The naked and the dead

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The naked and the deadThe naked and the deadThe naked and the deadThe naked and the dead

"What is that?" Riches said with a giggle. The smile seemed to come from a very distant corner of his heart. He didn't know what he was laughing at. Probably because it's a little awkward. He and Goldstein were too tired to talk to each other all the way, but even so, he took Goldstein as the leader, even though he knew the way. Riches knew the way and never gave advice; he felt, out of habit, that Goldstein should decide everything. But Goldstein was now face to the ground, about ten yards away, and almost unconscious. Riches shook his head and thought, "He's too tired. Don't bother him.". However, it seems a little unreasonable not to let people drink water, right? What's the matter with a drink of water, he thought to himself. But Goldstein is a scholar. Riches hesitated, fearing that there was such a rule in the vast and mysterious book, and that he should not commit a taboo. But Riches thought,Porcelain Marble Slabs, "Dad always says to give the sick a lot of water or something.". Unfortunately, he can't remember. So he asked hesitantly, "What do you think, man?" "Please give me some water to drink. I'm burning all over." Riches can only shake his head again. Wilson has had a lot of sins in his life, and now he has a taste of hellfire. Riches could not help feeling a little awestruck. When a person goes to God with all his sins, of course,Pietra Gray Marble, he will be severely punished by God. But then Riches thought, Christ died for poor sinners. It is a sin to have no forgiveness for others. Then Richs sighed and said, "Drink if you want, I see." He slipped out his canteen and glanced at Goldstein again. He didn't want to be scolded by Goldstein. Here, drink it all. Wilson drank from the canteen, splashing water from his mouth, trickling down his chin, and soaking his shirt collar. Hey, good guy! He drank so much that the monkey was so anxious that it grunted in his throat. You're a good boy. He drank and said, but he choked on a mouthful of water and coughed loudly. After coughing, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Marble Projects, he nervously and secretly wiped the blood on his chin with his hand. Riches saw that he had missed a drop. He watched as the drop of blood slowly melted on Wilson's moist cheeks and gradually melted into a deeper and deeper blush. Do you think I can do it? Wilson asked him. Where is it? Riches winced as the words came out of his mouth. He had heard a preacher preach that people in "hellfire" had to struggle by all means. Remember at that time that priest still says again: "This is absolutely cannot escape.". A guilty man will never escape. So what he said was a lie, but he said it again. "Of course you'll be all right, Wilson." "I think so, too." Goldstein put his arms on the ground and slowly raised himself. He was eager to lie there and never get up again. "It's time for us to go," he said reluctantly. So the two men put the rope into their necks again, lifted the stretcher and rushed forward. You two are really good people, and there is no place to find a better person than you. The words put them to shame. They had just started on the road again, and the pain of starting was still torturing them, and they were hating him to death. It's nothing. Goldstein said. No, I'm speaking from the heart. There's no other pair of good people like you in our platoon. Then he was silent, and the two of them went on their way in a trance. Wilson was unconscious for a long time before he came to himself again. The wound began to hurt, and the pain made him cry out again, and in the midst of it he gave them a scolding. Now Riches was more upset than Goldstein. He had not given much thought to the sufferings of this long journey; he had always thought that such a thing was very common, and that it might be harder than the work he had done before, but he had learned from his childhood that it was not enough to be lazy and clever to know that a day's life requires most of the day's work. The work is not satisfactory, and it takes a lot of effort, so there is no way. If you send this job, you have to do this job. But now, for the first time, he hated the job from the bottom of his heart. Maybe he has too much "fatigue" in his body, or maybe the fatigue accumulated in his bones has broken down and spread, disrupting his brain tissue, in short, he is now very resentful of this job. He suddenly realized that it was really hard to do farm work in his hometown, and that he had never liked this kind of life, which was always struggling with a poor wasteland for years! The turn was too wide. He couldn't stand it. He had to go back. Fortunately, it is not difficult to return. He was not in the habit of deliberating over and over again when he encountered problems, not to mention that his brain was dull and exhausted at the moment, and he could not think about it. The flash he had just made was like a bomb exploding in his mind, shaking many of the original rules, but the smoke of gunpowder soon dissipated, and now, in his anxiety, he seemed only vaguely aware of some debris in front of him,Agate Slabs Countertops, and some changes had taken place. After a while, all that was left was some discomfort. He only knew that he had had a guilty thought, but he had no time to think about what was going on. His mind was on the stretcher again.