Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel ParadiseHunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel ParadiseHunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise


The girl pointed to the back of the room, a secret side door: "I help you in..." Xia Ya drunk eyes hazy, reluctantly opened his eyes to look, also do not speak, struggling to stand up, but some slip at the foot, the girl in the side to support Xia Ya, and then pulled him, staggered to the inside. Side door pushed open, a faint secret corridor, the air is a smell of cotton, go to the end, a door pushed open, inside a room. There is nothing else, but only one in the middle. ※※※ "This.." Your Highness, don't listen any more. Chip had a sad face and wished he could slap himself twice. Don't talk! Poor Adeline clung to the wall, holding a glass upside down against the wall, her ear against the bottom of the glass, and listening nervously. Chip glanced at the beaded door and whispered anxiously, "Your Highness, this is not the place for you to come!"! If someone discovers your identity, my guilt is not small, I'm afraid I really have to wipe my neck to thank the crown prince. The poor fellow stuck to the cup and listened carefully to what was going on next door. The more he listened, the more his face became ugly. Suddenly he stamped his feet and said, "Ah!"! There's no sound! This ***ing bastard! Him,inflatable castle with slide, him! He's not really going to mess around. Unable to bear it, Chip stepped up behind the poor man and urged, "Your Highness, we must go back as soon as possible …" If you go back too late. I can't explain to the crown prince. He paused for a moment and added, "I've been begged by you today, and I've disobeyed the order of the crown prince to take you out quietly. You.." The wretch pressed his ear against the cup. His face grew more and more gloomy, but Chip did not listen to a word. There is only one thought in my mind: no sound! There's really no sound! This damn woodlouse. He, he didn't really go in there and do that dirty thing! Bastard! This bastard! Her face turned red, and after listening for a moment without a sound,inflatable bounce house with slide, she threw the cup angrily, then turned around and said angrily, "Uncle Chip!"! What did you just say? "I said.." We have to get out of here! I really don't understand why you have to follow that boy here, we. The poor wretch turned his thoughts several times, angry and anxious, glanced at Chip, and suddenly said, "Well.." All right, let's go! Chip was overjoyed and relieved. "That's all right!"! If we leave now, maybe we can sneak back before the crown prince finds out, um.. The wretch rolled his eyes and whispered, "It's not convenient for me to swagger out the front door like this. If I'm recognized, I'll be in trouble. Uncle Chip, you know, there are many people in the imperial capital who know me." Chip rolled his eyes and thought, "Now that I'm talking about this, why didn't I take this into account when I came in with those three guys?"? But he didn't dare to retort, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable water park factory, so he whispered, "Well.." Tell you what, please wait for me for a moment. I'll have the carriage parked at the back door, and then you can get in directly from the back so that no one will recognize you. The wretch smiled. "That's the best." Chip took two steps and suddenly felt uncomfortable. He frowned and said, "Your Highness, you can stay here.". You can't go out! In case someone recognizes it. "You can rest assured." The poor worm pretended to be calm and sighed. "I'm just curious about this place. Now it seems that it's not interesting." Chip took one look at the poor man and hesitated a little, thinking, "I'll go back quickly, and I don't think there will be any trouble.". After he went out, the poor man stood in the doorway and listened for a moment. He heard Chip go away, and then his face immediately gushed with rage. She did not know where the anger came from, but felt that if the anger in her heart could not be vented at the moment, she would be really angry to death. When I saw Shaya in the church that day, I begged Chip to send someone to inquire about Shaya's residence, and today I finally begged Chip to bring me out. Uncle Chip watched himself grow up, unable to withstand his pleading, and for a moment he relented and agreed. But he took such a big risk, ran to Xia Ya's residence, originally just want to secretly look at him twice. But did not expect, this guy, unexpectedly. Unexpectedly, they were brought to such a place by Ruhr! The anger in the poor man's heart was really greater than anything else, and in his rage, he forgot to ask himself. Why on earth are you angry. Just a vague feeling in my heart, I took such a big risk to secretly look at Xia Ya, but this bastard ran to such a place to Hu Tianhu, it is too sorry for myself! The poor man ran out of the door quickly. There was no one in the corridor. She quickly flashed into the next room. Seeing the room in disorder, the flagon and other things were thrown all over the floor, but no one was there. The poor man was anxious. Finally, he saw the inconspicuous side door in the room. He gritted his teeth and flashed in. In the long secret corridor, a door at the end was half closed, and the poor man went to the door and looked in, and immediately felt angry! ※※※ In the room, the woodlouse sprawled across the bed, mumbling vaguely that he didn't know what it was. The clothes on his chest had been unbuttoned to reveal his strong muscles. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 136 [Have you ever had me in your heart?] Chip felt like he was carrying it home today. Two drunkards entangled up, if in the past, he as the crown prince trusted lineal, martial arts naturally extraordinary, although he is not good at military strategy, but personal force does not let these army generals. It's just that this fight is really a wimp! Green and Ruhr two people are not reasonable, drunk, just a brain around the chip fierce fight, chip struggled to resist, with his strength, if one to one, naturally not afraid, but one enemy two, it is a mess, fortunately, the two drunkards drunk hand inevitably some mess, but chip, after all, know the identity of the two people, dare not lay a heavy hand, in case of injury. In the end,Inflatable outdoor park, it was all his own bad luck-he was just a confidant of the crown prince, while the other side was the backbone of the Eagle Department, which the royal family had to rely on to fight against the warlord henchmen of the military.