Be a Big Brother in the Metaphysical World

Be a Big Brother in the Metaphysical WorldBe a Big Brother in the Metaphysical WorldBe a Big Brother in the Metaphysical World


In this way parents did not drive people Gu Yan has been running to Kunlun I want to treat Kunlun as my second home He glanced at the other side of the family smiling at the focus of the crowd and frowned In the secret time Gu Yan is still a gentleman respect and admiration for his parents but also want to sit on the status of this master and apprentice But at that time he was too thin-skinned to do such a tasteless thing Lu Yao does not believe now this clinging trick did not take care of the family behind the "guidance" Hum! Zhang Lei smiled "is it not good for uncle and aunt to accept an apprentice" What are you angry about! You also eat this vinegar! Lu Yao was stunned and sighed These days and Lu Tianzhao Pei Xue get along more and more the core of that belongs to the original soul character a little bit emerged a shadow He seems to have a little taste Seeing him like this Zhang Lei laughed at him again and talked about "business" " That's not what I'm talking about Before you escaped they were really trying to please you and get into Kunlun But not right now "What are you talking about now" Lu Yao asked casually not caring drinking wine leisurely Zhang Lei blinked "find a partner for you!" Poof! Lu Yao spurted out a mouthful of wine and looked at Zhang Lei in horror Zhang Lei spread out his hands "your ears are not broken just to find a partner for you" The Zhang family the Li family the Shen family a lot of people rushed to introduce their own daughters He approached two points "you don't say Pei aunt is quite interested take the initiative to Health Medical ask the situation of each daughter" As I watched I kind of wanted to pick a few suitable ones and let you have a blind date Lu Yao's hand shook and the wine in the glass almost spilled out What about my dad Zhang Lei looked at him strangely "Do you think Uncle will object to Aunt Pei's decision" Lu Yao Forgot his father's wife slave attribute My God! If I had known I wouldn't have held a cocktail party! Hold a cocktail party to provoke a coquettish this is not his original intention ah! The other side of the reception Mo Zhenglin is far away from the crowd coldly looking at the scene in front of him his expression is inexplicable and the light in his eyes is more and more fierce The Liang family is also far away from the crowd but not with Mo Zhenglin Liang Haodong looked depressed Liang Fang is very regretful come here today originally want to find an opportunity to apologize expose the original thing in the past He is well aware of his family's current situation If he may have hated before he dares not at all now The Liang family has been standing in Yuzhou City for many years and there is no lack of arrogance but the object of arrogance has always been the people they can afford to provoke After all they also understand a third-rate family the foundation is like that out of the management of this mu of land for many years they can not have any advantage To deal with Lu Yao because although he was born in the Lu family he was the abandoned son of the Lu family I thought he was a bully but he capsized in the gutter and kicked the iron plate Now the gap between the two sides is like a high mountain Hongqu China Factory people do not suppress them they can not retaliate Liang Fang wanted to revive the Liang family so he didn't want to set up such a powerful enemy But he seems to have neglected his son's ability to bear it The more beautiful Lu Yao is the more uncomfortable he is Liang Fang patted him on the shoulder "let's go back first!"! Come and come this face is also given it is time to go back Liang Haodong was stunned and Liang Fang didn't just want to "give face" before But now His heart warmed and he gave a rare smile "Dad I understand" I'll go to Lu Yao later and make amends with him Having said that Liang Haodong breathed a sigh of relief and did not delay He asked the servant and found Lu Yao in the garden It took him a long time to prepare before he said those words of apology But Lu Yao said lightly "I told you that I received 50 million yuan from your Liang family" My business with you is over You can rest assured that I will do what I say Unless you Liang family don't want to stop here Liang Haodong was a little embarrassed for a while and felt that he was really funny He tried his best to make amends but the other party didn't care at all If they hadn't rushed up they would have forgotten about it Lu Yao looked at him for a long time "these months your life is Gifts Crafts not very good" Liang Haodong frowned what does this mean Waiting for the cynicism to return to its original place The days after my parents' accident I was just like you now People abuse ridicule and insult It seems that anyone can step on your foot and step on your sore spot Actually it's just a group of ghosts People who are really capable don't need to prove themselves in this way Liang Haodong's whole body shook and his back stiffened Lu Yao's words can be described as multiple He said that he was a capable person and disdained to deal with him in this way Second to point out that the Liang family was also one of the people who helped the Yao family to deal with him in this way they were not really capable people Third that is to say those who used to hold him and now step on him are just ghosts not worth mentioning Liang Haodong's expression was very complicated and when he came to his senses Lu Yao had already gone At ten o'clock At the end of the party the crowd dispersed Pei Xue really pulled Lu Yao to talk about the "blind date" " Mom doesn't want you to fall in love and get married now just to meet If you think it's okay just be a friend and have a chat first If you don't think so forget it Lu Yao did not know whether to laugh or cry listened to the nagging and finally said that he was tired and rushed into the bedroom Less than five minutes after entering Lu Tianzhao knocked on the door and came in Your mother blames herself Don't blame her Lu Yao was stunned and suddenly thought of Yao Qinxuan You were only eighteen at that time and you knew to find a wife for yourself Now you are a few years older but you say you are young Avoid talking about it Your mother feels bad I always feel that you are hurt by Yao Qinxuan Blame us too We thought it was simple at the beginning I just think you like it and the Yao family agrees so naturally they hit it off Even if the Yao family is a little careful it doesn't matter It is normal to help each other around the children's in-laws and help each other