Oriental Jade Crescent Beauty Blade

Oriental Jade Crescent Beauty BladeOriental Jade Crescent Beauty BladeOriental Jade Crescent Beauty Blade


On that day, she was invited by the Black Clothes Sect to serve as the vice leader, and she did not feel honored, because the Black Clothes Sect was only one. The church in the underworld of Jianghu, with her name, is qualified to be their deputy leader, but today is different, the identity of the leader of the alliance. She is equal to the head of each school in Jianghu, which means that each school in Jianghu recognizes that she has the same body as the head How can this honor be compared with the title of the deputy leader of the Black Clothes Sect? Deeply moved, she stood up with tears in her eyes. She repeatedly folded her fists and said, "Masters, Tao!" Chang, Master, Feng Xiao Nu broke away from the Black Clothes Sect and went to the Wulin Alliance. She just recognized the evil and justice. She felt that today was right and yesterday was wrong. Come to atone for your sins. After following the leader of the alliance and all the Taoist Priests, I will do my duty as a Jianghu man. Taoist Priest Qingyun proposed to give Feng Xiao In the name of the female deputy leader of the alliance, Feng Xiao Nu absolutely dare not accept it. Thank you for your love and encouragement. Feng Xiao Nu is already grateful. "" Said the last sentence, two lines of tears have been flowing down the cheeks. The Taoist Priest of Ziyang in Wudang stood up slowly and said, "These words of Nvxia Feng serve to show that Qing Cao did not join the Wulin Alliance." It is for the sake of fame and wealth, but for the sake of Wulin and the world to fight evil and seek well-being, but brother Qingyun Dao's proposal is exactly for For the sake of the well-being of Wulin, Nvxia Feng is the vice leader of the Black Clothes Sect. After understanding it clearly, she turned her back on evil and joined the Wulin Alliance Yes, this is enough to make the Wulin colleagues who are still under the control of the Black Clothes Sect wake up in time and turn to Wu as the vice leader. Lin Meng can still be taken seriously by Wulin Meng. They are not the chief culprits of evil. It is no problem to vote for them. This is the best proof. Now, I advise Nvxia Feng to serve as the vice leader of the alliance,inflatable water slide, which is where you work for the Wulin Alliance, not an empty title. Nvxia Feng can't refuse any more. After listening to the words of Taoist Ziyang, everyone clapped again. Chun Shen stood up with a smile and said, "That's what the Abbot and the Taoist Priest Ziyang have said. This is also the general will of everyone, Feng." Nvxia should be brave enough to take on the responsibility. Feng Xiao Nu resolutely nodded and said, "That's what Leader Chen said. Feng Xiao Nu is more respectful than obedient. I hope it's in Leader Chen and Zhu." Under the supervision of the leader of the Taoist Priest, Feng Xiao Nu should do her best to wait for her advice. Even if she goes through fire and water, she will not refuse to die. I am here. Thank you for the encouragement and love of Leader Chen and all the Taoist priests. Say, Ying Ying bowed down. Chun Shen Jun listened to her promise,Inflatable outdoor park, naturally very happy, but the first deputy leader, said a "dead" word, can not help but dark. Dark gathered under the eyebrow. The people in the hall heard Feng Xiao Nu agree, and naturally responded with warm applause. Gu Taixi, the master of the Eight Diagrams, said, "Brother Qingyun Dao said just now that he had two proposals. I don't know what the second one is, but I'd like to invite Qingyun." Cloud Taoist tips. The Taoist Priest Qingyun stood up and said, "Yes, now that everyone has passed the first one, I will say the second one, the Black Clothes Sect." He wanted to sweep across Jianghu and annex all the major sects. It was originally started by our sect. Fortunately, the leader of the alliance led the four village athletes to come to the aid of our sect Survived, when Yan Tianji was defeated, the poor way had made an appointment with him on the Dragon Boat Festival Hengshan, Inflatable indoor park ,Jumping castle with slide, and then sent his subordinates to the big ones. The school sent Wulin Tie, and now Yan Tianji has been captured and sent back to the Shaolin Temple. Naturally, the appointment was cancelled invisibly "" With a slight pause in his voice, he said, "This time I heard that the leader of the alliance had won a great victory here, so I came here specially to congratulate him. I didn't expect that." All the Dao brothers also came to Baiyun Temple at the same time. It was a grand meeting, so I thought that since we were gathering here, the alliance was also martial arts. Lin Tongdao crusaded against the Black Clothes Sect Alliance, and naturally he had to denounce the Black Clothes Sect. Then everyone should be named to the black clothes. The church issued a denunciation, agreed on a date, and made a break. "What do you think?" As soon as he said this, everyone expressed their approval and applauded. Beggars' Sect Leader Xiang Chuanzhong said, "Taoist Priest Qingyun's proposal is perfectly justified and righteous. We not only want to denounce it." He also hoped that the people of the Black Clothes Sect would wake up and break away from the Black Clothes Sect. The article of Luo Binwang's crusade against Wu Zetian was not only recited Through the ages, it is also the forerunner of the revival of the Tang Dynasty and the inspiration of people's hearts. We also teach this skill to the Black Clothes, which is really gratifying. It's just that this big article is a matter of playing with words, and we.. Haha, my brother is a warrior. He can play with swords and sticks. So, pick up the pen, this can be very heavy, let's see who should be asked to hold the pen? Jin Zanting stood up and said, "Brother Chunhua, the leader of the alliance, Yunwen Yunwu. Brother, you'd better ask the leader of the alliance to write in person." Everyone applauded again to show their approval. Chun Shenjun stood up, folded his fists, and said with a smile, "Brother, if you don't write, you can't write a war proclamation. But brother, you don't think this war proclamation is right." We can't do it. Fortunately, we denounce the Black Clothes Sect. We not only hope that the people of the Black Clothes Sect will wake up and abandon evil and return to the right path, that is, the leader of the Black Coats Sect As long as he turns back to the shore, has a thorough understanding, disbands the Black Clothes Sect, and turns over a new leaf, he should also be allowed to abandon evil and turn to joy. Buddhists have laid down Tu. Dao, standing to become a Buddha, then you can avoid a bloody killing and robbery, isn't it better, wait for the brothers to draft, please Let's check it. Master Dinghui of Shaolin put his hands together and recited the name of the Buddha, saying, "Amitabha, the leader of the alliance has benevolence and righteousness in his heart and is kind to others." Sa has a heart, but I'm afraid the leader in black may not be willing to nod to the stone! "Let's advise him," said the Taoist Priest Qingyun. "We hope he will turn back. Even if he may not accept it, we have done our best. "" At the beginning of the night, there were several leaders sitting in the hall drinking tea and chatting, and some people went back to their rooms to rest. Since more than a dozen people came to Baiyun Temple, the bedroom and the place to sit and rest have become slightly easier, except for the hall. For the purpose of deliberation, the east wing and a row of fine houses were designated as the residences of more than ten leaders. A row of houses in the west are used as the bedrooms of Wulin colleagues. This division is to prevent people in this school from seeing how much the head wants. Be a little restrained. The east wing of the second entrance is where Chun Shenjun and other four owners of the village live,Inflatable dry slide, and the west wing is where Feng Xiaonu, Ye Jingjing, Jiang Cuiyan and Lu live. joyshineinflatables.com