The villain Demon always wants to strangle me by hanging stars.

The villain Demon always wants to strangle me by hanging stars.The villain Demon always wants to strangle me by hanging stars.

Yunxiao decided to refine the last bottle of the best tonic elixir for free, which can always be worthy of the heart to concentrate on practice. As for what will happen after the golden elixir, Yunxiao can't think so far for the time being. As far as she knows, it's not bad to be able to make an elixir in Tianxuanzong. Seven days later, Lord Demon found a bottle of elixir in front of the door of the training room. He picked it up, opened the bottle, smelled it and figured out the cause and effect. She was much wiser than before, as if she had suddenly given birth to an exquisite heart. Lord Demon Zun thought so, but his jaw tightened slightly, as if he had drawn a clear line of gratitude, oh! One day is the cloud demon, For the rest of my life. After Yunxiao refined the elixir in the middle of the night yesterday, he couldn't wait to practice the first style of "Painting Spring Mountain". This style seems to be light and harmless, but it has great connotation. It contains nine kinds of changes, and she can use the first one. Yunxiao wielded his sword thousands of times in the middle of the night, and his right arm could not completely relieve the pain after being nourished by Reiki until the sun rose in the east. She put the elixir at the door of Lou Zhiyue. It was important to practice the sword, but the wounded should also visit him, so that he wouldn't leave any more hidden wounds. Cloud laughed to eat a tonic elixir to supplement the spirit, and then let the clouded leopard as a mount, called out the sword to play. After the foundation of the flying sword is built, it can be used. When the time comes, it will be pleasant to think about it. Younger martial sister, your clouded leopard is really beautiful. I don't know where it came from. Someone asked. The cloud smiled and looked at the pretty girl with a hawk crouching on her shoulder. She was sealed with a jade waist. She was a disciple of the Royal Beast Peak. The girl's question was really abrupt,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and Yunxiao didn't like such a familiar person. But the girl could not say that it was the sister of Little Feather. She nodded and said, "It's from my friend." The girl's name was Ouyang Qing. "Friend," she said sarcastically, "is it Feng Qingyu?" There are so many clouded leopards in the Hall of Gathering Animals, but only this one has a circle of red hair under its neck. It looks like a leopard and a lion. So what? The cloud smiled and frowned. How did she and Feng Qingyu close the others. Ouyang Qing sneered, "He was seriously injured by this spirit beast. How dare you show off!" Little fool Serious injury? The cloud smiled with a sudden burst in the heart. Many details that have been neglected come to mind little by little. On the day she went to Yongzhou, Little Feather did not come to see her off as agreed. When she came back, she went to the Royal Beast Peak. The clouded leopard was also very afraid of him. Cloud smile can see the timidity of the black clouded leopard, with those Xiuzhen novels read in previous lives, at that time only did not care to attribute it to the level of suppression of the spirit beast by the Phoenix blood. Now that I think about it, she was so careless that she boasted that she had taken good care of the teenager. The clouded leopard felt that the girl who blocked her master's way was not good, ultrasonic handheld welder ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and stared at her warily and fiercely. The falcon on Ouyang Qing's shoulder was in the second order, with its wings half-spread tit-for-tat. The cloud smiled and patted the back of the leopard and looked at Ouyang Qing. "What else do you know?" Looking up, she always felt that she had lowered her head. Ouyang Qing raised her jaw slightly: "If you want to know, please beg me!" Cloud smile eyes slightly heavy, should be white and soft face suddenly more than a different kind of sharp. "Can't I find out from Feng Qingyu?" She asked? If you want me to beg you, ask my sword if it will! No one has ever dared to speak to himself like that! Ouyang Qing's face turned blue and white, his eyes turned around on Yunxiao Lingjian and Lingshou, and he suppressed his temper again. Feng Qingyu has always said nothing to himself, but unexpectedly, the spirit beast who tried desperately to subdue him sent the nun in front of him. If the two of them were allowed to talk about their love through this matter, there would be no room for them to get involved. There was a dispute in her heart, and Ouyang Qing's charming face turned into anger. She held the falcon on her shoulder in her arms and stroked it gently. "It's just a joke. Why should this Younger Martial Sister get angry? I'm very familiar with Qingyu. I know everything about him very well." After a pause, Ouyang Qing said demurely, "Yuyang Feng Ouyang Qing, Yuyang Zhenjun is my father." Tianxuanzong has a great heritage. Except for the Five Peaks and Three Halls, all the disciples who have reached the age of yuan Ying can be promoted to the position of sect elder. The higher the monk cultivated, the more difficult it was for him to have children. He was born the daughter of the elder in the door. Ouyang Qing said that it was not too much to say that his father Yuyang Zhenjun had eyeballs. She wants the wind to get the wind to get the rain, now the most vexing thing is only to Feng Qingyu surprised one side, but always can not get his favor. However, Ouyang Qing knew that all this was only temporary. What if the girl in front of her has a slightly stronger appearance than herself? If she were a governor, she would know that the monk yuan Ying could not be provoked. "Ziyun Peak is walking and Qiyun is smiling. Thank you, Elder Martial Sister." The cloud smiles calmly and the fox pretends to be a tiger. Her master Qingfeng Zhenjun is a rare nine-grade elixir master, who is aloof in the whole clan and even in the realm of cultivation. His close disciples are not necessarily worse than the children of an ordinary yuan Ying monk. Yunxiao's face was as usual, but in his heart he said that Ouyang Qing had changed from rage to anger in an instant, and his scheming was evident. Also, Ouyang Qing hinted that she had a close relationship with Little Feather, didn't she? What's the misunderstanding? As far as Yunxiao was concerned, it was only a matter of time before a young man like Xiaoyu, who had a good temper and a good appearance, won the admiration of the girl's family. But in front of this seems not to be a lover, really want to break her an old mother's heart, have to ask a good question. Ouyang Qing's original smile stiffened: "Ziyun Peak Line Seven, the extremely picky Qingfeng Shibo has accepted his disciples?"? She went to Liuzhou with Elder Martial Brother Chen some time ago, but she didn't know.. Ouyang Qing instantly put away the contempt for Yunxiao. She talked in detail about the hardships of Feng Qingyu's subjugation of the spirit beast, and "sincerely" suggested, "Younger Martial Sister Yun, Qingyu has been in seclusion recently and has not seen outsiders. If you are good for him, you'd better come back in a few days." Cloud smile can be in Lou Zhiyue's rage for a period of time in the past,ultrasonic generator driver, even if it can not become a drama, but it is also very perfunctory outsiders. There was a thin layer of gratitude on her face: "What Elder Martial Sister Ouyang said is that I always feel uneasy when I don't see him." Ouyang Qing wanted to persuade again, but Yunxiao didn't change his mind. She wanted to hear the little feather say that she had turned against him and dared to risk her life! Ouyang Qing heart secretly hate but no way.