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Introduction: What is the Purpose of Networking?

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Networking plays a very important role in the life of a professional. It not only helps in establishing new connections but also opens up opportunities for people to identify potential mentors and sponsors.

Networkers must prepare before they enter a networking event. They should know what they want to accomplish from it, who are the appropriate people to talk to, and how much time they should spend with each individual.

Networking is an important skill for all professionals as it benefits their career development and personal growth.


What is the Definition of Networking?

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Networking is the practice of strategically developing and maintaining relationships with individuals, to further develop and advance your career.

Networking is a term that has been used in many contexts. It is also referred to as “connecting” or “building connections”, which means seeking out and getting to know people you don't already know.

In today's digital world, the word networking has grown to include social media channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook.


How to Stay Home in Networking & Job Interviews?

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Many companies are warming up to the idea of having an interview with a candidate that is sitting in their own home. This is done to get a more personal feel and get to know the person better by seeing how they live in their environment.

There are some people who have a hard time staying home in networking events. Keep in mind that if you don't go, you can't expect to meet new people and make connections. To overcome this issue, make sure you have plenty of business cards with your contact information ready and just give them out when someone asks for one.


If you need to stay home for work, you can still network and interview. You just have to be more creative and organized.