The blue sky of online games

The blue sky of online gamesThe blue sky of online gamesThe blue sky of online gamesThe blue sky of online games

"Of course I don't know if you don't tell me. How do I know what your token is used for? But thank you. Is your token also useful for other temples?" Unexpectedly, these goddess temples are still protected by taboo magic, and ordinary people can't get in. No wonder no one knows how I asked before. Of course, or I won't give it to you. Jin Mingmei, the goddess of redemption, put on a look of not talking to you. She doesn't want to talk to me. I don't want to talk to her yet. Now the task of testing the seven goddesses has failed. Then my task is to find the Dragon Soul Stone and some other miscellaneous tasks. Of course, there is that terrorist action. I don't know how many days I stayed in that task space. What's the situation outside? All right, I'll go first and come back to see you another day. I took a look at the goddess of redemption Jin Mingmei, and saw that she ignored me. I didn't say much. I took out the wheel of space and sent it directly away from the Thunder Island. Anyway, it had been marked. If you want to come back later, you can fly back directly. I don't know if the forbidden magic mentioned by the goddess of redemption Jin Mingmei is effective for the transmission of the wheel of space. After leaving Leihuang Island, I was still in the mainland of East Timor, but at this time the mainland of East Timor can be said to be everywhere, if I did not change the appearance of the equipment in advance, I am afraid that they will be found as soon as they appear, I do not know if these people are idle, wandering around. Ignoring those idlers, I opened the map to confirm the direction, and then I headed for a relatively large player city in the mainland of East Timor, which was relatively close to me. My task was still to destroy so many frozen bombs on my body,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, which was wasted. From time to time in the wild to see East Timorese players, but in this city, but did not see many players, but more guards, in addition to those on the wall, in the city also a lot more, it seems that East Timorese players are scared by my frozen bombs. I sneaked into the city with a frozen bomb. Because the guards on the wall were not very high, I sneaked in directly from the gate. Even if they found me,Gear Reduction Motor, they could not find out who I was. So I could say that I swaggered in. Occasionally, one or two senior guards were avoided by me in advance. After entering the city, there is nothing to go around, because most of the players have gone outside the city, and now there are only a small number of players left in the city. However, since they have entered the city, it seems unreasonable not to destroy it. Since they have not been able to kill the players, they can also level the city. So I walked slowly to the castellan mansion of the city, and later I just used a small bomb, or directly destroyed the order to build the city and took it as my own. But things were not as simple as I imagined. When I approached the castellan mansion, a large number of advanced players suddenly poured out from all around, and a large number of advanced players, and my changes were immediately restored by them. Sky Blue Shenmue, see where you run from this time. The warrior with two swords named Strange came out of the castellan's mansion, Micro Gear Motor ,small geared motors, and this time his immediate superior was not seen. Hey, hey, do I have to run? As long as there is no monster above the super God beast level, I don't have to run, and these East Timorese players can't do anything about me, but my frozen bomb is hard to use for a while, otherwise it will blow itself up. It's better not to run. Go! Strange also did not say much to me, directly rushed up first, but the two swords in his hands were changed, replaced by better ones, I learned through snooping that it was a super-artifact weapon, and it was a pair. Double break evil! He waved the two swords in his hand, and every time he waved them, he would bring out a sword light. The sword in his left hand was black light, and the sword in his other hand was blue light. The two kinds of sword light, one black and one blue, came to me in all directions. Optimus Shield! I held up a huge magic shield and then took out the feather of the ancient sky from the storage space. 'Pa Bar ~ Pa bar ~ 'The strange sword light actually penetrated my shield directly, and then hit me, but fortunately his attack was not particularly strong, and the attributes of my equipment were relatively high, and the world of gods also played a complete chance to resist the attack, in a dozen consecutive attacks, I only dropped a few thousand points of life value. I only lost a fraction of my total health, and then attacks from other players around me followed, but my Optimus Shield was still there, helping me block a lot of attacks. Hey, hey, it's my turn, furious thunder! As soon as the thunder came out, the sky began to change color, and then the East Timorese players became more crazy. They didn't know if they could withstand the attack of the thunder. They could only hope to kill me as soon as possible. But am I so easy to kill? No, the attacks of those East Timorese players are basically blocked by my Optimus Shield. Occasionally, some attacks hit me without much effect. The same is true of those advanced attacks, and my attacks are more than the same. Inferno! Afterimage separation! Summon the doppelganger! At the same time of the launch of the Hades Fire, my doppelgangers all ran out, and then my army of familiars. Calling them out was mainly to attract experience. Now there was only one God of death left. Although there were only a few other ordinary summoned beasts, they were all summoned by me, and then a city offensive and defensive battle began. With the fall of the violent thunder, my attack was completely launched, instantly picked up a number of East Timorese players, and strange is being entangled by the God of death, the distance from death is not far away, I am too lazy to care, directly with the twelve zodiac rushed into the castellan mansion, guarding in the castellan mansion more than a dozen senior was cleared before long,Small Dc Gear Motor, the rest is the twelve zodiac to destroy the city. And I rushed out again, ready to sweep the city shops. Squeak! At that moment, a huge strange sound suddenly came from the sky. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 261 a two-headed dove.