Under the Hengmen Gate

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Under the Hengmen GateUnder the Hengmen GateUnder the Hengmen GateUnder the Hengmen Gate

Just looking at the gate of the mansion, Dadu Hufu is indeed magnificent and beautiful, and the words on the plaque are vigorous and powerful, which should come from the calligraphy of Langya Yan. He knew a thing or two about Futing, for example, when he got married, he knew that his parents had died at an early age. Not surprisingly, when I went in, I found it was deserted. This is generally the case when there are no elders and masters in the house. She is not a stranger, because Guang Wang Fu is almost the same. The front is the place to deal with official business, did not hold the lamp, also did not see any servant, by Luo Xiaoyi into the door from the guard soldier hand conveniently took a torch in front of the road. After arriving at the back house, I saw several servants standing with their hands down, lighting up the lights in the courtyard. Luo Xiaoyi could not go in again. He handed the torch to a servant and said goodbye. Can Dadu Hu return tonight? Qi Chi suddenly asked. Luo Xiaoyi's footsteps paused for a moment, showing a knowing smile: "I will go to urge you right away." Then he hugged his fist and turned away. Qi Chi clasped his cloak with his fingers and gently covered his lips, which made him feel uncomfortable. She asked that sentence may not have the meaning of rushing to see the man, he was so once, it is all that meaning. Reached out to take Li Yan, into the back of the house, where the new dew and autumn frost have been the first step into the house, when she entered the door, just ran into them looking wrong out. Master, come and have a look. "What's the matter?" Qichi entered the door,x56 line pipe, took off his cloak, and looked around the house. Outside the window, the wind was strong, the window edges creaked, the lights were not bright enough, only one was lit, and the lighting place was simple and old. There is no gauze hanging on the couch, and the screen is mottled. Li Yan touched a Hu chair nearby and turned to look at Qi Chi. "Aunt,x60 line pipe, this place is a bit.." Shabby. Qi Chi silently took these two words in his heart, turned his head and went out, took the torch left by Luo Xiaoyi from the servant's hand, and checked all the way to the front hall. ※ The snow stopped at night and fell again at night. In the snow, a few horses snorted and gently dug the snow, without a rope, but did not run around. A hundred paces away, a cluster of fires gradually extinguished among the rocks. Futing sat on the stone, his eyes covered with wind and snow. Several people on the opposite side were so cold that they crowded around the fire, their teeth trembling. It's all his guards. He put his sword upright in the snow, took out a wine bag from his bosom, unscrewed it, poured a mouthful, and threw it over. One person took it and happily folded his fists: "Xie Daduhu!" Suddenly someone approached, and there was a creaking sound in the snow. It was Luo Xiaoyi who came. Dadu Hu is happy that his new wife has arrived today, so I will give you a drink. As soon as he got to the front, he joked and threw a big bag of dried meat to everyone. "" General Luo is the first one to have seen Mrs. Du, uns c70600 ,x52 line pipe, "said the man who took over. Luo Xiaoyi scolds in a low voice: "Fart is not, if we have not seen it, can we recognize it at a glance?" Votin sat motionless. As he spoke, Luo Xiaoyi pushed his way to him and gave him a piece of dried meat. "Don't worry, Third Brother. I've already sent you to your house." Fu Ting tore it open in his hand and looked at him. He quickly stretched out his hand to stop him. "You haven't recovered from your neck wound yet. Don't talk. Just listen to me.". It's all right. The sister-in-law of the county chief is not as bad as we thought. Reasonable, never importunate, in addition to hanging me for a long time to blow the cold wind, afraid or for her nephew. "Prince Guang." Futing suddenly spoke. Yes, yes, the little prince of Prince Guang. Hey, that kid.. Luo Xiaoyi said more and more far away. Futin put the meat in his mouth and chewed it, thinking of the day. He remembered Li Qichi's face very clearly, because on the night of marriage, when King Guang was dying, he also took a look at it. At that time, she also lowered her eyes, which was similar to the expression when he raised his chin by the tip of his sword, but there were two lines of tears less than at that time. After that, he hurried back to the north, counting up, he really hadn't seen it for a long time. He picked up the sword and spent some time looking at it for fear of being wrong. She, on the other hand, did not look at him, nor did she panic. The wine bag was passed around and returned to Fu Ting. Luo Xiaoyi pressed it and teased him, "The third elder brother is really a man of God. I've already seen his sister-in-law. She is worthy of being a member of the imperial clan." It's made of water. After you got married, you put her in Gwangju for so long. Now everyone has come to you, but you are still staying in the snow. It is reasonable to say that you should go back and embrace him long ago. Once. People who are born in the ranks and have no family status have no importance in speaking, and they are not afraid of meat and vegetables. With a low smile, he clapped his hands and said, "Look at what I said. With the ability of the third elder brother, it's impossible once. It must be several times." Fu Ting took a sip of wine, his Adam's apple rolled, the wine went into his stomach, and some heat returned to his body. He took his thumb and slowly wiped the remnants from his chin. What was that woman like? He hadn't tasted it yet. The marriage was a real climb for him, and he had never thought that one day he would be able to marry a noble daughter of the imperial clan. More unexpectedly, one day, she will suddenly come all the way. These eight prefectures and fourteen States are all desolate and bitter cold places, and now the Frontier Command is such a scene. She is an aristocratic girl, even if she comes, how long can she stay? ※ "Is this the Anbei Grand Frontier Command, which commands eight prefectures and fourteen States?" Inside the Frontier Command, Li Yan shouted incredibly, and then remembered that he didn't want to make his aunt unhappy. He beeped his cheeks and didn't say any more. In fact, which is not this feeling, new dew or autumn frost? On the way here, I thought that this house should be very beautiful, but I didn't expect that I had just walked around with the master of the house and found that it was not the case at all. It still has a broad bearing, but it is very old, and even many things can no longer be used. Qi Chi gave the torch in her hand to Xinlu and asked her to find something to erect, so that she could keep the lighting in the room. He ordered the steward of the house to be invited. It was getting late, and she estimated that she had just arrived and would be busy for a long time. She wanted to ask Mammy Wang to take her nephew to find a house to settle down first. But Li Yan where is willing to go, now this situation is unheard of,x70 line pipe, he stayed next to his aunt, two eyes wide open, very energetic. lksteelpipe.com