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Mermaid is very cute.Mermaid is very cute.Mermaid is very cute.Mermaid is very cute.

How come he doesn't even know about this guy? Lu stiffly withdrew his gaze from the familiar handsome face in the gaze of all the guests with all kinds of emotions, saying, ".." Probably. What I think is-this coincidence. She's not dreaming, is she? How can there be such a coincidence?! Have something to do At the banquet. Her Royal Highness and the throne really have a tacit understanding, the same golden color of the two not only hold up, but also very commensurate with it. A coquettish woman dressed in red covered her lips with a smile and joked. This "commensurate" two words, also do not know to say is the person called clothes, or the person called people. At the banquet, the eyes of all the people gathered and echoed with laughter. Yeah, yeah, I was surprised when I saw it. "I didn't think so before, but it's true to mention it." …… He is the Prime Minister of the Demon Clan in the West Sea. Lu nodded thoughtfully as he listened to the three princes' quiet explanation, which was covered by a cup. I seem to have a little impression. But-what's it to her? But now that people have opened their mouths, naturally they have to answer. So Lu looked straight at the woman with a pair of clear blue eyes and a serious face. "Thank you for your praise.". "Brother Sanwang is also dressed in gold, but it's just a coincidence." The coquettish woman was stunned and turned to look at the smiling three princes beside Lu. Only then did she realize that the very handsome mermaid prince was also wearing a light gold dress. However, the color is still different by more than one degree. She bent her lips,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, "It's just a coincidence that it's fate. I don't know what your opinion is?" As he spoke, he smiled and looked at the highest seat that the snake clan responsible for decorating the venue had hastily added a few hours ago. The young man with golden eyes was holding a cup, and the phoenix eyes were half closed, not knowing what he was thinking about. He raised his eyes and laughed, ".." Oh Then he looked lazily at the little mermaid, who was pursing his lips and secretly nervous, and raised his eyebrows and said,24v Gear Motor, "Doesn't the princess think.." Is it better to use the word "match" than "coincidence"? Lu: "What? What?" She was stupefied, looked at the young man who was looking at her with a smile, and frowned. Speak so directly? Is that what she understands? What is he doing? Where is the place to joke in this public? The coquettish woman looked at Qi Fuzhang, and glanced at the mermaid princess who seemed to be still unknown so did not react too much, and could not help feeling that his Highness was really raised to be ignorant of the world. The mermaid royal family is really willing to let her out. I'm not afraid that the one at the top will directly and unceremoniously swallow the little royal Highness alive. Indeed, indeed, you two. The clothes, indeed, match very well. One sea clan sees mermaid princess does not respond tardy, afraid Qi Fuzhang is not happy, then crustily skin of head gives a simple laugh. Qi Fuzhang glanced at him slowly and did not make a sound. Those who don't know think it's a set. Feeling guilty, brushless gear motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, he thought about it and added awkwardly. Weren't you talking about entertainment? Why is the atmosphere so wrong now? "Or how can it be fate?" Qi Fuzhang finally withdrew his line of sight and repeated the previous woman's words meaningfully. The third prince twisted his eyebrows, raised his hand to press Lu's shoulder, stopped her next words, and said with a smile, "Your honor is really predestined with us.". But a rare celebration, why stick to a simple dress, it is better to talk about other topics? It's better to be happy alone than to be happy together. Although I do not know why this rare birth of the Dragon Clan is so interested in their own small six. Anyway, it's not good to keep talking about this topic. The third prince's intuition told him that the golden dragon was afraid that he had no good idea. And his target, obviously, is Xiao Liu. Speaking of it, it seems that I haven't seen the little childe of the She clan. The coquettish woman smiled and changed the subject. The left and right goals have also been achieved. Yes, strange, I remember the young childe seems to have a good time with your Highness. The sea people who had spoken out before did not think much about it, but directly turned the topic to Lu. Lu pulled the corners of his mouth and could hardly laugh. No, it's your delusion. Why does everyone seem to be targeting her today? The head of the She clan suddenly saw himself watching the play. He coughed lightly and explained vaguely, "The child has something to do." Qi Fuzhang took a sip of wine. It's just something. Snatch the little mermaid with him, and you can't cure the water snake that's just a little bigger. The author has something to say: I'm very busy recently, and I'm not in any state. It seems that I can't find my love for novels. It may be changed to daily update, alternate day, irregular time qwq. Quietly thanks to the little cutie who has been chasing until now, otherwise the author may have abandoned the pit long ago. , reservation "Well, that's a pity." The sea clan sighed with true feelings and raised a glass of wine, "This celebration is held by the East China Sea, and there is a chief of the Lao She clan." She clan patriarch smiled back a glass of wine, "where where, all should be." As he spoke, he took another look at the Golden Eye Dragon Clan who was drinking, pretended to cough, and said, "And we are all doing things on behalf of each other. It would be better if we could satisfy all of you and all of the Sea Clan Demons." As for this credit. Although it is true that the East China Sea has always been managed by the snake clan, the ownership of the East China Sea has always belonged to the dragon clan. Now the Lord is still sitting on the side, this praise and flattery, he really dare not respond. The sea clan was stupefied and glanced at Qi Fuzhang out of the corner of his eye. Seeing that he had no reaction, he laughed twice. "What the patriarch said is, what he said is." "That seat-" he was slightly embarrassed, but he still tried to save it. Qi Fuzhang looked at the past and smiled indifferently. His golden phoenix eyes were slightly curved. "Don't be restrained." He picked up the cup of wine and gestured to the people who were thinking of each other. "It's just that I happen to have time to join in the fun. If I disturb your interest, it's a sin." Naturally,Low Rpm Electric Motor, they denied it again and again, and at the same time, they raised their glasses with laughter in return. How come? Your Highness is willing to come. It's too late for me to be happy. "It's good to have a lot of excitement." 。