Sin City Black Rock

Sin City Black RockSin City Black RockSin City Black RockSin City Black RockSin City Black Rock


After this incident, my fame rose to new heights again. Chen Zhiming told me that my name had spread to the city, and many elder brothers wanted to see what I looked like. But I was lucky to meet the prince and only hurt a few brothers. He advised me never to provoke the prince again, because the prince really dares to kill people. From the fact that he stepped on one of Wu Xi's arms, we could guess that he had the intention to kill me. And why did he break Wu Xi's arm? Because we're fighting a life-and-death battle. If Wu Xi and Daxian fight, one of them must fall on both sides. It was better for the prince to break Wu Xi's arm than to be beaten harder by Daxian. If he hurts us like this, he can also give an explanation to Han Yang. After this incident. I told myself I couldn't be lazy anymore. Even if I become a big brother, I should have some skills. I was lucky that the prince didn't really touch us this time. You won't be so lucky the next time you meet such an iron plate. Or the prince's position is too high, he disdains to be with us this group of small loafers general knowledge. Really? Is he really miserable to be abused by the prince. In this war, Zhang Kun was the most seriously injured. He has five broken ribs and has been sent to the hospital. Then came Choi Jin-sil, who fell from the mountain and broke a leg. If she didn't have a background, even if she committed suicide with a knife, the prince wouldn't be tempted. In addition to them, our remaining three brothers have suffered many injuries. My injuries were also very serious, with many abrasions on my body and a knife cut on my shoulder by a pillar. His eyes were swollen like pandas, and he didn't dare to let Su Han find me at all. Honghong craftsman number. Sitting at Wang Yan's house, I looked at Cui Zhenzhen with a smile and said, "Bonzi girl, come on.". Ah. Open your mouth wide and feed you, brother! It's over. Mom will be very angry when she knows I'm fighting. What can I do? I dare not go home. Cui Zhenzhen didn't look at me at all and kept pinching a black panda in his hand. Xie Baozi just cooked his hands. Come and have a drink. If you don't drink, I'll drink. I continued to look at Cui Zhenzhen patiently, saying that she was hurt for me. Don't eat! The porridge cooked by Xie Baozi is so spicy that it tastes bad. How can people eat it? I'm annoyed now. How on earth can I hide it from my mother? "Don't you have a brother?"? Do you let your brother cheat you? He said the senior high school entrance examination was coming and you had to live in school. "Yes, yes, people can lie to their mothers like this.". Is it really good to just lie to your mother like this? "My grass, can you stop acting cute?"? Are you? I'm going to vomit when you pretend to be pure. I couldn't help but stare at Cui Zhenzhen. I have a cold. Do you think I want to? "Some words cannot say in disorder, flow out snot to be seen by you otherwise how to do?" Choi Jin-sil also gave me a hard look. Maybe his leg was broken, and Cui Zhenzhen caught a cold the next day. Her nose was stuffy and her voice was milky when she spoke. Coupled with her delicate little face, the voice of the whole of my heart straight electricity. Staring at Cui Zhenzhen again, I said angrily, inflatable amusement park , "Then you are not allowed to talk like this, the whole person is very uncomfortable." "Oh, do you like her?" Choi looked at me with a real smile. I don't like it! I'm not gay! I said grumpily. Hehe, don't like me but still care about me? Why do you care about me? "I'm your eldest brother. Aren't you going to call me Brother Wen?" "Cut, give you face to call your brother, do you think I am really afraid of you?"? So stupid, if you meet the prince, you will be killed by him. "My grass!"! I beat the pillar! Really? I won a point, too. If it wasn't for me, what would be the use of winning the last game? "Oh, isn't it because of you?"? How can you say such an irresponsible thing? Cui Zhenzhen stared at me. "I am speechless." All right, let's not talk about you. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have such a good relationship? You are a good person, otherwise who would like to work hard for you? "Well, don't act cute anymore." "Why?" It's uncomfortable. I can't stand you like this. Really, when you talk to the prince, your voice is so cheap. Do you want to hook up with him because he is handsome? You must be in love with someone else. "Cut, are you jealous?" Choi Jin-sil kicked me with his other good foot. Sitting on the Kang, her other foot was white and tender. Being kicked by her feet, I immediately felt a strange feeling in my heart. I know it's not good to think like this, but I don't know why I especially want to touch her feet. And look at her feet. They're so petite and cute. What are you two doing? Do you still want to eat? I won't cook porridge for you if I don't eat it! Wiping the black ash on his face, Xie Baozi came in from the outhouse and glared at us. Urged by Xie Baozi, I quickly fed the porridge carefully into Cui Zhenzhen's mouth. Cui really ate a mouthful and whispered to me, "It tastes terrible. Don't just feed me. Eat a little yourself." "I'll go. I won't eat the poison he made." I whispered. Hurry up, Xie Baozi will find out later. With that, Cui Zhenzhen grabbed the spoon and fed it to me. With the spoon that Cui Zhenzhen had just used, my heart was strange again. But she didn't care at all and fed me several mouthfuls while Xie Baozi was not paying attention. Then he pretended to be fed by me. Bonzi girl.. "Well?" My face was a little red, and I wanted to tell her that I had kissed indirectly. But I thought about it and didn't say anything, because I was afraid that she would be wary of me from now on. I tried to tell myself that she was a brother, and I couldn't be attracted to her. If I really had a crush on her, our relationship would never be as good as it is now. Hey.. So sleepy 。" Wang Yan on the other side also suffered a lot of injuries. He rubbed the band-aid on his face and lay on the Kang. After thinking about it, he felt the pillow was not very comfortable. He was so careless that he put his head on Cui Zhenzhen's leg. Hey,inflatable amusement park, what are you doing? Cui Zhenzhen and I shouted in unison, and then one of us picked up one of his ears and drove him away. Cui Zhenzhen was injured and dared not let her family know that she had a lot of time to live in Wang Yan's house and my grandmother's house. She has a broken leg and it is not convenient for her to move. I have to carry her to and from school, including accompanying her to the toilet.