Bigotry Likes -- Cup Night

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Bigotry Likes -- Cup NightBigotry Likes -- Cup NightBigotry Likes -- Cup NightBigotry Likes -- Cup Night

Ruan Xintang said calmly, "Didn't General Manager Jing ask me if he had tasted it that day?"? My answer is that your skills are not as good as his. In the darkness, she could not read his mind through his look. But she could imagine roughly what he looked like at the moment. A deep and cold face was frighteningly gloomy, and her dark eyes were heavy, as if they could skin and bone her at any time. To Ruan Xintang's surprise, Jing Nanyi's reaction was very indifferent, and he only gave a "hmm". Ruan Xintang thought with some frustration that it was not easy to catch an opportunity to make him angry with her, but he did not seem to care. Passed a little while, Jing Nanyi asks without tone: "So why can you break up with him?" "What does this have to do with you?" Said Ruan Xintang lightly. Jing Nanyi put his forehead against hers and asked softly, "Do you still like him?" The man's burning breath sprayed on the tip of her nose, like the whisper of a lover's whispering. Ruan Xintang did not answer. He gave a gentle laugh. "Don't dream. With me, you will never get together again in your life." Three years ago, in addition to the old man's protection, another factor was that at that time his personal ability was not enough to control these things. But now it was different, and he wanted to see who would dare to come and get his hands on it. At the moment when the light came on, Jing Nanyi bent over and kissed her lips,x52 line pipe, "Happy New Year, Miss Ruan." Years later, Ruan Xintang took over a new drama under the arrangement of Jian Wen, the heroine of the unit drama. Jane Wen: "Director Zhang is very satisfied with the audition. If you have a good cooperation, you will definitely have a chance in his next big production." The schedule starts on June 27, just after Ruan Xintang finishes shooting Lime, which lasts for a month. The next big production? "The content production plan announced by Dongchen Film Industry is that the only TV series at present is Director Zhang's Scarlet,347 stainless steel, which is expected to start shooting by the end of the year." Ruan Xintang looked confused: "Dongchen Film Industry?"? Wang Sinan? Jane Wen burst out laughing. "I know what you're worried about. Although we don't deal with General Manager Wei and General Manager Xiao Wang of Dongchen Film, we still have business contacts at ordinary times.". You can rest assured that General Manager Wei won't do anything to you just because you take over the play invested by Dongchen Film Industry one day. Ruan Xin Tang heart flashed a trace of suspicion, but did not tangle too much on this. Business is complex, not to mention the misty entertainment industry, it is impossible for Lewei Media and Dongchen Film Industry not to have any disputes. She lowered her head and thought a little. "Sister Jane Wen," she said solemnly, "I want to make something clear in advance. I do not accept the play invested by Xingsheng Entertainment, nor do I accept the announcement of related activities. Ruan Xintang and Jing Nanyi, the CEO of Xingsheng Entertainment, Wei Zhiyue did not hide it from Jane Wen. Besides, Jane Wen has long heard about the ban. But she only knew that Jing Nanyi and Ruan Xintang had enmity, uns s32750 sheet ,uns s32760 plate, and the details were not clear. Although Jane Wen has been working for a short time, he has always been a man of discretion. So she did not ask curiously at the moment, but agreed with a smile: "OK, I will pay attention." Ruan Xintang has classes in the afternoon, Jane Wen drives her to school, "Next week will be into the group, you do not ask for two more days off to rest first?" Ruan Xintang bent his lips and smiled, "I haven't been tired recently." In recent days, she has recited the script of Lime over and over several times, and her notes and biographies are very meticulous. Jane Wen parked the car at the southeast main entrance of the drama school and said with a smile, "I'll see you next week." Ruan Xintang came earlier, and she arrived at the dance studio as usual. The afternoon class starts at 1:15, and she still has an hour of free time to practice her basic skills. As soon as Ruan Xintang changed his exercise clothes and came out, a girl ran in and shouted, "Sister Ruan, Teacher Ling asked you to go to the office." Ruan Xintang did not expect Fu Yinman to come. The elegant woman sat in the chair, frowning slightly between her delicate eyebrows similar to Ruan Xintang's. Ruan Xintang closed the door of the office and stepped forward with some joy and nervousness. "Mom, Aunt Pei." Fu Yinman nodded slightly, "have you signed the company?" Ruan Xintang stood in front of her cleverly and nodded, "I signed it in December last year, and I will join the group to shoot next week." Yes, I heard. "Fu Yinman picked up his cell phone and made a phone call in front of Ruan Xintang." Hello, Ah Yi. " Ruan Xintang's pupils suddenly contracted. Fu Yinman's voice is no longer cold when talking to her, gentle and kind a lot: "I am in Star City today, do you have time in the evening?"? Shall we have a meal together? Until Fu Yinman ended the call, Ruan Xintang was still frozen in place and could not come to his senses. Fu Yinman raised his eyes and restored his cold and arrogant state. "I don't need to say more, do I?" Ruan Xintang secretly clenched his fists and his voice cooled down: "I'm not going." Ling Pei turned and left the office to their mother and daughter. The sound of closing the door is crisp and thin. Fu Yinman picked up the newly brewed teacup at hand and took a graceful sip. "I'm not here to ask your advice, Ruan Xintang." Ruan Xintang thought it was funny. "Is that what you came to say to me?" The moment I saw Fu Yinman when I entered the door, the joy that rose from the bottom of my heart was washed away after all. As soon as Ruan Xintang sat down on the bench next to her, she couldn't help but say sarcastically, "Mrs. Duan doesn't do SPA and doesn't go shopping. She flew all the way to Star City. So she came here specially to sell her daughter?"? I'm curious, is it because you are deeply in love with Uncle Duan, or because you are afraid of sitting on the throne of Mrs. Duan? Fu Yinman put down his teacup and frowned slightly. "I don't want to quarrel with you." "But I want to." Ruan Xintang looked at Fu Yinman with a smile, just like a rebellious little girl with thorns all over her body. Fu Yinman grabbed her eyes, noble and cool face impeccable, "Ruan Xintang, these years I have taught you to look like this?" Fu Yinman proudly raised his chin slightly and continued, "I'm sitting very firmly in Mrs. Duan's position. You don't have to worry about it.". But you,x70 line pipe, Jing Nanyi's matter you give me to handle as soon as possible, do not implicate the Duan family because of your willfulness. Fu Yinman's love is as deep as the sea. For Ruan Xintang, it is undoubtedly cold and cruel.