and said softly. That's all. Li Qiye took one look at Bingchi Hanyu and said lightly, "For your sake, don't destroy your Bingchi family. But those who should be punished should be punished, and those who should be cut off should be cut off." "Thank your majesty--" heard Li Qiye such words, Bingchi Hanyu can not help but be pleased, Fu worship to the ground, she did not think of Li Qiye willing to forgive their Bingchi family, kneeling down here, her heart is already prepared for the worst, she even thought that her family will be destroyed, even she will be punished, did not think of it. Li Qiye finally forgave them. Your Majesty's great kindness, the maidservant is willing to do cattle and horses in return. Bingchi Hanyu knelt down on the ground for a long time and shed tears of gratitude. Well, not bad. Li Qiye nodded gently and said, "Get up and wait on me." Bingchi Hanyu was busy getting up and preparing to wash for Li Qiye. She was busy. At this time, she posed as a slave. When Li Qiye finished washing, the woodcutter of Nanshan came to pay his respects early. You're just in time. Li Qiye took one look at Nanshan Qiaozi, smiled, and said slowly, "I haven't seen you these days, but now you've come out again." "Oh, oh, oh.". "The woodcutter of Nanshan gave a dry laugh, took a puff of dry smoke, and said with a dry smile," Your Majesty's divine power is invincible. It suppresses nine days and ten places. The small way is shallow. You can only hide at the foot of the table and tremble. There is no face to come out to see Your Majesty. You can't bear Your Majesty's invincible divine power. " "All right, that's enough flattery." Li Qiye waved his hand, but he didn't care. He said lightly, "If you have anything, just say it." The woodcutter of Nanshan rubbed his hands, gave a dry laugh, and said, "Your Majesty is unparalleled in the world. He is the first person to come out alive from the prehistoric prison. He is small and ignorant, so he wants to hear about Your Majesty's magical experience in the prehistoric prison." "Don't play with your crooked intestines. Just come straight to the point." Li Qiye glanced at him and said lightly, "You have been talking about the topic for most of the day. You just want to know about the so-called longevity." "Your Majesty is wise, your Majesty is wise." The woodcutter of Nanshan gave a dry laugh and said, "The younger one is shallow, so I want to gain some knowledge. Please ask Your Majesty to give me some advice. The younger one will listen to Your Majesty's teachings." "Don't be so literary with me." Li Qiye shook his head with a smile and said, "All right, I'll treat you well if you're an old man.". "I'm afraid you've been thinking about the longevity of Hong Huang Tian Lao all your life. Like Emperor Taiqing, you don't give up." "The ants are greedy and laugh at your majesty." The woodcutter of Nanshan gave a dry laugh. Before that, every day he would face the prehistoric prison to swallow the evil spirit and practice the great way. What he explored and realized was longevity. He also wanted to see some of the mysteries in the prehistoric prison. Of course, Nanshan Qiaozi, as a powerful existence, wants to live forever, which is nothing to be ashamed of. For ages,white marble mosaic, who does not want to live forever, from the true emperor to the first ancestor, which existence does not want to live forever? Who has not sought immortality? Even the most invincible and amazing ancestor once wanted to live forever. I'll be extra merciful and show you. Li Qiye smiled faintly and took out the black mud and showed it to the woodcutter in Nanshan. forustone.com