I won't talk about you any more

I won't talk about you any moreI won't talk about you any moreI won't talk about you any moreI won't talk about you any more

"Am I not a good man?" Chu He rubbed Qin Huanhuan's head in a funny way. Uh If it's not so wordy, it's probably a good man. Qin Huanhuan's eyes rolled around and said. Chu He couldn't help laughing and crying in an instant. Since Qin Huanhuan was pregnant, he did often talk about asking her to pay attention to this and that, which would have annoyed him in her little heart. You, you! Chu He nodded Qin Huanhuan's forehead with a smile and said, "Give birth to my good daughter quickly. I won't talk about you any more." "No." Qin Huanhuan curled her lips and said, "If I really give birth to a daughter, my mother will definitely want a grandson. Don't I still have to give birth?"? Don't you have to talk about me when you're born? As soon as Qin Huanhuan's words came out, Chu He smiled. Yes. If she really gave birth to a daughter, his mother would definitely want Qin Huanhuan to have another one. And if Qin Huanhuan gave birth to a boy, he felt a little aggrieved. It is inevitable that she will want to have another daughter. Yes, yes, yes, it's my fault. Chu He thought about it and could only accept his fate. Not a good man. Not a good man. Anyway He knew that in Qin Huanhuan's heart, he was already a good man. Otherwise, she a daughter big young lady still can see him such want what nothing man? "All right, don't look at it. You do it and take a break. I'll put the account book away and let's go." Chu He said. You're not watching? Qin Huanhuan asked. There's a leprechaun here. How can I watch it? Chu He smiled. As long as Qin Huanhuan is here, his mind falls on her, where can he see it? When Qin Huanhuan heard this, he stuck out his tongue and said, "In that case, I'll have to harm you." With that, Qin Huanhuan raised her eyebrows and said,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, "Hurry up and clean up!"! If you don't go, your leprechaun will be angry! Chu He hurriedly packed up his things and pulled Qin Huanhuan down the stairs sweetly. Waiter saw this and opened his mouth several times, hesitating to remind Chu of his late appointment. It was not until Chu He and Qin Huanhuan were about to leave the shop that Chu He turned to the waiter and asked him to tell the young master that he would accompany his daughter-in-law today and talk to him another day. Waiter:.. Some young master:.. Qin Huanhuan asked twice, after confirming that it really didn't matter if Chu He didn't go, he happily followed Chu He to the street. Although only two months did not come to the street for a walk, Qin Huanhuan seemed to have not come for two years, happy to look in front of this booth, that booth around, Chu He watched Qin Huanhuan run here for a while, run there for a while, worried to no good, to the end can only firmly hold Qin Huanhuan's hand, Vending Machine Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, always walk with her. Hand in hand in the street. This kind of thing is quite eye-catching. Everyone's eyes could not help but fall on Qin Huanhuan and Chu He. Then They found.. Isn't this the rumor of Chu He? The one beside him. Is it his wife who never leaves his mouth? "Let go, everyone is watching." Qin Huanhuan said a little uncomfortably. When Chu He heard this, he laughed and said proudly, "Don't let go. I'm close to my daughter-in-law. What does it matter to them?" Ben is from Chapter 2874 the wife of the official lady of the mountain hunter 57. Qin Huanhuan:.. In terms of shamelessness, Chu He is definitely the first. Later, Chu He pulled Qin Huanhuan even more proudly and went to other stalls together. His daughter-in-law was so elegant and beautiful that he wished everyone knew that this was the wife he talked about every day! After thinking about it, Chu He looked at Qin Huanhuan again. It's so beautiful. Chu He has been completely reduced to a Yan dog. But also Qin Huanhuan's exclusive face dog. No matter how beautiful other women are, they can't get into his eyes, only Qin Huanhuan, no matter what he does, is so beautiful in his eyes. Qin Huanhuan was Chu He to see some uncomfortable, can only coquettishly glanced at him, and then went to the pastry shop, intending to buy some cakes to take back. In the days that followed, Chu He would spare time to accompany Qin Huanhuan to the street almost every few days, so that every time people on the street saw Qin Huanhuan and Chu He, they would say hello. The whole street knows both of them. In a twinkling of an eye, Qin Huanhuan was already approaching the day of her birth. Chu He and Chu's mother accompanied Qin Huanhuan almost all the time, for fear of missing any change in her. Although Chu He had not eaten meat for a year, he was still as good as before to Qin Huanhuan. Even if there was a great temptation, he was not moved at all and firmly guarded his body for Qin Huanhuan. Finally. One morning, as soon as Chu He left home and arrived at the shop, Qin Huanhuan's stomach started. Looking for the midwife to find the midwife, inform Chu He to inform Chu He, the family instantly left only Qin Huanhuan and Chu mother. Mother Chu took Qin Huanhuan's hand and wiped Qin Huanhuan's sweat from time to time. She is also a person who has given birth to a child, and naturally knows how painful it is to give birth to a child. Bear with it, bear with it, it will soon be over. "Mother Chu pitied the tunnel." Mother.. Qin Huanhuan gave a cry, his voice trembling slightly. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Mother Chu clapped Qin Huanhuan's hand and asked, "Do you need me to call the in-laws over?" "No." Mother. Qin Huanhuan gritted his teeth and said. According to the strength of Qin's father and mother, if you hear her shouting here, it is estimated that she has not cried yet, Qin's father and mother will cry. When Chu's mother saw this, she could only silently encourage Qin Huanhuan and secretly hoped that the midwife would come quickly. After hearing the servant girl's words, Chu He turned around and ran away again, leaving the servant girl standing there speechless and looking at the sky. She had already thought that Chu He would react in this way, and when she stood at the door, she shouted at the room so that she would not be left alone later. Who knows,micro gear motor, Chu He's reaction will be so fast!!! As soon as she said it, her ladyship had a belly. At that time, Chu He had already turned around and ran home. ichgearmotor.com